We bought a set of Lo Cookware in 1947. We have used it ever since. As I remember, there was a...

lifetime guarentee on them. Is that so? How do I find out about it? My email address is: bilchris@hotmail.com

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Rochelle Frank says

6 years ago
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  • Katie Stack profile image

    Katie Stack 2 years ago


    My friend has been selling this cookware for about a decade now. The company is now called Nutri-Chef. If you have Facebook, please find us and Like our company! Give us a rating and let people know your time & experience with it!

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yogiwan says

6 years ago
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    Rochelle Frank 9 months ago

    Lo Heet was made by a company called Vollrath. It is not Nutri-Chef.

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Katie Stack says

2 years ago
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