How to Make Italian Gnocchi from Scratch

Home Made Gnocchi
Home Made Gnocchi

Italian Cuisine

As I am married to someone from an Italian family, my husband often craves for some real home cooked Italian food. I enjoy trying out new recipes and Italian Gnocchi was one I really wanted to have a go at.

Gnocchi is different to pasta, but can be served in a similar way either as a starter or side dish. Instead of being made with just flour and eggs, gnocchi is made with potato as well.

Pasta can be made into different shapes and sizes, but gnocchi are little potato dumplings or pillows with a very different texture. They should be delicate and melt in the mouth when eaten, but not too soft. It can be trial and error when making them, especially for the first time. Practice makes perfect.

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Use a Ricer to Shred Your Potatoes Add grated parmesan
Use a Ricer to Shred Your Potatoes
Use a Ricer to Shred Your Potatoes
Add grated parmesan
Add grated parmesan

Making Gnocchi

I have come across different ways to make Gnocci and different people have their own ideas of its texture and how to make it. Some suggest to use egg and others say it can be optional. Try it both ways to see which works best for you.

The ingredients of Gnocci are:

  • King Edward potatoes - roughly one medium sized potato per person
  • Plain white flour - roughly half a cup per potato
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 egg (optional)

Making Gnocchi

  • Boil the potatoes in boiling water in their skins until they are tender. By doing it this way, less water is absorbed into the potato.
  • Once they are tender, bring them out of the saucepan and leave to cool.
  • Next, peel the potatoes and cut into quarters. You will then need to use a ricer to shred them. The ricer allows air to get into the potatoes making them light and fluffy. However, you could mash them or grate them with a grater.
  • Next add the flour to the potatoes and begin to knead lightly. As you bring the flour and potatoes together, add the egg, salt and olive oil.
  • Knead gently, then roll out on a floured surface into a sausage shape. If there is a lot of dough, divide it into quarters and create the sausage shapes about 3 cm thick.
  • Next cut up the dough about 2 cm thick, and this makes your gnocchi dumplings. You can create a gnocchi shape by pressing them on the flat inside of a fork. Gently press them with your thumb and they will curve, creating a ridge from the fork on the other side.
  • Bring a salted pan of water to the boil. Drop the gnocchi in batches. They will bob to the top quite quickly when they are done. Scoop them onto a warm plate with absorbent paper towel on, and cook the next batch.
  • Serve as a starter or as part of a main meal in pesto or a tomato based Italian sauce. Grate fresh parmesan cheese over the top and enjoy.

Getting it Right

At first I struggled to get this recipe right. If not enough flour is used they can become sticky, but too much makes them hard.

They are a lot of fun to make and the ingredients are simple. Definitely one to keep trying!

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Comments 12 comments

Sheri Faye profile image

Sheri Faye 3 years ago from Chemainus. BC, Canada

Yum! I am trying this and pinning it! Thanks!

Emma Harvey profile image

Emma Harvey 3 years ago from Berkshire, UK Author

Thanks Sheri Faye - enjoy!

carol7777 profile image

carol7777 3 years ago from Arizona

I have never tried these before but fascinated how you did make them. This is something I could try. Thanks for sharing and I will share and pin.

SidKemp profile image

SidKemp 3 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

Yum! Worth trying. Store-bought gnocchi are often too gluey! I've never heard of King Edward potatoes. Are they a white boiling potato?

Emma Harvey profile image

Emma Harvey 3 years ago from Berkshire, UK Author

Thanks carol7777. They are a bit trial and error but I just love gnocchi. I want to now try some tasty recipes to go with them! Thanks for sharing and pinning :)

Emma Harvey profile image

Emma Harvey 3 years ago from Berkshire, UK Author

Hi SidKemp - Yes they are, but I guess any good quality potato would work as long as it isn't too waxy. Hope you give it a try!

Om Paramapoonya profile image

Om Paramapoonya 3 years ago

Yummy! Once in a while, I thought about making my own gnocchi but never had enough inspiration to do so. After reading this, though, I think I might give it a try soon (finally!). You made it sound simple and fun :)

carter06 profile image

carter06 3 years ago from Cronulla NSW

Great recipe Emma, can't wait to try..VU & A & sharing this!!

Emma Harvey profile image

Emma Harvey 3 years ago from Berkshire, UK Author

I have put it off as well for ages, but decided to give it a try. It is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Thanks Om!

Emma Harvey profile image

Emma Harvey 3 years ago from Berkshire, UK Author

Thanks carter06 - really appreciate it, thank you :)

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

I love gnocci and will definitely use this recipe in making my gnocci chicken soup with spinach.

Emma Harvey profile image

Emma Harvey 3 years ago from Berkshire, UK Author

Gnocchi chicken soup with chicken sounds good - thanks FlourishAnyway!

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