Asteroid 5251 Medieval Space Epic | Minecraft Survival Adventure Map

This is a map that genuinely deserves all the downloads and attention it gets because of the innovation that went into the design and the sheer magnificence of the landscapes created within. If you're tired of 'Survival Island' and 'Sky Block' style maps in which floating about in the middle of a void is supposed to satisfy you in any meaningful way, then Asteroid 5251, a medieval space epic, could be the survival map you're looking for.

Asteroid 5251 is beautiful. There. I said it. It borders on actually bringing a tear to mine eye because of the large scale, nay, epic aesthetic. Never before have I felt so very small, so very dwarfed by the landscape of a survival map. The story by which you came to be on the map is simple, you were an asteroid harvester who got far too close to an interesting asteroid and managed to face-plant your ship right into it. You awake amongst the wreckage of your space ship and find yourself in what was obviously once a thriving world.

Inside the asteroid cave...
Inside the asteroid cave...

This isn't just a survival map, there is a very strong adventure component because of the massive scale of structures you can find if you'll just wander about a bit. If you want the full experience, there are also puzzles to be solved and a storyline to be unraveled. In other words, you can play this however you want to play it. You can be like a space detective, surviving day after day in the hopes of solving the mystery of the asteroid, or you can just set up base in an asteroid cave and fight zombies until one of them grabs your brains and makes them his own.

One significant feature of the map is the fact that you do not land without any supplies, you actually land with quite a bit of food and tools and even terraforming equipment in the form of grass and flowers and things. That means you don't just survive this map, you make it your own.

How To Install Asteroid 5251 Minecraft Map

This is a slightly different kind of install from the usual 'take the .zip file and unzip it into your .minecraft saves directory'. That's because the full zip contains more than just the map, it actually contains two maps – Astroid 5251 and Pipeworks. Pipeworks is an additional map that you are prompted to play at a certain point in the Asteroid 5251 storyline. There's also an entire folder of story notes, intact maps and other resources to help you in the game.

Where Are The Asteroid 5251 Storylines?

They can be found inside the 'story' folder, which is inside the main Asteroid 5251 folder. You'll see it when you go in to get the maps out. Unfortunately yes, this means you have to tab out of the game itself to go read the notes at the right times. Notch really needs to quit making dragons and potions and add a book or note function to the game, because this system just silly and it's not really the fault of the map's creator.

Download Asteroid 5251 Minecraft Survival Adventure Map

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Rahz 5 years ago

Thanks for the kind review. :)

For some reason the map didn't take off like I thought it would, so thanks for the link. I've had quite a few downloads in the last few days.

pcgamer profile image

pcgamer 5 years ago Author

It's weird huh. Some guy makes a map that's nothing more than a few bits of dirt floating in the sky and a 100,000 people download it, and someone else makes an incredibly detailed adventure map like this and people ignore it en masse. There's really no accounting for these trends.

UK 5 years ago

It really is a shame maps like this just get looked over, I will download it and give it a shot, thanks :)

smitty1ky 5 years ago

Considering sending it to Yogscast, SlyFoxHound, or ChimneySwift11? Theyz do adventure maps on youtube ALL THE TIME! and I think theyd all REALLY Like dis :D

PANCAKES 5 years ago


a person 5 years ago

it starts off a little boring but gets better

anonymous 5 years ago

Nice Map. Honestly one of the best I've found so far

blizzard7769 5 years ago


StudioOfMinecraft 5 years ago

Me and ma friend make adventure map vids... if this is a good one we'll post it on youtube or machinima... HOPE ITS GOOD!!! :)

shootoff 5 years ago

i dont get it were do u mine for your mine

shootoff 5 years ago

i can find the story line

shelwyn 5 years ago

This will be the first adventure map I've ever tried. I hope your review was up to snuff it sure sounds great!

Sheller 5 years ago


Boothorse 5 years ago

it looks cool, but i cant see where the download link is.

cooldude61 5 years ago

wheres download link ?

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