Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Super simple and easy recipe to make on a cold winters day! I've made this a few times now and absolutely have fallen in love with it! It has been an amazing hit with my family as well. My husband, who NEVER eats leftovers, always goes back the next day for more. And my dad, who is a VERY picky eater LOVES it! It's almost a fix it and forget it kind of recipe. And can keep you fed for days because it makes so much!

Cook Time

Prep time: 30 min
Cook time: 1 hour
Ready in: 1 hour 30 min
Yields: Serves 8 comfortably


2 Large chicken breasts (boneless skinless) - You can also use rotisserie chicken if you choose.

1 Large can of cream of chicken soup (I get the family size)

8 Cups of chicken broth (the recipe calls for low sodium, but I use regular)

8oz of cream cheese (the recipe calls for "light" but I use regular)

1 12oz bag of egg noodles

4oz of chive & onion cream cheese (if your store doesn't carry this you can sub with french onion dip)

4oz of Velveeta cheese

4 TBS of butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Now to prepare!

  1. Cook your chicken breasts separate and set aside. When cooled, cut up into bite sized pieces.
  2. In a large cooking pot combine noodles, and chicken broth and let cook until noodles are done. Stirring often.
  3. While your noodles are cooking cut up your cheeses into cubes so that they can melt easier.
  4. Once your noodles are ready add your butter, all cheese (or dip), cream of chicken soup, and salt and pepper. Stir until ALL cheeses are melted.
  5. Once all your cheeses are melted lower the heat to a simmer and add your cooked, cut up chicken to the pot and let simmer for 20-25 minutes. Making sure you stir often. You can also add in frozen veggies!
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Jasmeetk profile image

Jasmeetk 13 months ago from India

Looks very delicious..

gqgirl profile image

gqgirl 13 months ago from Georgia Author

oh it really is!!!!

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 13 months ago from Home Sweet Home

sure is creamy alright. I love noodles in creamy sauce, thumbs up

gqgirl profile image

gqgirl 13 months ago from Georgia Author

Thanks so much for the thumbs up!!!!!

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