Bird Escape Walkthrough

The following is a walkthrough to the all new point and click escape game, Bird Escape. Made by BonteGames, you can find Bird Escape(or a Bonte Escape) HERE at


Your mouse is your only control in this point and click online game. Use it to find all the correct items and eventually escape.

Bird Escape Walkhthrough


First things first, pick up the following items:

  • Lift the mat in front of the door and pick up the small piece of paper. Go right to the laptop screen.
  • Pick up funnel #1 one from the desk.
  • Open the right cabinet and pick up t glass. Continue right to bird cage screen.
  • Click under the bird cage to find funnel #2. Go right again.
  • Pick up funnel #3 from the tall plant.
  • Click the chair cushion and pick up the piece of paper.


You now need to hack into the laptop. Combining the two pieces of paper you get the code 121946. Use this to hack into the laptop. Search the folders inside to get the following numbers(starting at the second row of folders, not the desktop).

  • 2>>1>>1= 2:2
  • 2>>2>>1= 1:5
  • 2>>3>>1= 4:9

These numbers refer to the first, second, and fourth number on the safe. First = 5, Second =2, and Fourth = 9. Using the power of elimination you can figure out the missing number is 8. Use this code to open the first safe.

Feeding the Bird

In order to make the bird happy you must feed it the proper mixture of water and orange juice. Use the glass you picked up earlier to get water out of the big jug. Then use that to water the big tree in the room with the white chair. An orange will grow out of the tree. Pick up the orange travel back to the laptop screen. In the bottom left cabinet is an automatic orange juicer. Place the glass under the juicer and pair it with the orange to make fresh orange juice.

You need to place each of the funnels on the device to the right of the bird cage and fill each device with the proper amounts of water to orange juice. The proper mixture is given to you by means of the three pictures that are in the room with the orange tree. The first picture is blue, second is orange, and third is yellowish. To achieve the yellowish look you must mix water with orange juice.

So the proper mixtures are as follows.

Leftmost Funnel: All water

Middle Funnel: All orange Juice

Rightmost Funnel: 1 part water, 1 part orange juice

Feed the bird to make it happy and start tweeting.

Opening the safe(s)

Open the first safe(explained above) using the numbers you got off of the laptop. Note the colors that are on the background of the laptop, Green: Orange: Blue: White: Brown. Use these colors in this order to open the second safe.

Finally you have to open the small red safe with a three number combination. This number is given in the bird's tweet. Notice he tweets in a 3, 1, 5 pattern(I definitely did not notice this quickly). This is your code for the final safe.Open it up to reveal the key to the exit.

Thank you for reading the Bird Escape Walkthrough. If you have no idea what I'm talking about but somehow made it this far, please check out this great game by going to, where you can find many great free and fun online games, or by clicking HERE.

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Comments 14 comments

Peter Schwinger 6 years ago

I noticed the chirping pattern immediately. I new I needed a 3 digit code so when I saw the bird chirping I was like, "That's it!"

Mr.Lev 6 years ago

Thanks i was really stuck on that drink u make for the bird

ms sexy 6 years ago

i was really stuck on feeding the bird but the walkthorough helped! :-D

Mauro 6 years ago

Heh, I was stuck on what to do with the 2:2, 1:5, 4:9 numbers. It didn't occur to me that they were the missing numbers for the combination; I thought I had to do something with the 3-1-5 from the tweeting! The third number was obviously 8, though, from the picture on the wall behind the bird.

sb 6 years ago

You are actually given the third number of the first safe's combo - with the picture hanging above the birdcage.

bp 6 years ago

good hub....took me awhile to beat that girlfriend figured out the last combo in two seconds

ls 6 years ago

i couldn't find the third funnel

6 years ago

i cant figure out how to hack into the laptop...

Spambe1000 6 years ago

There should be more free games like this one. Great Game

honey_ 6 years ago

great walkthrough, great game!! What did the picture above the birdcage have to do with anything??

I loved playing this. I only needed help hacking the laptop. I noticed the tweet pattern right away.

aniig 6 years ago

the only bit i did myself was the tweeting part. that was easy.

Bryan 6 years ago

elimination is not required to find the 3rd safe number is an 8, its is on the portrait by the bird

elaina 5 years ago

got half it done you should try "i don't even game "

Sydney 4 years ago

i got the first combo but when i got to the bird tweeting in my mind i was like "oh great its not gonna stop chirping is it"

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