Making cherry brandy

Cherry brandy made from sour cherries has its origins in countries like Romania and Bulgaria, so it can be said that it is one of their most known traditional drinks, besides rakia. There it is called "visnjevac" or "visnjevaca". It is a drink that is popular among Balkan people and it is not very hard to make. I will give you a very simple recipe for this nice & sweet drink.

Ingredients that you will need:
-sour cherries
-jar/s or bottle/s

In my last hub I've described how rakia is made, but since you need special equipment and a lot of fruit, and it also takes time, you can perhaps buy it in a supermarket or somewhere else. I use my own homemade, and I use my own cherries but even those from the market should be perfectly fine.
You will need "equal" amounts of rakia, sugar and sour cherries, for example: if you have 1 liter of rakia, you need 1 kg of sugar and 1 kg of fresh sour cherries. If you don't have a large jar, you can split the amount in more smaller jars.

So, it is simple: just mix sugar, fresh sour cherries and rakia in a jar, stir it, then put a cover on it. Then you put the jar/s somewhere where it can catch a lot of sunlight, maybe on a window or somewhere outside. Then you just wait for 3 weeks (21 days). Every few days, or whenever you find time, you stir the contents to stop sugar from consolidating. Sunlight and warmth will do the work and your "visnjevaca" will be ready. Then use a strainer to separate the liquid part from "drunken" cherries, put the liquid in bottles or smaller jars and that's it. Hope you and your friends will enjoy this fine drink. It is a strong brandy, so it should be drank from small 0.05 or 0.03 glasses.

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sweetie1 profile image

sweetie1 5 years ago from India

Nice hub , i hope my bf don't see this hub or he would be having a great time with unlimited supply of alcohol.

Gentle Fist profile image

Gentle Fist 5 years ago from Serbia Author

Today I have finished making my cherry brandy! It is great, just tried it. Your boyfriend will not be disappointed if he sees this hub, and you should try this also!:) Thanks for commenting! :)

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