About Rare Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

About Rare Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

I myself am an avid Yu-Gi-Oh card collector so I know what it means to find awesome rare cards. So, what exactly are rare cards in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh? I listed below some of the rarest cards out there in the market or anywhere online.

Starter Decks:

  1. Yugi- Dark Magician: This is one of Yugi’s favorites and one of the rare cards that are compatible to a lot of magic cards.

Attribute: Dark

Type: Spellcaster

Level: 7

Attack/Defense: 2500/2100

  1. Kaiba- Blue-Eyes White Dragon: This card is Kaiba’s most powerful and favorite card. Three of these cards and one assimilation card is what it takes for Kaiba to rule the game.

Attribute: Light

Type: Dragon

Level: 8

Attack/Defense: 3000/2500

  1. Joey- Red-Eyes Black Dragon: Although he may not use this very often, Joey’s Red-Eyes Black Dragon is his secret weapon and ace above all the other dragon types around.


Type: Dragon

Level: 7

Attack/Defense: 2400/2000

  1. Pegasus- Pegasus: It is no question that only the skilled can properly execute the use of this card. With its complicated set-up and one of a kind execution, it is no surprise that this card is a rare find.

Attribute: Dark

Type: Spellcaster/Ritual/Effect

Level: 1

Attack/Defense: 0/0

  1. Yugi Evolution- Black Luster Soldier: A ritual monster that can only be summoned by the Ritual Spell card “Black Luster Ritual.”

Attribute: Earth

Type: Warrior/Ritual

Level: 8

Attack/Defense: 3000/25000

  1. Kaiba Evolution- Kaiser Sea Horse: It is stated in the card that it can be treated as two Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a light monster.

Attribute: Light

Type: Sea Serpent/Effect

Level: 4

Attack/Defense: 1700/1650

Structure Decks:

Structure Deck 1: Dragon’s Roar

Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon- This is a card that requires a sacrifice for it to evolve into this form. Namely, the Red-Eyed Black Dragon. It has the ability to increase its attack points by three hundred for each Dragon Type monster on the field.

Attribute: Dark

Type: Dragon/Effect

Level: 9

Attack/Defense: 2400/2000

Card Effect Type/s: Summon/Continuous

Booster Packs:

Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon-

Monster Reborn: This spell card is very useful and widely used in every battle. It can Special Summon a monster from any Graveyard to your own field.

Type: Spell card

Property: Normal

Metal Raiders-

Horn of Heaven: When you sacrifice one monster from your field, you can negate you can negate a Normal Summon, Flip Summon, and Special Summon of a monster and destroy it.

Type: Trap Card

Property: Counter

Magic Ruler/Spell Ruler-

Megamorph: When the card is in play, the effect will depend on your Life Points.When the Life Points are lower, the attack of the attack of the equipped monster will be doubled. However, when your Life Points are higher, the equipped monster attack is cut in half.

Type: Spell Card

Property: Equip

Pharaoh’s Servant-

The Fiend Megacyber: If your opponent has two monsters more in his or her field than you do, then you can Special Summon this monster from your hand.

Type: Warrior/Effect

Level: 6

Attack/Defense: 2200/1200

Card Effect Type/s: Summon

Those were just some of the rare cards you should be hunting for to give your deck an awesome step up in the game. More and more cards are being created so better start saving up to find the best ones. Let’s duel!

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Crewman6 6 years ago

I admire your knowledge. It's obvious you put a lot of heart and effort into writing this.

Florida Guy profile image

Florida Guy 6 years ago Author

Thank you so much! I will keep it up.

Matt 6 years ago

Wow!! I have been familiar with Yugioh since it came out, but never had this much "interaction" with it, I guess you could say. The article kept my attention all the way to the end, and had me rummaging through my cards for hours. Just a great post. Keep it up.

Florida Guy profile image

Florida Guy 6 years ago Author

Thanks Matt.

Donald graham 5 years ago

i love the way yuigoh cards stand out i . i like to see if you there a duels that can stop me here a callage to all duel bring your best

donald graham 5 years ago

i see people paly the game but do they like to play the game my name is donald graham do you want to duel matt two cards preduel

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