How to make the ultimate smoothie

The Ultimate Smoothie

Mornings, workday mornings, that is, can be difficult. The alarm clock rips you away from the greatest dream you have ever had, the one where you finally get (fill in fantasy here). Coffee is on your mind as you stumble towards the kitchen. Once that life-renewing beverage has been consumed, you may begin to realize that food would be a good idea.

You have sworn off stopping at the local drive thru and buying that sugar and fat laden whatever on your way to work. So as the hunger beings to gnaw on your stomach and the caffeine does its job and prods your brain into action, you remember the bananas you put in the freezer for a moment just like this.

Opening the freezer you take out the bananas, some frozen blueberries and put them on the counter while you set up your pour yourself a second cup of coffee and move towards the blender. The blender is waiting and now you are only a few steps away from a healthy, tasty and simple breakfast experience. Of course, smoothies are not only for mornings.

It is smoothie time:

The Ultimate smoothies:


2 frozen bananas, sliced. You sliced them last night or a few days ago, put them in a freezer bag just for this moment.

1 cup frozen berries, blue berries and strawberries

6 ice cubes

½ cup french vanilla yogurt if you prefer you can use plain.

1 tsp wheat germ

1 cup soy milk or orange juice, I prefer the soy milk, less sugar.

1 dash cinnamon


Place ingredients in blender in this order- ice cubes, bananas, berries, yogurt, cinnamon, wheat germ and soy milk or orange juice. Blend three minutes, pour and serve. This makes two glasses and is enough food energy to get your motor running.

The preparation that you do, slicing and freezing the bananas, as well as, freezing the berries saves precious time in the morning.

We, now and then, add a bit of kale and or spinach for the extra health kick. I use frozen spinach which I buy and kale that i grow and freeze, just for smoothies, stews and soups.

There is no need to start the day without a healthy meal and this smoothie is that, I find it keeps me from getting hungry for up to five hours.

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Katherine Baldwin profile image

Katherine Baldwin 7 years ago from South Carolina

Another great use for a blender! I gotta try this.


Jerilee Wei profile image

Jerilee Wei 7 years ago from United States

Still another of your recipes I've got bookmarked! Just tried it and it's probably my new breakfast every day! Thanks!

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 7 years ago from New Brunswick Author

I do like my blender, Smoothies are a regular meal around here. mostly breakfast, on nd then lunch and on the odd occassion in the evening. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy.

Nolimits Nana 7 years ago

Good way to start the day. We often have them, and add a bit of ground flax seed for the omegas.

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 7 years ago from New Brunswick Author

Ground flax seed is a good addition, thanks for dropping by.

DonnaCSmith profile image

DonnaCSmith 7 years ago from Central North Carolina

I need a blender! Sounds soooo good.

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 7 years ago from New Brunswick Author

A blender is a good and relativelly inexpensive investment, thanks for dropping by.

The Good Cook profile image

The Good Cook 7 years ago

Sounds fantastic!

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 7 years ago from New Brunswick Author

It is, thanks for dropping by.

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