Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids

Bento boxes are the perfect way to pack your kid's lunches. They are quick, efficient and economical. Why spend so much on sandwich baggies, those brown bags or bulky lunch boxes when you can choose a healthy, economical bento box?

The featured bento boxes are aimed towards kids (or those young at heart!). They are smaller compared to normal lunch boxes, but don't let that fool you. They can pack in a lot of food, and even have dividers! Bento boxes are specifically made to create a healthy, balanced meal.

I urge everyone to try out bento boxes to see how you like them! Kids love the designs and will look forward to lunch time everyday. They are different, and are quickly becoming more and more popular. Below are two different types of bento boxes. The original Asian designs which are most popular, and the second type which almost looks like tupperware. Both are perfect to pack meals and snacks. Be aware that some bento boxes are not leak proof.

Will you try Bento Boxes for your kids lunches?

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