Parchment Paper Cooking

You can cook anything in a bag. A paper bag! Or a parchment bag! It all just needs to be oven proof or heat proof.

Parchment paper cooking is not exclusive to cooking fish but that is what is frequently prepared through this method of cooking. But you can use it for anything you can imagine.

The other day i used a parchment paper bag in my crock pot and cooked oxtails. That's cause i didn't want to have much to clean up! I just seasoned the meat, threw it in the bag, along with some onions and herbs, sealed the bag and placed it all in the crock pot to cook.

It was so good! Meat melted off the bone, was wonderfully moist with lots of flavored juices from the steaming.

Cooking something in parchment paper is also typically assigned to baking. But that is not an exclusive way of using parchment paper.

Why cook using parchment paper?

  • keeps things from sticking
  • don't have to use added oil for pans
  • It's healthy or not, depends on oil you add
  • uses steam
  • one "pot"/ paper cooking
  • quick
  • moist
  • flavorful
  • disposable

Steaming anything makes it healthier. It also uses none to little oils if one is trying to cut back. It also keeps food moist - cooking them in their own juices, so that they also stay extremely flavorful.

In the healthy eating lifestyle, parchment paper cooking or parchment bags make a person's life easier. Quick clean up! Is one of the best features of eating out of a parchment bag.

Folding parchment if you will be using paper you need to know how to wrap, fold and close / seal the rectangle so all the juices stay in, along with the steam and making sure nothing dries out.

Steps to fold

  • tear a rectangular sheet of paper
  • cut into heart shape, opt
  • lay it flat, waxy side down or foil side down
  • stack all ingredients on top, starting with longest cooking ingredient, then building up in layers
  • add herbs and flavorings
  • fold sides over loosely
  • fold ends over tightly, making sure nothing can come out
  • lay the little pockets on a baking sheet

It's important to make sure the ends as tightly sealed as possible. This is known as crimping. Twisting the ends together tightly is easy. Just keep folding over small pieces until the whole thing is closed.

Using a parchment bag

  • stacking
  • flavoring
  • oils
  • temperature

Other uses for parchment

  • making candy, like pralines
  • baking goodies, like cookies
  • lining a baking sheet for baking
  • lining baking pans for cakes and pies

When using parchment paper place the packets on

  • baking sheet
  • low baking dish
  • foil lined pan
  • or cook ware, like crock pot or stone ware

You can also use parchment paper in the crock pot, toaster oven and pots using dry heat. So that all the juices of the foods being steamed remain in the little paper bundle.

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