How to make Rigatoni with Artichokes & Peas


Ingredients: for 2 people
2 artichokes
300 g peas
half onion
a knob of butter
salt & pepper


Remove the hard leaves at the artichokes, cut off the top of the artichokes, cut them into pieces much smaller, delete the hay inside and dip them in a bowl full of water with lemon juice.

Put in a pan to sauté chopped onion with extra oil and half butter, when ready add the vegetables and after a few minutes to adjust salt and pepper, to this point, pour a glass of vegetable broth, let it cook covered saucepan plan adding a little broth if necessary at a time, until the artichokes are tender.

Add to order two tablespoons of fresh cream because the sauce can better unite and amalgamate with the pasta. Dress the pasta once drained with the rest of the butter and the sauce with artichokes & peas. Serve immediately. Apart serve the parmigiano grated.

Buon Appetito


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