Diabetic Friendly, Stuffed, Raw, Green Peppers.

Fresh Green Pepper

Green Pepper  with Low-Fat Cream Cheese
Green Pepper with Low-Fat Cream Cheese | Source

Type 3 Diabetes

Low Glycemic Food

My Hero is the common Green Bell Pepper. Stay with me on this because I want to tell the world about what I've discovered.

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes two years ago I thought my life was over. I have been careful my whole life with my eating choices. I never counted on the possibility of inheriting this disease. I still don't really know if I could have prevented this from happening if I could have been even more strict with my diet in the past. However, I went the medication route and did all I could to reverse my diabetes. I was allergic to most of the medicine that was prescribed for me, so I did a careful study on how to control the diabetes with food and exercise. I consider myself to be a Type 3 Diabetic. (Control with Food and Exercise.)

So far I've had a lot of success with controlling my blood sugar. I want to pass on a quick, simple and affordable recipe that works well for me.

Low Fat Cream Cheese Stuffed Pepper

2 ounces Low Fat Cream Cheese

1/2 Large Green Bell Pepper (washed, seeded and membranes removed)

4 Green, Pimento Stuffed Olives (what ever size you like)

One Bread Stick (optional)

Stuff the Pepper with the Cream Cheese, add a few green olives and then stuff yourself! This is a quick lunch or snack for me. I test my blood sugar two hours after I eat the stuffed pepper and the reading has always been good.

Until we meet again... Francesca27

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bri36 5 years ago

oh yes! This is gonna be great. My dear Francesca27 you have started the revolution. this is a very good way to eat good and stay healthy at the same time. thank you for a great recipe.

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NTR57 5 years ago

I am also diabetic and have inherited this disease (I would have preferred inheriting money, but that's life). I can attest to your findings on green peppers. I try to eat them as often as possible because I have my best blood sugar readings after eating green peppers. Thanks for the recipe.

Francesca27 profile image

Francesca27 5 years ago from Hub Page Author

Dear bri36 and NTR57: Thank you both for visiting my hub. Stay tuned for more hubs with diabetic friendly recipes. I want to eventually write a cookbook with diabetic recipes. Francesca27

DayLeeWriter profile image

DayLeeWriter 5 years ago from Georgia

Looks yummy for anyone! :)

WandasHomePlace profile image

WandasHomePlace 5 years ago

I'm putting your stuffed fresh pepper recipe in my recipe card file. Thank you!

profile image

chonett 5 years ago

Thank you, Francesca27, for this diabetic friendly recipe. I'm look-

ing forward to more of your creations that are this good and good for you!

Francesca27 profile image

Francesca27 5 years ago from Hub Page Author

Thank you Chonett. I'm working on a few bean recipes. Keep checking my hubs for more upcoming diabetic and frugal recipes.

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jbhearn95 5 years ago

What a great idea. Thanks.

profile image

gidget911 5 years ago

I'll save this recipe in my file. I love olives. Thanks.

profile image

ajthesmeagol 5 years ago

What a pretty picture.

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