Call of Duty Black Ops Moon Zombie Map: Hacking Device Tool

The hacking device is a new tool that can be used in the new Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie level Moon. This is the first time there has ever been such a tool. Only one player can use the hacking tool, and you can not wear your space helmet when you have it. You must be very careful because there are many areas on the moon that require you to have a space helmet. Without the space helmet, you will go down eventually. The hacking tool needs to be used in areas with oxygen, or be used quickly in areas where there is no oxygen.

The hacker can be found in the lab floors located on one of the desks. It will appear in different locations, but will usually be on one of the tables.

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Hacking Device Tool (Hackable Items)

  • Perk Machines: The perks on moon can be hacked. You will get your points back, but will lose that perk. This may be a good idea, lets say for instance, you want to buy other perks and you are full (you can not have more than 4 perks).
  • Mystery Box: When hacking a weapon out of it, it will spin again for only 650 points. The possible spawn locations for the box can also be hacked (costs 1200 points) The box will appear for one spin only in that location.
  • Pack-A-Punch: Creates a cage around it when hacked, grants player 1000 points. No zombies or players can exit or leave it.
  • Wall-Guns: Swaps the price of normal ammo, with upgraded ammo. This would be very effective if you have an upgraded gun because the upgraded ammo will be so cheap!!!
  • Power Ups: Hacking these will make ammo drops instead. Hacking the ammo drop changes it to a fire sale. Fire sale spawns the mystery box in every spawn location temporarily.

Call of Duty Black Ops Moon Hacking Tool (Additional hackable items)

  • Doors: Every door on moon can be hacked. It only costs 20% from the original price, but takes a VERY long time to hack the doors. Players will need to cover the hacker because the zombies can interfere.
  • Players: Yes, other players can be hacked! The hacker can give 500 points to another player when hacking them This is great if another player has run out of ammo, and can not defend his or self against the horde of zombies, and needs points to buy another weapon.
  • Windows: When hacked, all the boards get repaired instantly, and the player receives 100 points, regardless of how many were repaired. The player can be penalized, however, if they hack the same window too many times in the same round, costing them 300 points, instead of awarding them ( be careful).

Controls for the Excavator: The excavator controls can be hacked when one of the 3 excavators are approaching the moon base (controls in spawn room). This will stop them from coming. There is an achievement called ground control if the player stops all 3 of them before they reach their destinations.

The hacker device is almost required because the excavator will prevent you from traversing to certain areas of the map because it blocks your path (can also kill you). Failure to stop the excavators will likely result in the zombies trapping you in an area.

In my time playing, I had a game where it was impossible to get to the Moon's surface because the excavators were all in the way, and the zombies killed my entire team.

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Ghostwolfe 5 years ago

Very good article and helpful at that. I didn't even know about this tool. Awesome now I know a little more on how to navigate the moon and get things faster. Thanks a lot.

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Thanks for comment - Yes, this tool is really good. I have not had the chance to use it because other players were, but it can be a real game changer because you save points and can basically hack everything that is used in zombies.

Wezz 5 years ago

Nice Nice Btw Theres only 3 excavators

Ghostwolfe 5 years ago

Because of your article I went on a hunt for it yesterday while my brother and myself were playing co-op and found it, when I went to use it I couldn't get my mask back on which was odd, but it was a cool thing to have. Yes you are right, you need protection while using it.

zealo 5 years ago

do you know if the hacking tool re-spawns in solo if you trade back to the space suit(PEV)?

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

@ Wezz. Thank you sir, typo.

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

@ Ghostwolfe, Yes, you can not carry a space helmet and the hacking device at the same time. You can use the hacking device where there is no oxygen BUT you need someone to revive you if you go down, which will prob happen.

daz 5 years ago

i thought i had figured out every use with the hacking tool but just goes to show looking online makes all the difference :P thanks for the info will defo help

nice 5 years ago

i have a raging boner after reading this my good chum

chad 5 years ago

when you hack a weapon (3,000) it reverses the ammo costs. therefore making upgraded ammo 600 and unupgraded ammo 4500.

you can also hack pack a punch machine which will give you +1000 and close the cage around pack a punch.

And you can hack perks giving you the ability to sell them back for equal price. and last but not least you can hack a spot where a mystery box should be, i believe its 1100 first run, and 600 your second try

chad 5 years ago

sorry i feel stupid now. i didn't see the part of your post that explained everything i just wrote lol

Brad 5 years ago

When hacking the mystery box, you must first use the box regularly for 950 points. Once the gun has shown up in the box, you can either take your gun or spin again. spinning again allows you to re-use the mystery box for 600 points. when the gun comes up for the second time, you may hack it again, but the second time it is hacked it returns the original cost of the box (950 points) and makes the weapon available to the rest of your team.

Pehsv 5 years ago

I like brick cats

shaun 5 years ago


Conah 5 years ago

This is so cool I can't wait to get this map!

V T3RM1NAT0R V 5 years ago

Looks like the hacker is a great tool but.1 daft question ,how the hell do u use it,i picked it up ,pushed up on the d pad and nothing can ne1 help

NYN1GHTMARE 5 years ago

any one want to get a group going later tonight on the moon? i feel like the dome is the best spot to run a loop or 2 but i still need help with finding certain perks and weapons and how to get the mule kick so i can hold 3 guns?

steve 5 years ago

I' ll play tonight. GT is Redikalus

Garrett 5 years ago

you can use it on the box!

soandso 5 years ago

if you hack the escavators can they comeback down or do they just stay there

Daniel b 5 years ago

Add me ps3 crazy_Dan_08

Dr0sik 5 years ago

Is it possible to get the hacker when the excavators are down? I have a solo game paused. I'm stuck in the Quick Revive area because I can't get to where I think the hacker is because the excavators are blocking my path.

shwack1318 5 years ago

the mule kick is in the area behind the teleporter and the excavators stay where they are... also the aku-74 is right by the mule kick on the wall

Darren 5 years ago

If the excavators are blocking both tunnel A and B and you do not have a hacker tool to remove them, the only way to get beyond that point is with a cosmonaut to teleport you, though you will lose one of your perks.

annonymous 5 years ago

Add me Hamzak7860 for gamesharing if you have the moon and I willl give you call of the dead, ascension and shangrilla.

Ryan1918 5 years ago

another thing the hacking tool can do is if you hold it when the next round starts you get 500 points and the longer you hold it it will double the points but will only do it if you don't drop it, so level 5, you will get 500 points, level 6 you will get 1000, level 7 you will get 1500, etc... enjoy

stevezz1 5 years ago

i have the hacking tool but access is denied when i try it on the excavater controls in the spawn room.....

any ideas...? 5 years ago

Nice, I was not aware you could hack the power ups! That's great!

jesus 5 years ago

I will game share for call of the dead I have moon cali323-__-

sniperwiper 5 years ago

i made it to round 40 and im only 11

guitarq359 5 years ago

Is there any way to get the hacker back after you use it once? Or is it a one time use?

Baloney007 5 years ago

Clearing up a few misconceptions ive read in the comments...

Hacker tool respawns somewhere in the lab when you drop it for a space suit. To use the hacking device you must have it in your posession, press up on the d-pad to haul it out, and press and hold square when prompted. Hacking power-ups costs 5000 points. Spin the box, hack it for 600 points and all players can now grab the weapons that spawns from the box. The original 950 points gets refunded.

aZuLsTeeL005 5 years ago

you know that all four of you can have the hacker at the same time...

Timmmo 5 years ago

I found it but I can't pick it up can u help me?

your mom 5 years ago

This all sounds really fun

JD 5 years ago

Is there a way to hack fences in the first area AKA: area 51 to close them or somthin?

Malcolm 5 years ago

You can also hack drops to make them always a max ammo, or hack a max ammo to make it a fire sale. Also more then 1 player can get the hacker if they go up to where the hacker is on the laboratory and all pick it up at the same time. You need to have really good timing though.

kheldar125 5 years ago

JD, if you hack the pack a punch machine the gates close around it for a limited time around 60-90 secs at a guess. id recommend having gursh devices as throwing one out as gates open makes it so much easier to get back to teleport. hope this helps. :)

ClarkAndAddison258 5 years ago

Hey guys got a weird one here for zombies moon map. My buddy was playing and found a weird hose item near the hacker and it let him pick it up. Any ideas as to what this is? It looks like a hose of some kind with an "S" bend in it.

guest 5 years ago

the s is the rod needed for getting all 8 cola perks for the rest of the game

codguy 5 years ago

bjth0205 gameshare shangrili

jlee337 5 years ago

the hacker can do many things. it can hack everything from players to perks. It also gives the play points the longer they hold onto through the rounds not to mention the points in gives you when you take it to earth. you can hack guns on the wall and you can hack the place where the box spawns to make it show up once, you can also hack a perk machine to get the points back from the perk you just got from it but it also takes the perk back. just try to hack everything

Dr--Ketchup 5 years ago

-_- the Moon, scares da shit outta me. I need a baggie every time i play

BIGFOOTjr17 5 years ago

add me.BIGFOOTjr17.i need map packs.can some one give me one.please

stefanos 5 years ago

this came is very very lafazania

wolf dog 5 years ago

yes hacker tool is really use full because it saves all your points

xxHitOrMissxx 5 years ago

You know that all for players can grab the hacker right? Just jump up in the air and when the guys feet hit the ground, everyone pick it up. Might take a couple tries but once everyone has one, if only one player drops it, he or she can pick it right back up.

Conn6ersuper115 4 years ago

The hacker rules!!!

cannon187 4 years ago

I've noticed when you do hack the pack-a-punch machine, sometimes when you go back to the moon there are no round numbers, thus stopping the game from going any furhter. Anyone else notice this, btw name on ps3 is cannon187, I've gone to round 51 without any glitching either, hate glitches!!

jkcool123 4 years ago

this is awsome and it let me hack the mystry box five times add me on ps3 network jkcool123

john 4 years ago

the hacker is an excellent weapon

kimop 4 years ago

I haven't got moon but the hacker sounds sick and im getting soon. Sod mw3

SUPERCOOL 4 years ago


harry 4 years ago

my xbox name is h4zzer123

hunter 4 years ago

do i am doing this sincne on the moon and i have this test next week and i am sacred that i wouldn't pass the test what should i do

act amazing 4 years ago

i use hacker on solo i leave one zombie and hack every thing

Jake 4 years ago

Iam on the top 5 leader boards I know that you need to find it after round nine

Jake 4 years ago

I hacked amystery box

Jake 4 years ago

Me and my bro had a race we each got 7k on no mans land we opens all the doors I found it and then I used it to give my bro 400 points each round

Jake 4 years ago

Will my frend is the worlds biggest lier everything he says is a lie even he is a lie he said you can hack a zombie to help kill other zombies he's a derpener herpiena

Krazyweels 4 years ago

have never found but sounds cool

Jake 4 years ago

When u equIp hack it takes your moon mask up and u only find it on those pådš

strangecharm 4 years ago

if both tunnels are down no problem take the hacker with you to area 51 when you come back hack the diggers.

also the astronaut he can boost you on the otherside of the map..

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