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If you're looking for more economical and eco-friendly choices for making coffee, take heart. When we decided to replace our old electric, drip coffee maker we did a bit of research in an effort to find a coffee maker that was non-electric and contained no plastic. We found two options; French press and Chimex glass drip type and love them both. .

The French Press maker works well and makes great coffee and is attractive. You simply put coffee grounds into it, pour hot water into the top and literally press it through the filter. The flavor is wonderfully rich and this method is fast and easy. You do have to use some energy to heat the water, but I still believe it's less than using an electric one. The French press also takes up much less counter space and is very attractive. It's a great choice for camping or power failures.

A few negative reviews of this product show how many people do not read instructions. They specifically tell you that the water should be very hot but NOT boiling and to keep the spout pointed away from you while pressing the coffee. Follow these directions and you'll be a happy camper.

The one caveat to French Press coffee is that there is some concern about non-filtered coffee raising LDL (bad) cholesterols and/or homocysteine levels, which are not good for our hearts, but the jury is still out on this. As with anything, moderation is the key, so keep this in mind.

CHIMEX classic drip coffee maker is our favorite. Again, it's non-electric, non-plastic and is beautiful, nearly functional art.

Making delicious coffee is as simple as placing the filter in the top, placing the grounds into the filter and pouring in very hot (not boiling) water. It takes a wee bit of extra time if you want a full pot as you have to wait a moment for some of the water to drip through before adding all of it, but it's a small price to pay for delicious coffee.

Again, the Chimex takes very little counter space and is very attractive. It does require filters and Chimex sells un-bleached filters. It contains no plastic parts, so no worries about any leaching into your coffee. You could take this one camping, but be very careful as it is glass.

I highly recommend both the French Press and the Chimex!

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Mischa 7 years ago

I recently went on a hunt for an alternative "non plastic" coffee maker and I came across the Bodum French press. My one complaint in getting it is that it still has plastic on it. The inside of the lid has a plastic filter on it. Now the coffee may not be touching the plastic when it is being brewed but it definitely touches the plastic when being poured.. I for one would like to find something that does not have Any Plastic on it....

Pat Merewether profile image

Pat Merewether 7 years ago from Michigan Author

The chemix glass coffee maker has no plastic - it's all glass with wood trim.

A coffee press has no filter, which means you get all the oils and some folks have trouble diguesting it - severe heart burn.

Eve 7 years ago

I had a Chemex back in the hippie days but I don't remember how I cleaned it. I broke it and would break one handily today as I have tile countertops. Is there anything else without plastic? I have a nice espresso machine without plastic but sometimes need coffee for the masses.

Eve 6 years ago

I have been looking for a no-plastic automatic drip coffee maker for years with no luck. I am using this French press from Frieling:

It is all stainless steel and I am really happy with it.

tkjazzer 5 years ago

I have been looking for an old esspresso machine that has no plastic tubing.

When was esspresso invented?

Don't they have old commercial coffee makers that were all metal? maybe at most some rubber rings connecting metal tubing?

Is there such thing as a no -plastic esspresso machine?

Flac-Attack 5 years ago

I have the Bodum. You can remove the plastic from the lid. I did no problem. Yes you can buy non plastic espresso machine but they are so very expensive you have to own a cafe to justify it.

Kaffeeschnueffler profile image

Kaffeeschnueffler 3 years ago from Zuerich, Switzerland

When I voted INTERESTING on your hub, I really meant it! Interesting because I got to ask you what of the parts are made of then. AS part from the glass container. You answer really interests me, because I am on the same eco-oeco line.

There are of course alternative coffee makers, like the Mukka Pot (la Caffetera). Again: the got a plastic handle and are made of aluminium or steel, stuff that needs lots of energy to produce the item. So, where are we left then?

Tx and good writing


Pat Merewether profile image

Pat Merewether 3 years ago from Michigan Author

Thank you so much for your kind words. It still takes energy to make the glass, it's a step in the right direction. I appreciate your comments!

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