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Angel Food Cake
Angel Food Cake

I had no intentions of traveling to the southern boroughs of the Pittsburgh area. You can't imagine my surprise when I found out that a pumpkin roll cake and a chocolate cake roll for the Thanksgiving holiday at a fund raiser at St. Margaret Hospital actually came from Potomac Bakery in Dormont. An even bigger surprise was that I had been eating their bakery in the cafeteria and as a patient for years.

My son lived in Dormont for the four years when he was stationed in Pittsburgh while in the Navy and I know he got his son's birthday cake from Potomac but at the time I was not doing the reviews like I am now.

Potomac Bakery has a unique product that I have not found at many other bake shops. Their angel food cake is not to be rivaled. St. Margaret serves it with a side cup of cherry pie filling but I'm sure your could serve it with fresh strawberries or blueberries.

I work at St. Margaret Hospital and the cake that was purchased for our department Christmas party came from none other than Potomac Bakery. I'm sorry Oakmont Bakery, but the whole department groaned when we were told our cake would be coming from Oakmont Bakery.

What a surprise to find a cake that was so fresh, so moist and the icing so creamy and so nicely decorated. The department had gotten the cake through the catering department after all and it came from Potomac Bakery.

It's so nice to find a shop that I can rave about in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. Great work Potomac Bakery

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