Sweet thai basil cashew chicken wrap. This easy recipe is outstanding!

Cruchy cashew chicken wrap

Thai basil chicken wrap!

This is not your everyday chicken salad sandwich. With the heat of the Thai chile, the sweet Thai basil and the crunch of the cashews, this chicken wrap filling is a feast for the senses.

This is not at all difficult, and can be assembled in about 15 minutes, but is good enough for company. If you haven't tried Thai basil you are in for a treat, and its peppery lickerish flavor goes beautifully with the chicken. Fresh tortillas are always best, but big store bought flour tortillas will also work just fine with this easy recipe.

Crunchy cashew and sweet Thai basil chicken wrap

One cucumber, cut into quarter inch chunks (leave the skin on)

About 1/2 lb of chicken breast, sautéed, and sliced into 1 inch chunks

One half of a small onion, sliced very thinly

1 clove of garlic minced

A good handful of Thai fresh basil, roughly chopped

1/4 cup of cashews, roasted on a dry skillet until brown and fragrant


Salt and sugar to taste

4 large flour tortillas

2 Thai bird chiles (or other small very spicy fresh chile)

Juice of one lime

Mix together the cooked chicken, the cashews, the onion garlic and cucumber; and the Thai basil. Add mayonnaise until the desired chicken salad like constancy is reached; squeeze in the lime juice and salt to taste. Some mayo's are a bit sweet already and some are not, this tastes better with a bit of a sweet mayonnaise, so add a bit of sugar to taste if you think it needs it.

Divide the filling into the four large flour tortillas, and roll up. Slice in half, and serve.

This recipe is really easy, but is a surprising and exotic take on a traditional favorite. There are a great array of textures and tastes involved, and this is certainly not your boring everyday chicken wrap.

Enjoy this recipe!

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tshirtscene profile image

tshirtscene 9 years ago

Oh I like not difficult and 15 minute weekend deals is right up my alley ;). Thanks again for making weekend dinners and lunches easy for me.

Michael 9 years ago

The picture you used of the basil isn't Thai Basil. Thai basil or Krapao, has purple leaves. The Basil in the photo is Horapa, a type of sweet basil.

John D Lee profile image

John D Lee 9 years ago Author

I'd say that they are both "Thai basils" but I do refer to it as sweet Thai basil, and since krapao is so rarely found (sadly) in the west, it's kind of irrelevant.

I've always heard krapao referred to as hairy basil...but these things don't always go by one name alone.

profile image

VivekSri 6 years ago

What's cooking here! Haven't tried anything on fire as yet, but the recipe hooks. Happy hubbing here and wish you great health.

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