Borderlands Monsters: Rakk

The Rakk Hive

That's BIG! :O
That's BIG! :O


Rakk are the main flying enemies of the game. They mainly show the same characteristics as bats and certain breeds even look like them. They do not have any beaks, except heads ending with a long snout. The heads themselves can be very hard to spot as it just looks like they are attached to the body, without a neck. The main attack of a typical Rakk is to swoop down attack the player from above, before flying back to the safety of the sky. It is quite easy to take a rack with a sniper rifle when it is flying off or toward you, however Rakk tend to attack in flocks, so you are going to need a pretty good shotgun or rocket launcher to take out an entire flock before you get attacked.

Types of Rakk

There are less different types of Rakk than Skags, however that doesn't mean that each Rakk is identical. There are a few variations of Rakk on the planet of Pandora. The most obvious being Rakk. They are the simplest and most common form of Rakk, and also have no elemental attributes. The next most common type of Rakk, is the Feeder Rakk. This type of Rakk is green and can be seen with other Rakk. There is usually 1 Feeder Rakk, to every 5 'normal' Rakk,in a flock. The next type of Rakk can only be seen when fighting the Rakk Hive (above), and that is Kamikaze Rakk. They are small, yellow and will explode on contact. It is advised to avoid contact. They follow the same attack sequence as any other Rakk, however they don't swoop back around for a second attempt.

Notable Rakk

Throughout the game, there are a few, more powerful versions of the monsters, such as WereSkags. So there should be no exception for Rakk. There are 3 in-game, 'mini-boss' Rakk. They are Rakkinishu, who swoops down and breathes fire on unsuspecting prey, Mothrakk, who looks just like a moth and drops explosives on to you, and Skelerakk, who are literally skeleton Rakk, who can only be found in Generally Hospital, which comes included with The Zombie Island Of Dr Ned DLC.

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The secret 'attack'

The Rakk Hive

First things first, the Rakk Hive is NOT some form of giant mutant Rakk/Skag crossbreed. It is merely another monster that let Rakk use its back as some form of 'home', possibly in return for protection during its hibernation period. The phrase 'You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' couldn't fit any more perfectly than with these 2 creatures.

You face a Rakk Hive only once during the game (unless you want to fight it again, in which case, you can fight it as much as you want). Its attacks are simple, Stomp and spit out corrosive goo that lasts a long, long time. There is also another secret attack, which also uses corrosive goo, but from the other end. 

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