Cheesy Fish Fillet

my own version of Fish fillet...made more tempting with cheese! Yum!!
my own version of Fish fillet...made more tempting with cheese! Yum!!

These past few days, I've been thinking of cooking something special for my family especially for my 3-year-old picky-eater son. But I guess, the food I prepared is only for myself since I didn't ask them what they want and I only considered my cravings for cheese. When I head on to the supermarket, I bought a pack of cheese...and, staying away from red meat or chicken at least once a week, I went home with a half kilo of fish fillet. Will it taste good with cheese? I checked if I do have a recipe of fish with cheese and fortunately, I saw one..unfortunately, the ingredients aren't the I made my own version of cheesy fillet.

Ingredients and Procedure

On separate bowls, place about 2 cups breadcrumbs and 1 beaten egg. Slice the cheese into strips then arrange on a plate. Wash the fish, slice into 2 inches long then flatten it a little so it will be easy to make a roll later. Add one strip of cheese then roll the fish. Dip the fish in the egg and coat it with bread crumbs. Using vegetable oil, fry the fish until it turns golden brown. Make sure to remove excess oil by placing the fish on a clean tissue paper before serving it. Serve with a dipping sauce. I served it with banana catsup for my kid since he loves it. Or you can make your own healthy dip by combining a light mayo and pickle relish on a bowl.

Ingredients: egg, fish fillet, cheese and bread crumbs
Ingredients: egg, fish fillet, cheese and bread crumbs
frying the fillet
frying the fillet

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frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 5 years ago from Central United States of America

Your recipe sounds delicious, and you did a great job of invention with the products you had on hand. And that 'banana ketchup' is new to me...sounds uniquely yummy.

rhia_alva profile image

rhia_alva 5 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines Author

thank you froggy fish. that banana catsup is popular here in the Philippines. it taste sweet...reason why many kids love it..;-)

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