NO I won't eat MEAT!!!!

 Kids and meat, kids and fruits and veggies. Why can't they all just mix? When you have 2 kids and a husband that like meat and 1 child and myself that could do without, what do you cook?

We have designated 1 day a week for our non meat eating daughter to cook a meal for the family. This should be interesting. I have to start thinking of ways to cook non meat meals. I usually add a little bit of meat into all our meals. Either on the side or mixed in, in tiny pieces.

Our veggie daughter, will eat some meat, if the sun is in the right position. Hard to tell where that is since it always changes!! We have tried pasta, rice or potatoes mixed with different veggies. Thing is, we can't eat that everyday.

So, here are my thoughts... do we let her be and stop trying to make her eat some meat? Do we force her to eat a little everyday? Do you have any suggestions for us to try?

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thranax 5 years ago from Rep Boston MA

Dont buy fruit and veggies if meat and meat products like slim jims are the only thing available she will have to eat it at some point ;)

Its how my parents got me to eat veggies...gave me no meat till i ate them. Just reverse the process. Of course this is mean and changes the childs will about food. I say just have something quick for her like ramin noodles on days you want meat. I ate veggies only for meals its not hard and im a large 6'4" male.


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