Black Ops Zombies Moon - Last Call of Duty Zombie Map?

Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack

On August 23rd 2011, a new zombie level called "Moon" will be available for Call of Duty Black Ops on the Xbox 360 . It will also be released on the PS3 and PC about a month later. This will be the fourth map pack released for Black Ops, titled Rezurrection. The main difference this time, however, is that this map pack is completely dedicated to zombies. There will be no multiplayer maps included, but the 4 original zombie maps from World At War will be included. The Rezurrection map pack will be free for those who already own the special edition, also know as the Hardened edition of Call of Duty Black Ops.

As you should know, Treyarch developed the Nazi Zombie game mode in the 2008 game Call of Duty World At War. Infinity Ward did not feature a zombie mode in Modern Warfare 2 (2009). In the next Modern Warfare 3, there will be something similar to zombies called survival, but there will be no zombie mode because Treyarch is not the developer of the Modern Warfare Series.

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Last Call of Duty Zombie Level ever?

Moon will be the final zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops. So does this mean that this is the final zombie map ever? Could this be the end? Or perhaps this just means we will just have to wait and see until Treyarch develops their next Call of Duty, which will release in 2012 -- according to the history of the Call of Duty franchise thus far....

Considering how popular Nazi Zombies has been, now simply called zombies, it is unlikely that Moon will be the final zombie level. However, Moon will be the final map for Black Ops. If fans of the Call of Duty series (especially zombie level fans) continue to buy these maps, we can safely assume that more maps will be in the works when Treyarch releases their next game.

At this point, we can only speculate that there could possibly be an actual Call of Duty Zombies game in the future. Zombies has only been a side game mode in the Call of Duty Franchise, but given its popularity, a video game made exclusively for zombies may not be so far away....

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Do YOU think that there should be a game made just for Zombies?? 106 comments

God 5 years ago

Yes. Yes I do

madman 5 years ago

yes there should be and they made zombies in the white house why not buckingham palace

Panzershrek 5 years ago

Yes, but as a downloadable title, not a full release

redasswarops 5 years ago

yes, just like black ops but with zombies that get strong every round

king 5 years ago

yeah best thing ever

WolfZombieShredder 5 years ago

Yes I think they should deffinately make a separate game just dedicated to zombies, I cannot begin to describe how annoyed I get when I have to tell my friends the zombies story atleast 50 times a day, if they made it and gave it the story line to zombies in the wave modes, along with once you get to a certain round you can choose weither or not to leave and go on or stay, would be amazing. I also think it would be nice to take us back to the beggining and show us what happened and why there are zombies, but i do agree. MAKE ZOMBIES ITS OWN GAME!!!

alexzombiekilla101 5 years ago

there will be no more nazi zombie maps. Treyarch did something in moon to end the zombie don't hope on annother

Soniczombies 5 years ago

Yes I think they should to make the zombie storyline clear

undeadxwolfz 5 years ago

Treyach TRIED to destroy earths zombie population, but failed. The zombies are still alive! (I know this because i went back to earth using the teleporter, and there were still zombies, with fancy blue eyes instead of yellow) so i can safely assume there will be another map. But when the 8-player zombies map releses, not another one will be after that.

Shadowrodo 5 years ago

there has to be another because richtofen switched souls with samantha and is now basicly dead so they got to bring him back and switch souls again cuz hes like the main character

Penta305 5 years ago

I think they should make a couple of maps in the backstory, aswell as make a zombie campaign mode were you have to kill max, imprison samantha, even probably swap souls back with richtofen. If they only release a game with nazi zombies without any new maps or features, not much people will play it. for example, take the iPod version of WaW. Lots of buys at first, but as more people purchased, it became less popular. They should make one, but put a nicely detailed storyline with the original idea of nazi zombies as a, like, arcade mode or something. Send me a comment if you agree!!

ULT1ZOMBER 5 years ago

Yes zombies all the way!!!!! I had an idea for zombie perks that you buy the perk and have the bottle in your hand, you then can either drink it there or take it to the pack o punch and get some sort of upgraded version of that perk.

Jesus 5 years ago

Let there be zombies.

Kiramaru16 5 years ago

Well in my opinion, if they were to make a full game of this, they would have to change the basis of fighting unlimited hoards of zombies, A lot would have to be changed, unless they have every map go on for a certain amount of time and once you've beaten it theres time challenge mode or something of the sort where its just like the original zombies. Other than that I don't see it making a full game because it will lose the atmosphere you get when playing it on the side with hints of the story laying around peice by peice

Zillianrnd 5 years ago

The only thing that they could do is something like what they do now and have unlimited Zombies but still have to find the items before you can unlock another level

Silva96 5 years ago

Yes. They Should make so it describe the storyline aswell and before the team got brainwashed ect...

jose 5 years ago

i agree with everyone here they need to make a call of duty nazi zimbies game because i hate mw zombies needs to change a lot like keep it same where its infinite rounds but keep easter eggs but make easter eggs all solo or more players make you be able to pack a punch everything twice even perks make every weapons in one map cause im tired of one special weapon in each map you should be able to get any weapon keep all waw weaps mix wit black ops weps like mg and ppsh and galil hk21 all weapons make the game amazing and if your planning on making a limited amount of zombie maps in the game treyarc at least make it 15 maps total all weapons nmore perks. so make a perk that allows you to buy more than for perks called perks a cola i would love to see that cause i hate having to get bottle dropped just to get a free perk and add ak47 not ak47u but both would be good in zombies and make it able to choose the character you want but only one person can be a certain character at a time but you would also have to pick certain charaters for easter eggs and stuff and make lots of different types of greanades but keepe gersh and qed just make call of duty nazi zombies the best game ever better than mw my gamertag is coolkeny12368 on xbox360 yes i have live pls treyarc or anyone who reads this let everybody know this and treyarc to ps i forgot to say also make it able to upgrade perks and make zombies fun bye love you treyarc make it happen pls im #1 best zombie fan the best zombie map fan ever i have all zombie maps ever sold make this happen and i garentee millions of people will buy this including me.

jey 5 years ago

they should just make a shitload of maps, like 2 or 3 easter eggs a map, all guns except shitty ones like arisaka and those bolt actions, add more multiplayer guns, and no campaign, that's gay and would kill the zombie game. just more maps, same gameplay.

zombiekill06 5 years ago

Zombies all the would be badass if we were in ascension and got into the rocket instead of blowing it up and go to moon all at the same time..need to be able to get the ppsh and mg42 as well as the wanderwaffel,thundergun,baby gun and the new ones on moon 1for each player. That would b nice

8lildave 5 years ago

I luv zombies

Bob 5 years ago

Or the next map could be called mars and have us fight alien versions of every zombie, dogs, fives scientist, the moon dude, gorge, monkeys ect. KEEP MAKIN MAPS I have them all!

bayboy 5 years ago

There better be more zombies !!!! they must be stupid to end it @ moon remember people,they time travel every where they go!

dampty 5 years ago

they will not end zombies at moon they are not that stupid for just revealing samantha and trying to kill all the zombies on earth there are still zombies on area 51. no they did not blow up the earth they infected it to try and kill all the zombies besides if u go on area 51 and go to the right side you can see earth infected like it is on the moon after big bang theory and cryogenic slumber party. guys don't worry i am positive that in the next treyarch game they will have zombies and the same storyline about richtofen samantha and dr maxis i assure you guys.

Jaden688 5 years ago

I hope your right man XD if they don't make anymore zombie maps what the hell am I goina do to waits endless hours of doing something that's actually fun!!!!

stfu 5 years ago

they need to make another zombie game cause zombies is preetty much all i do so im really hoping if they make one in black ops 2 or whatever there gonna call it

cody 5 years ago

i think there should be a story based game on war US army VS zombies kinda like war fighting threw malls,big cities,and forest stuff like that

rey 5 years ago

you forgot dead ops arcade lmfao

juboy 5 years ago

Der Riese is frickin awesome. The moon map is out of this world fantastic. A stand-alone nazi zombie game black ops spinoff set in WWII on the soviet cool could that be ?

DSaillant 5 years ago


Yes, I do think Moon will be the last map 1. because of the Easter Egg (I'm not going to say what happens, SPOILERS!) and 2. because there's no ending song. On every Zombies map, the Game Over song has been the Easter Egg song of the next map. All signs point to the fact that this will be the last Richtofen/Nikolai/Dempsey/Takeo map.

I do have very high hopes that there will be more 'filler maps,' like Call of the Dead. That map had nothing to do with the storyline behind zombies. It was just something to get some extra cash for the developers, and I think it's one of their best maps. If there is a Call of Duty Zombies game, it will most likely consist of the WaW/BO maps and a few extra 'Filler' maps.

I do have high hopes that one will be released!

Gdog69JQ 5 years ago

How could they end it? Its the best game yet it's become a part of our lives people wat would I do with out zombies multiplayer stuf that.

Nixsta_26 5 years ago

a story line release of zombies would be good but it just wouldn't be the same and would end in disapoinment as simply put the game would end unlike the zombie maps so far wich are made to go on forever which keeps people playing as you are always trying to improve your round level , score , kills and try and move up in worldwide rankings. The only real option to keep fans happy would be to come up with a new story line based on 4 survivors from the aftermath of moon and create around 8 maps that play by surviving rounds like b4 but have things to complete during rounds to be able to move on to the next map (Still have easter eggs but also have less complicated in round missions that are step by step explained to move on to next maps and progress the story or stay on the same map and go for your highest round , score and kills and move on when you die) hope this all make sense

Nixsta_26 5 years ago

just had 2 add this quickly , i would like to see a map that puts the sniper rifles 2 work like holding a castle walls n keeping zombies from breaching the gates (like a lord of the rings scenario) n when they do break threw you begin close quarter action till the end of a round then repair gates and go at it again.

bobface5 5 years ago

they have to make a nazi zombies game or else i will have nothing to do because i hated black ops the only good thing was zombies espessially acsension

rod 5 years ago

Well I think there should still b a zombies storyline just make it to where you can stay at a map wave by wave and then when you feel your ready you progress keep multiplayer but give it a ranking system so your not playing with shitty players. Also maybe a headset lobby only also alike someone pointed out get rid of shifty guns. You shouldn't have a Springfield pop out of the box during round 20 fucking ridiculous also put the best weapons on the wall. Sumtimes I'll have 100000 points with nothing to buy

Max 5 years ago

They should add characters like english(ftw)

tanner 5 years ago

they should make a game mode that is private where you can choose the damage percent and how often power ups are dropped and various things like that so if friends want to privately play a fun game they can have the control

Mc Killa Dee 5 years ago

Imagine the amount of money tryarch would make if they made a game just dedicated to zombies...more people probley bought black ops to play zombies FACT that says it all !!!

NJH082796 5 years ago

i think they should put a twist on it, and alow you to controll the zombies, and try to kill the humans. sort of a tower defense, but see how long it can take you to defeat the humans. they should still give you some sort of power-ups... just to keep it interesting.

Ira 5 years ago

Honestly, I think that having a story line with it will be beast as hell. I love zombies. Think about it, with the call of duty way of their story making and awesome cutscenes, added by the kick ass twists and cliffhangers, zombies will be the next BIG thing! With new characters to play as or select one character.... think about it... it wont ruin it, it will make it better! :D

matt 5 years ago

iwould spend 40 pounds on a stand alone zombie title from treyarc

matt 5 years ago

idea for COD zombie stand alone game. story : important, but given the twists and turns of the backstory so far the boys at treyarc wont dissapoint in rendering a cool story for the game . Campaign mode as with most fps you progress through the game level by level meeting set pieces and bosses, why not keep the wave system of zombies but have an ever expanding interactive map/world that you must earn money to unlock like the original maps but more driven by quests or missions could be done!its obvious that they will make a zombie title and i will by it just as long as the replay value is there ie its mentally hard to complete.ive spent hours on one zombie game cryed laughed shouted whimpered in fear whoopped in joyous love of this game. they will make it and it will not dissapoint. like most people who play the fps its for yhe online experience . 6 hours in one game of zombies for gods sake i love it. but mabey if they make the game a save evey say 20th level or relevent part in game so that you can meet up with friends and continue the next day!

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author


Your idea about the game saving every so often and being able to continue is a good idea!

A lot of times a person needs to quit to go eat, bathroom, and etc...

The only way you can leave and continue is if someone makes a crawlers and gets it to follow them so it does not kill the player who is away for a bit.

I think it should save on round 20, then save 30,40 and so on.

I'm not sure how they would go about saving though, like if it would only be the host or everyone who can continue if they choose the same map again.

Dylan 5 years ago

i agree with everyone.

Some Guy 5 years ago

Make a campaign! Here's a story line... You have to find Samantha and take her back to her dad's lab.

There should be this chamber which made her dog turn into a hellhound but send A).either the whole team in their but killing you to save the Earth or B). you can push Samantha in the chamber and will save the Earth but send her into an outrage which will make the place fall apart and if you don't make it out of the lab intime you all get killed by her. This would save the Earth because the substance of Samantha will backfire and make them normal or send a wave of radiation if the team goes in that will make all the zombies turn on eachother till they all eat eachother.

Chuck 5 years ago


they should make more equipment options instead of just claymores u can have some C4 or landmines. on the moon u get that astronaut suit to breath it would b cool if u could get a juggernaut suit that gives u extra health that plus juggernog equals unkillable. sniper rifles are under appreciated they are extremely good when used properly (which i cannot do) I've seen it done before just make them with iron sights n no scope that way their killing machines instead of impossible to use machines. got more but to lazy to write it. my PSN is Gtlst2009 hit me up if u wanna play some zombies

Kevin 5 years ago

if they do make a CoD zombie game they should make a final stand up to 12 ppl (dempsy,nikolia,richtofan,takeo,keneddy,nixon,etc,etc.)

Gigity_74 5 years ago

Zombies will end next year I suspect because think of this people think the world is going to end next year so treyarch made it when in moon u blow up the earth and in next years zombie map it will show the end of the world just with Nazi zombies... My guess their going to do that on purpose to follow the mood for zombies

Leo 5 years ago

YES! YES!, i love zombies i play it more than any thing i would love for treyarch to bring out a COD just for zombies.

Ryder 5 years ago

Yes I do

John 5 years ago

They should make zombies its own game or make a game like it where you get killstreaks after 100 kills and up or make an open world zombies like and oblivion or fallout

jeff 5 years ago

Here is juss a random thought.. if zombies got its own game.. have it have a campaign mode.. and multiplayer.. the campaign play similar to traditional call of duty story modes.. with each level having a beginning point and an end point.. with zombies instead of soliders.. and occationally like in the resident 4 and 5 have areas you defend unlimited zombies for a certain amount of time.. also add boss fights like george.. I think the change would be exciting.. and as for multiplayer.. keep of the same as what we have now.. massive maps.. new guns.. new enemies.. characters.. traps.. etcetera..

jeff 5 years ago

tbh i think that they should just continue making maps n stuff cuz zombies was the best part of black ops, in my opinion, so why would you want to take it away, do more stuff that's side stuff, n do a few more with tank, nikolai, takeo, richotophen, just for fun, but do more based on stuff like call of the dead, and five

Nikolai lives 5 years ago

Yes PLZ.make it a full release(for those who don't have PSN or XBL/like me myself and I at the the moment) and a DLC for those with PSN and XBL and etc.If you make it a full release PLZ be very creative and make the campaign playable online as well.that is if theres a campaign.One of the maps could be based on figuring out how to force Dr. Richtofen back into his body while Samantha is put back in her body.(easter egg idea)To do this you need: (oh yeah.also when you start the map.the intro could be like a quick clip/flashback or something of Richtofen and Samantha trading bodies.then the earth being hit by rockets.)go back to earth through the teleporter,but the teleporter will send you and your teammates to either of the classic maps or Kino Der Toten.(sounds fun right?)and while you are fighting your way to get through each map to collect a hidden artifact that has something to do with making Richtofen trade bodies with Samantha.In the Shangri la map,the four will travel there to find the napalm zombie and lure him into a trap so that zombie will be carried out of there and into the next map,Call of the Dead.They will carry the napalm zombie and throw him in the water where he will freeze.They will teleport the frozen napalm zombie to the moon and when the ice melts.the napalm zombie should be next to the black egg to melt the black egg.When it melts,they napalm zombie should be killed immediately, so the soul things will be filled up and the sleeping chamber will open up where you will see samantha's body in it.but more vicious and evil looking.when the napalm zombie is killed,he will fuse with the melted black egg.making it a napalm black can hack it to make it frozen black egg.with the napalm black do the same thing you did to make Richtofen and Samantha trade bodies again.When done,samantha will become a playable character and Richtofen will be the boss you have to battle.(he shouldn't be too hard to beat nor to easy.)after you have defeated Richtofen.Samantha will give you the 8 perks and she will join you to defeat all the if you use the frozen black egg.Richtofen will be able to knock you down with 4 hits,and has to take 6 hits from Samantha and etc hits from the guns.after he has been downed.the same thing will happen.8 perks and all.but this time.You can reverse the effects of earth being hit by the rockets and the astronaut zombies will be astronaut soldiers who will help you defeat the zombies.(Treyarch may decide whatever maps after that.)that's my ideas.thx for reading :p

Nuggz319 5 years ago

We want more zombie brains Treyarch!!!

Zombie Slayer 5 years ago

Make another zombies game please, maybe a full game about zombies--have a back story too! maybe cutscenes. you can SEE Samantha and Maxis escape to Moon when Fluffy attacks them, etc. my idea of how to do fights, well have original zombies mode as an extra, then a story mode you have the usuall CoD surroundings, don't have to buy guns or doors, but complete objectives, as usuall though they get stronger every...say, two minutes? and when the game ends, DON'T, just kill it off! the zombies need to survive... make it a satisfying ending without killing everything, sound fun to you guys? sorry this post was long but i have a lot of ideas (btw LOVE the double pac-a-punch idea! ...don't pac-a-punch perks though)

icnttellyou 5 years ago

I think that they should make a stand-alone zombie game. It would generate millions for them. I think if they were to do it. they should have the story. Make it to where you got to each of the maps, but its not endless. Just so you can follow the story. But also have the side-game, with endless waves. this way they have the story that everyone is wanting, but also the never-ending game that everyone loves to play. And of course they should incorporate every single map from WaW and BO. They should also have more maps. You know, to explain the zombies getting out. and have stuff like that. I, for one, would love to see this happen. I would extatic.

Myknifeurface 5 years ago

All the ideas here are horrible. yES there should be zombie game. But it can't be completely random it has to have an intense storyline like nazi zombie (an that's if they don't just pick up from where they left off, on the moon in the future with the possibility of time travel) te best part about the game is the Easter Eggs so if Trey arc gets anything out of this comment blog, please continue coming up with these Easter Eggs and make em HARDER!!!! Shangri la and moon gave me so much pride to complete. Don't change a doamn thing about the way you guys would do things, you guys rock!

PS: don't put anymore George romero or cosmanaut type enemies. They suck haha.

Tagalong403 5 years ago

Yes there should be a cod zombie game because 1 people think that zombies is just a cool mode but it has its own story to it so make have a campaign if you make one with rescue missions or something just let it tell the story START to finish and add a ton of maps 15+:) ALSO make it have 5 people online because we know about the kino toten portrait and the covered up picture on the load screen of shi no numa an make the campaign last longer than 5-6 hours

dirtyjoe 5 years ago

I would just like to say why change anything just add more things like perks and guns 1 gun i would like to see is BFG now that would kick ass don't like mw at all but only play zombies on black ops. Ps story line game would kill what ppl love about zombies more of the same pls

james b 5 years ago

i love zombies but sometimes its really hard to find good players that you can play with and get past round 20 like the ones that open doors on round 2 that sort of thing so is anybody willing to add me on xbox live from here you all seem to know what you want and i can immagine being good players so please add me so i can make more private games with people that wont go down on round 2!

RandomStumpyLeg that's my gamertag so if anyone will add me it would be much appreciated!

zombies rock 5 years ago

yes they should make a map where u play in the white house and they should add a gun called nuk3,dg7 it shoots tiny nukes at zombies and destroys big groups!

Menalness 5 years ago

Yes, Yes, a million times, YES. But please bring all past maps back to the game and add all new perks to all the maps and have all WaW guns, Black Ops guns, and old and new 115 guns. Oh, and also find a way to continue the unigue storyline. but PLEEASE don't have antigravity on any future levels. Thanks.

Hellboym5 5 years ago

I have the same finisd mw3 and i was done with it now i am playing black ops again

Dragon born 5 years ago

Needs more dragons to slay if they make it :/

rx7fan 4 years ago

yes...yes... 4 years ago

hell ya there should be more zombie maps this game is savage they should come out with one with like 12 maps and then a story mode on how it all began and can have the option to do the story line with 4 players that would be the best ever i think it would do a lot better then call of duty its self but u have to have all the perks in the game and no monkeys i hate them and bigger guns more to choose from and no shit guns have all the guns from all the games WAW MW2 MW3 in the box and no shit guns in the box that are on the wall so gay 4 years ago

monkeys i meant by the ones that replaced the dogs

Zombie slayer 99 4 years ago

i definitely want a zombies game but with the WAW weapons and Black Ops weapons s that you can use lets say hk21 on der riese or the MG42 on Kino der toten sust to spice things up so if you prefer the WAW weapons you can use them and vice versa

Zombieking 4 years ago

They should make a game called "Call of Duty:People only good at killing zombies"

Zombie junkie 101 4 years ago

If Treyarch doesn't produce another call of duty with zombie maps or a all out zombie game to further the zombie madness they are going to really disappoint a lot of fans and lose a lot of their business because the multi player is decent but let's not beat around the bush. What started out as a side game for call of duty has become the main reason that most gamers purchase the game. And for the little bitch above that made the comment that zombies is a game for people that are only good at killing zombies check my kd on nw3 huntemdowner

James 4 years ago

Is there a cheat code to get moon zombie map?

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaiiii 4 years ago

If Treyarch made a zombies only game, it would be awesome where you can customize maps or download them from other people. I would really like that and I would hope that other people would!

philmybush 4 years ago

Zombies are the best. addictive because it is so simple. I've got so many ideas on what I would love in a zombie game/map. but most importantly bring back the ppsh.

East_Oakland1200(psn) 4 years ago

ZOMBIES SHOULD HAVE A SEQUEL THESE ARE THE BEST IDEAS 1. YES A SNIPER MAP OR LOSE THEM COMPLETELY. 2 MAYBE TRY UNDERWATER OR A VOLCANO LEVEL ATTACK SHARKS WOULD BE ILL. ALSO THE ONLINE CAMPAIGN IS DUMB THE CAMPAIGN FOR ANY GAME IS FOR IDIOTS WITHOUT INTERNET. YES THEY STILL EXIST. ALSO BETTER GUNS FROM THE BOX GET MORE CREATIVE A GUN THAT MELTS ZOMBIES I.E. ALSO better perks say a knife recoil perk that allows 4 quick stabs? Ian's the micz only lobby idea is nice all zombie players hate the. The micless fag that opens a bad door I. E. Ascencion top jug door. But yea these r some blueprints

east_Oakland1200 4 years ago


C4nukeclAnymore 4 years ago

I think that a campaign would ruin zombies I don't have a reason for that just that I think ppl won't like the campaign even tho they ask for it but I have tons of ideas some good and some bad I like the idea of Papunching a gun twice But make it cost ten thousand points not five thousand and give the death machine in evry map not just ascension and five and they should make regular updates like each month or two they should add a new gun or like every now and then give us a new map but keep it simple I like the way the map der riese is latex out it's quite big and dosnt look that new and modern and that's good perfect for zombie map and shangrila like seriously it looks nothing like a zombie map to me call of the dead is ok and kino is absolutely unbelievable and awesome so make maps harder and bigger like ascension is piece of cake and also make more dead ops maps

Hellblazer 4 years ago

Zombies map in he'll and heaven

Hellblazer 4 years ago

Those are just two cool maps I imagine but I think they should create an ultimate super large map were every time you start back into it it slurs and changes and on walls and from the box theirs mod pieces to customize your weapons during the rounds

AwesomeKid12 4 years ago

They Should Make A Zombie Game With A Campaign , Survival (Just Like All The Other Maps) And A Mode Called Fun Mode Where You Can Get Whatever Guns You Want And Find A Way Out Of A Map Or Something Like That. Moon Will Not Be The Last Zombie Map.

Zack 4 years ago

YES YES YES! It would be cool if they made it the whole story line again where the easter eggs were the objectives and thesoilders are the zombies!!!!!!!!!!!

@epicnoob@ 4 years ago

not a complete game by its self, but another game like BO or WAW, difnitly

Javi1234 4 years ago


ou8 4 years ago

Asencion is easy to survive

Hellblazer 4 years ago

On the black ops 2 when it comes out how many maps does it come with of zombies

War012345 4 years ago

Is it in der reise that there's a picture of a zombie in front of the Eiffel tower, maybe a map there after doing a map on area 51 then they teleport to Paris, keep all the original ppl but have takeo die and replace him with reznov, because didn't reznov brainwash mason which means he could of brainwashed others... Just an idea, and maybe show dr maxis and what happened to maxis assistant Sophia who was attracted to him, anyone know?? :)

Hellblazer 4 years ago

Why and when does the dome break on the moon map

mckold 4 years ago

I like the stand alone game idea. But I have a few ideas that would make the game kick ass. In Call of the Dead during the opening movie we see people killing zombies without guns with their hands and shit. There needs to be a way where the character can jump into total control mode and beat the hell out of zombies bruce lee style with hand to hand combat. Each character should have to level up to unlock different styles and different killing moves. So if a player runs out of ammo they can just unload a can of whoop-ass on a zombie and keep it moving.

Hellblazer 4 years ago

That's sounds badass




Joker 4 years ago

Yes it would be ausome make it all to do with zombies as for the campaign make it objective based complete different missions and each mission tell the story of the zombies and maxis and what happened before the apocalypse make it all one. big story that will keep us on the edge of our seats give us objectives tell the whole thing behind the zombies. But also still keep the survival mode just give us real missions but with zombies and it gives us more detail on why there where zombies and continue where we left of with moon with the team. This would be truly the best game

Daft 4 years ago


Ssssssssssss... BOOM 4 years ago

I think, HELL YEAH

AwesomeKid12 4 years ago

The Moon map will definatly not be the last map for Zombies , they will make Zombies in the next Call Of Duty or make a full Zombie Game , in my opinion the next Zombies map will be an underground Paris map (Read the Nazi Zombie Storyline then go to Youtube and search 'evidence of a Nazi Zombie Paris map'

zombiesarethebest 4 years ago

they should make new zombies too

yorkbadboy 4 years ago

yorkbadboy is my gamer tag for the ps3 im a massive fan of zombies but theres so many things infinity ward could do to make it so much more entertaining i have many ideas that i wouldn't just happily give away like that ideas make money and sites like these where you post comments of ideas make money for the people who create these addictive games if you get my drift here's a couple of many great ideas i have for zombies 1 bosses at different stages throughout the game not just 1 2 save option at the end of each round offline only 3 all easter eggs can be completed on and offline and in solo 4 gamescore still counted regardless of who leaves 5 to explain things abit more to people who are new to zombies and pros i remember first having a go and wanting to find out so much but didn't find much really apart from a load of rubbish people made up kind regards me

EA100 4 years ago

They should and they will I promise.

billy 4 years ago

I think they should make a water map kinda like moon how u have to get an air mask and then go in the water and swim around with the zombies being slow and new perks

Hellblazer 4 years ago

I like everything about zombies already but their not very scary I think they should add at least 1 map that is scary and more darker and eviler looking that to me would be pretty cool

michael 4 years ago

undeadxwolfz, those blue eyed zombies could have been aliens. But I do want a game only for cod zombies. Hopefully, Treyarch will at least make a new Call of Duty with zombies.

anonymous 4 years ago

They could have a zombie map that takes place at camp crystal lake the zombies could be campers and counselors the special boss could be Jason voorhees

zombieman777 4 years ago

I think the zombie camp idea is a good one.In fact,Voorhees can be like George Romero in a way.He can very high health,and will charge at the nearest player when is in his berserk state.There should be a new perk called Invisi-Kill.Which can turn you invisible for maybe a minute or so,therefor you can kill zombies,revive teammates,and even shoot at Voorhees without that specific player getting downed(also the perk can only work every round.)Sorry for the essay answer,but the zombie camp is a GREAT idea.

Bicycle 4 years ago

OFCOURSE there need to come more maps, but to make it a total different game ... ?


And there need to be a "hack" mode but not for online games just solo. like to turn on a cheat that makes you never die or something.

Hellblazer 4 years ago

Yay black ops 2 is coming out

Dr.Epecness 4 years ago


Anonymous 4 years ago

The camp zombie map could still have Dempsey,Nikolai,Takeo,and Richtofen, just a lot older.

yo mama 789 4 years ago

i think black ops is going to be better is goin to be better than black ops 2 NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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