How Do I Make Delicious Homemade Fudge

How Do I Make Delicious Homemade Fudge

While marshmallow fudge is delicious it is nowhere delicious as the real old time method of making fudge. Here on this page I am going to teach you exactly how to make the most delicious home made fudge you will ever eat.

For many years I would drive to the mountains of North Carolina to the little town of Chimney Rock North Carolina and one of the main reasons I went was to be able to purchase a few pounds of the delicious homemade fudge that they make there every summer.

But it wasn't long before I wanted to make my own delicious homemade fudge and I began to look around for the best recipe to make delicious homemade fudge at home. And here on this page I am going to tell you exactly how to make your own delicious homemade fudge.

How Do I Make Delicious Homemade Fudge?

This recipe for homemade fudge is one of the best recipes for fudge that I have ever seen and if you follow the recipe and directions carefully you will be able to produce delicious homemade fudge when ever you want to.

To make your recipe for delicious homemade fudge you will need.

1. Two Cups White Granulated Sugar.

2. One Cup Water.

3. One Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk.

4. Three Ounces Unsweetened Chocolate Grated Up Very Fine.

5. One Cup Fine Diced Pecans.

6. One 9 inch X 9 inch pan covered with aluminum foil and sprayed heavily with vegetable cooking spray.

7. One Large Heavy Saucepan.

8. One Candy Thermometer.

Heat ingredients 1 - 4 in a sauce pan to the soft ball stage which is 238 degrees. Stir your pot all the time with a wooden spoon. Remove the pan from the heat and add the pecans and stir the pecans into fudge mixture.

Pour your fudge out into the aluminum foil lined pan and set into the refrigerator for two hours. Then cut out into small pieces and serve.

So now if someone asks you, How Do I make delicious homemade fudge you can not only tell them you can show them. The really important things to remember is to use a good quality candy thermometer so you will know your temperature is accurate.

Keep the bulb of your thermometer at least two to three inches off the bottom of your pan. You will want a nice heavy sauce pan to cook your fudge in. When you beat the fudge with your hand mixer beat it only a minute or two on high so it is smooth and silky. Do not over beat your fudge.

If you follow this recipe for delicious homemade fudge you should have no problems in making some of the most delicious fudge you will ever taste. And I think when you serve this fudge to your family and friends they will be amazed at how great this fudge does taste.

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Did you make the homemade fudge? How did it turn out for you? Please post your comments , tips , suggestions , and questions now. 9 comments

Rachail 4 years ago

It was really easy to make.

Kaeton 5 years ago

Epic recipe, will try it out soon!

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 5 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

The instructions are there now. 5 years ago

Well the ingedients are posted, now, where are the instructions? I've never made fudge.

Kelsey 5 years ago

I Really Hope It Works As I Plan Lol :)

Palsie's Popcorn profile image

Palsie's Popcorn 5 years ago from Raleigh, NC

Nice photos and beautiful hub. Don't need to eat any more fudge, but now I want some!

rohma 5 years ago

nice recipes

Sandra  5 years ago

I have been searching for a real homemade fudge recipe. All I ever see is the ones with marshmallows in them, but that is NOT what I wanted. I'm getting the stuff to try this tomorrow!

cj kolody 6 years ago

this is an awesome recipe

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