Commanding Followers in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim allows you to gather followers that can help you on your quests. Followers can help you fight against enemies that you encounter, but they can also be used for other useful purposes. You can only have one follower at a time in Elder Scrolls Skyrim. If you attempt to get another follower when you already have one, they will decline saying you already have someone with you. You must first tell your current follower to leave before another follower will join you.

In general, the followers in Elder Scrolls Skyrim are much better in combat than they were in Oblivion. In Elder Scrolls Oblivion, they were very weak and died easily. In Skyrim, however, they are much more tougher, unless you take on extremely tough enemies. I recently had a bad experience where I went to some camp where a bunch of giants lived. I was on a horse and my follower was behind me. The giant killed my horse and I fell off! I then saw my follower Lydia get crushed by a giant! I reloaded my game. I do not recommend taking on giants if you have a follower with you. Actually, I do not recommend fighting a giant at all if your a low level. They can kill you in one hit! They just slam you into the ground like your jello!

Commanding followers in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

You can issue a number of commands to your followers in Skyrim. Some followers in Skyrim, however, can not be issued commands.

  • Followers can wait at a certain position. This may be useful if you do not want to put them in danger from tougher enemies ahead.
  • Followers can use switches, levers, and other various objects in the world if you command them to do so.
  • Followers can pick up objects that are scattered in the world. This is a good idea if you can not carry any more equipment.
  • Followers in Skyrim can be ordered to attack enemies.
  • Followers can open locked doors, treasure chests etc.

Some followers in Elder Scrolls Skyrim will not steal for you, however. This is because some of the followers in Skyrim do not believe in stealing. Also note that you will be held responsible for any crimes that your followers commit in Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Followers are able to carry equipment. If you find treasure, weapons etc. and can not carry any more, you can have your follower hold some of your equipment. This is very important if you are trying to make money in Skyrim because you can sell equipment you gave to your follower later.

Remember if you go over the amount of weight you can carry, you will not be able to run in Skyrim. You will still be able to move, but it will be extremely slow.

Killing Followers in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Be careful not to hit your followers in Skyrim. There is friendly fire and you can potentially kill them if you damage them enough. In my opinion, I think there should be no friendly fire in Skyrim because it can be difficult to attack an enemy without accidentally hitting your follower with magic or swords etc. whilist in battle.

Where did my follower go in Skyrim?

Note that followers will not be able to keep up with you when your using a horse or are climbing obstacles that they can not climb. If you do not know where your follower is, simply wait an hour, and they should appear next to you.

If you can not find your follower anywhere, they may have died. Make sure to save fairly often and use auto saves if you do not want them to die.

In some cases, it may be best to dismiss them if they keep dying in certain areas of the game. Most of the time, they will just take a knee when they lose their health, but for some reason, they will sometimes die completely. I think this depends on what type of enemies you are facing.

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Has your follower ever been killed in combat, if so, how did it happen? 169 comments

Aaron 5 years ago

I had Lydia with me but she left when I was doing a companion quest as one of the companions accompanied me on my Tial. i don't have a house. Any ideas on where I can find her?

Beites 5 years ago

She's probably in Dragonreach, Whiterun's Castle

ME 5 years ago

Do followers level as you level?

tobaldo 5 years ago

hello i have a question, i have an archer companion but when i tell him to attack an enemy (obiousy if you have a bow you will attack from far) he just run where the enemy is, alerting him, and i just want him to give an arrowgift to the enemy, any ideas why is this?

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author


Followers level as you level (all of them, even if u never used them).

tobaldo, I am having the same problem. My follower runs at the enemy instead of shooting a bow when I tell them to attack.

Lango 5 years ago

i have a question Which follower can steal for you or unlock chests ? because no one i recruit ever does

rty 5 years ago

I agree with the no friendly fire. As you progress in the game it basically makes the follower useless since it's very difficult to avoid killing them accidentally.

jompa 5 years ago

I have a follower and i don't know where he is, How can i release him from service? Do i have to find him?

Iconoclasm 5 years ago

My follower died after I used the Marked For Death voice and it was hit. I think having friendly fire in this game is poor judgment on the Bethesda's part especially while not having an ability to lock-on to a target like in Dark Souls.

Liam 5 years ago

I now have a bug that wont allow me to get any followers i completed the shrine of azura's quest and got the chick to follow me. She then died and went to get lydia and she says you already have someone with you

Zyklon 5 years ago

I have a question I had the follower Eradur I told him we need to part ways because I was about to do something not so nice and I went back to where he supposed to go and he's not there any ideas?

Branko 5 years ago

It takes time for them to get back to their original location. They don't use fast travel.

question 5 years ago

do i get credit for my follower's kills? or to put it in another manner.... will my follower steal possible experience i could gain?

random 5 years ago

if i had that one girl you had to fistfight to get, and she (and lydia for this matter) were temporarily replaced when i took on a companion mission, where would they be now? where i found them? i think once you have a house they go there, but i don't.

Derp 5 years ago

Sup, i accidentally hitted Delphine ( from the main quest ) and now she isn't stopping with attacking me. Wat do? (no i can't reload the save)

Jaydon 5 years ago

I did the Storm Call. She was obliterated by lightning.

ty 5 years ago

do followers hold on to gear you give them after you dismiss the

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author


Yes, followers hold onto the gear after you dismiss them from your service in Skyrim.

I believe followers will go to back to your house (if you have one) after you dismiss them. At least this was the case with Lydia, not entirely sure about other followers.

Stu 5 years ago

Can you get your companion to dual weild?

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

I think they can dual wield, but it depends on what your follower specializes in. I don't think you can take their original equipment, though. But you can give them new equipment, and they will use the best.

Stu 5 years ago

Thanks. Got Lydia to duel wield with a staff and axe and now I can't kill anything before she does

Kaos 5 years ago

Having a few issues with the follower "Illia" was a great follower, but dismissed her to do a quest and now I can't find where she is, i checked the area she originally met me in and no luck... any hints? /sigh

Stu 5 years ago

Kaos. Try checking your house(s) if you have one.

Michel 5 years ago

I killed Lydia with Firebreath shout. We were surrounded by bandits and she came towards me as I turned around. She was equipped with real good armor I gave her, and looked liked the bandit leader with steel plates. I pressed "Z" and that was it. So I reloaded the full fight that was a tough one.

Schlafen 5 years ago

Does stormcall killfollowers?666

Stu 5 years ago

Schlafen. Yeah it does. Did my self not long ago

Stu 5 years ago

Random Horse glitch.

When riding a horse and you go into water, get off the horse when the horse is no longer touching the ground and get straight back on. Doing this should allow you to run in the water. (I did this on PS3 so I don't know if it works on Xbox or PC)

Ian 5 years ago

My follower keep waiting somewhere when im not telling them to. afterwords i have to trace my steps and try to find them, this time i can't find my follower and shes an important trainer and is practically holding her wait in dragon bones. this really sucks and i could use some help.

Stu 5 years ago


Have you tried waiting? It might or might not work.

Addiction• 5 years ago

Hey. I hired the Mage companion from the inn. Then I went and got Barbas the dog follower.(he's agrivating) we were doing companion quest and my Mage got replaced after I gave him all my special items to hold. He's not where I found him and I don't have a house... Any clue on where to find him?? It was a pain finding that eleven bow at lvl 9

Jay 5 years ago

I had sven as a follower until one day he dissapeared i went back to his house and asked him to join me again but it says i have another follower when i don't? :S

Is there a way to get followers to stop attacking? 5 years ago

I am in a combat where the enemy is behind a gate and follower will die if I open the gate but i can't get them to stop the battle or follow me.

Nate 5 years ago

i had the mage girl from darklight tower and i did one of the companions quest which in which she was replaced. i went back to darklight tower but i can't find her D: she was pretty handy. any suggestions to where i could find her again?

Serenity JAyde. 5 years ago

In my experience the followers only die if you accidentally kill them. when their health drops to zero they bend to one knee until their health improves. Lydia can be found at Dragonsreach or Breezehome in whiterun if you have purchased it. If you do the companions quest lydia will be in one of those places. As for Giants stay away from them unless you are at a distance and have a very good magical bow with frost or fire. takes about 10 shots to kill them with that. find a place they can't fit in and shoot.

Serenity JAyde. 5 years ago

As for those of you who have lost a follower and cannot find them and are trying to get a new one. try using the console to add them to the follower faction. hit the tilde key looks like this ~ its under the escape key and move your mouse to the person you are tryign to get to follow you. type Addtofaction 5C84D 1 and hit enter. tap the tilde key again talk to the person and you shouldn't have the problem anymore.

highelf 5 years ago

for those of your losing followers,

I hired the mage in riften. and i had him from like lvl 10-19 he was carrying mass amounts of expensive items. when i went to complete the companions quest he was replaced without any warning or asking. i immediately went back to the bee and barb in riften and waited. i did have to wait probably over 3 days but he did eventually return. still equipped with everything i had given him. i did have to rehire him for the 500 but noneless it was rectified. hope this helped :)

Josh 5 years ago

Hey, I bought the war dog Vigilance, and told him to go home, and I can't find him in a house or stables. Plz help

blockhead 5 years ago

i killed a dragon in the air and when it was crashing into the ground it landed right on lydia and now i can't find her anywere... now im forevor alone:/

Michel Blanchard profile image

Michel Blanchard 5 years ago from Laval(Montreal), QC,Canada

Instead of having Lydia (or other follower) say "I'm sworn to carry your burden", I put all my overload in a chest or a bag while coming out of a cave or dungeon and I ask Lydia to do something for me and I show her the chest. She says "got it" and picks up the content. This is practical.

Calvin 5 years ago

If you equip a follower with a bow, make sure to give them one of the best arrow you have. Don't order the follower to attack they will do this once enemies come into archery range. Using sneak also helps keep them closer to you when going into places.

jayson 5 years ago

yes, i had a follower die on me and i did not really feel like loading the save to save her. When i ask one of the companions to follow me, or anyone else for that matter, they tell me "it looks like you already have someone following you"

so my question is, If a follower dies does it bug the system to where you can't have another one? if so does it fix itself after so many days? and or a console command to rid me of this?

Bourbonshot 5 years ago

I have a question. I was using Faendal and doing the quests for the Companions chain. I got to the quest where you have to escort one of them in the dungeon to get an artifact (the one where you find out they are werewolves). I told Faendal to wait here before accepting the quest, however he is not there now. Do you have any idea what happened? I had him holding things for me (since I don't have the house yet - just started playing yesterday).

Sideways eight 5 years ago

No one is following me I waited an hour and no one came next to me. Could this be a glitch. Other followers keep saying there is someone with me.

jayk 5 years ago

wow bourbonshot thanks for spoiling the companions storyline for me jeez

I hate Valkas 5 years ago

I've searched everywhere and it seems it's a glitch with Illia I just started the quest to kill all the Silver hand and Valkas started following me so she disappeared! She had all dragon armor too! She also has 2 of those masks and lots of soul gems! D: I hope they fix this glitch!

Dragonborn 5 years ago

So, when I level up, does my follower (Lydia) progress along with me (get tougher with me)?

dragonslayer 5 years ago

i bought a dog from markarth and did one quest with him and after when we came out he disapeared now none of my followers will follow me

Venom Injection 5 years ago

I've gone through 3 followers now XD It was Vigilance (The dog in Markarth Stables) , Sven, and Lydia. Lydia was by far the most fearsome and she actually had put me in her inheritance will and I gained the key to her house :D I thought it was pretty great.

eka 5 years ago

hi. lydia died. then i had barsas like a companion wich got lost somewhere, but after finished quest with the axe it return so i i reunited dog with a statue...i try take another companion but it says u already have one??? whom? lydia is dead long time ago. dog is not even talking with me as he was like a quest stuff. so why i can't have another companion?

videogameviking profile image

videogameviking 5 years ago from California

Great article! I agree, there either shouldn't be friendly fire, or there should be a way to turn it off. I suppose it's easier to avoid damaging followers if you are using conjuration magic, instead of destruction magic.

style-of-life profile image

style-of-life 5 years ago from Netherlands

I never really use Followers. After reading this though I may find them more useful! Especially for carrying stuff around. Thx!

matthew 5 years ago

i try to get someone to follow me but they will not they say i already have someone following me but there is not anyone following me.

Nissl 5 years ago

@Dragonborn (and David) Most followers do NOT functionally level with you. Their level number changes but their stats do not. Instead, they are set at the your level the first time you load them entering a zone (*not* the first time you meet or hire them).

The Dark Brotherhood initiate apparently is the only character in the game whose stats level with you. Uthgerd's Block and Archery stats also level, but *only* those two stats, so she will still be terrible after you've gained a dozen levels. Whether these two characters are bugged, or whether all of the other characters are bugged, is unclear.

If you are on PC, and you don't want to keep switching followers every time you go to a new city, you can bring their stats up to the appropriate level using console commands, see below:

Readmycommentlol 5 years ago

Giants are a pain, my Lydia usually provides me with cover fire with a bow, but one time she rushed at the giant. She got hit and flew up into orbit (giant glitch haha).

A few minutes later she landed right in front of me. Haha had to reload though. Lydia is the most annoying companion by far

Tasiek 5 years ago

"I've searched everywhere and it seems it's a glitch with Illia I just started the quest to kill all the Silver hand and Valkas started following me so she disappeared!" - Same problem here. What to do now? I really want her back with my items x]]

brandon 5 years ago

I was using lydia and she died along the way so I summoned spectral assassin to get me through the rest of the when i try to recruit another follower they won't join me because of his service whether he is active or I get another follower?

StormcloaksRule 5 years ago


I would pay see that!

I've been having major issues with followers, ranging from them following enemies into eternity(and me hunting down my follower afterwards) to them just stopping following me. Lydia never did this, she was great.

mrbignice 5 years ago

Can you get armor for your wardog?Also I have both a wardog and a follower is this common as I have seen comments that say no.

HelpMePLZ 5 years ago

Hello, plz read this. I got this problem: I took lydia as my follower in skyrim. But she died when i was fighting alduins first fight and after the fight (several hours later) her body was disappeared, only sword and shield was there. Fight was at "Throat of the world". After this several days plying skyrim i tried to get new follower, but the follower said: "looks like you have someone else". How can this be possible, lydia died and her body disappeared, she is not in dragonsreach or somewhere else, shes gone. I tried to fast travel and wait or searching her, but i know she is gone. Her whole body is gone and new follower (in solitude, proudspire manor) says always that same thing. How she could see lydia with me still? Plz help, I just want to know how to get new follower to follow me and not to say that i have someone following me already. Plz plz help! :)

Scrimyelp 5 years ago

I have found that, Mjoll the Lioness is a follower that will not die from friendly fire.I can blow her up all day with fireballs or whatever. Not having to worry about her dying is the best!

Jonathan 5 years ago

Wiki: "A follower's stats are determined based on the level the player is at when he or she first enters the zone that the follower is in. Once generated, the follower's stats do not increase at all."

I have read this a hundred times, but what I've wanted to figure out for so long is, what determines a follower's zone?

For example, say you first enter Whiterun when you've just begun the game, is Aela's "zone" activated then or does it activate when you decide to visit Jorrvaskr for the first time? The same could apply with many Followers. Is Lydia's zone first active when you enter Whiterun or when you first enter Dragon's Reach?

My question isn't necessarily aimed towards a specific character, I just want to know what the term "zone" refers too. That way I can avoid permanently activating a player's stats that I may want to play with further on in the game.

Jack 5 years ago

Anybody help me? I am trying to do the Botheia quest and I need to tell a follower (or a mercenary) to 'use' this special pillar. Problem is, not one of my followers or mercenaries or whatever will do anything I tell them to do with the 'I need you to do something for me' option. They wont use the pillar, they wont open a chest, they wont sit down, they just stand there. Anybody else had this problem or know how to fix it?

yar 5 years ago

Here's a helpful hint from someone who had played it almost every day since it came out, time goes by really fast when you fast travel, it's not instant, because fast travel = your character walking the whole way, taking major Roads, or the closest paths, even on horse back, the horse is actually walking slower then people

Annunaki 5 years ago

If you want to keep your followers out of the way, but helping with DPS, take away their sword and give them a bow.

bbjt7676 5 years ago

When I dismissed illia she went back to the castle she came from when I went back to the castle I tried to get her to come. But she just kept saying random quotes

Josh 5 years ago

Ok so I had Jenassa following, lost her, came back to the drunken huntsman and she keeps saying "looks like you've got help already." but I don't have anyone. Any thoughts?

Jordan 5 years ago

Hi, I told Illia my follower to wait somewhere and I can't find her. I need a follower to do a certain quest but no other potential follower will join me. They all say "Looks like you've already got someone with you". Is there a way that I can dismiss my follower, call them back, or kill them without actually scouring the whole game to find them?

Dovahkiin 5 years ago


The follower will only die if they are attacked by you. Enemies will not kill your follower...they will be down for a while. But if they fall in friendly fire while you try to skirmish your opponent...its goodbye for them!

ajm 5 years ago

Hey, I got that war dog meeko after his owner died and now I'm wondering if I tell him to go home where will he go ?

Chad 5 years ago

I was defending the College from the anomalies or whatever. Next thing I know Lydia is glowing purple and said that it was some other Mages Lydia.

Jack 5 years ago

Ajm, meeko goes back to meekos's shack. (The place were you found him.)

Chad, you killed her by accident during that battle and another mage ressurected her corpse. Sorry to tell you bro but she's gone.

ajm 5 years ago

Thanks but it doesn't matter much any more. I accidentally killed him :(

BOB 5 years ago

I did the party quest were you go into the thalmar party and it automatically dismissed mercurio I can't find him any were

Dj the fister 5 years ago

Guys if it sais that you have a follower when you don't go to jail for three days and they. Will go away

mike 5 years ago

I lost my follower. I don't remember where i told her to wait. I know shes still alive somewhere because when i try to get another follower they say i have a follower and will get in the way. Is there anyway i can find my follower? Is there an icon on the compas that will lead me to her? I tried waiting a whole day and she does not report to me. I'm stuck, someone please help!!!

random 5 years ago

With all the hassle why even bother with followers?

matheus123 5 years ago

I think I accidentally hit lydia and she died, where can I find other followers like her ?

BAtman 5 years ago

Hey, I'm having a bit of trouble myself. You see, most followers, when you tell them to wait, will eventually get bored and leave your service, and you are notified by a little message in the top left corner. However, I got the insane assassin Cicero as a companion, and told him to wait, and lost him, and, probably since he's insane, he won't get bored and leave. I tried the console cheat posted by a guy earlier, but it didn't work, so any ideas?

P.S. I wonder if spiders have eaten his face of yet

abcdef 5 years ago

had lydia but i went to jail, when i picked the lock and broke out i couldn't find her?

Arian 5 years ago

I told my follower to wait for me, but when I went back she wasn't there and I can't obtain any new followers since she's still technically following me. What do I do.?

skyrimlover 5 years ago

delphine keeps attacking me and i don't why she is or how to stop her, im in the quest where you have to gain entrance to sky haven temple and she wont let me put my blood on the seal on the ground. any ideas? please help me out

skyrimlover 5 years ago

and i don't have stormcall

skyrimlover 5 years ago

never mind i just waited a day

Scott 5 years ago

I got married and left Lydia at home since I figured she might be jealous. Anyway, a bunch of people show up for the wedding that are your pals or you've done quests for. Lydia showed up on her own at the wedding. Everyone walks home to where they came from after. When a got home no more Lydia. waited days and she never came back. I figure maybe she hated me for marrying someone else.

I finally used the console command player.moveto [id] with her id and was transported to the temple of Mara. She was still sitting in the chapel three days later, but came back with me when I told her to follow me.

I think this was a game bug.

Look up the characters id on the wiki and use the command above when your follower gets lost forever.

Mondo 5 years ago

I had found the Stray dog and I was using him and Lydia as a followers, I think I left the Dog somewhere on wait and I can't find him because every time I try to buy Vigilance at Falkerth the owwner says I already have an animal with me, but I only have Lydia. Is this a glitch

Lydia won't come out of the cave. 5 years ago

I did a dungeon with a dragon word in it and a labyrinth (forget the name of the place but it was in the mountains not far from Whiterun and there were ruins and trolls outside). Anyway...

When I try to leave the dungeon Lydia won't come with me. I have tried dismissing her and she still remains inside the dungeon. What is it with women and following orders? :P

Any suggestions?

P.S. This is for xbox 360.

Alex 5 years ago

Just an idea but when get involved with the companions quest(s) in whiterun it automatically dismissing your follower/hireling whether you like it or if uv lost them or it is glitch that you can not hire a follower, by doing this quest (& others like it where you are assigned a follower automatically), it may fix the I say just an idea that may be worth investigating as iv not hit this problem yet to test it for myself.

To Alex 5 years ago

Not that I got this idea my self but through playing the game I already did the quest you are referring to and it still hasn't worked.

On top of this my horse is nowhere to be found *sighs* I left it outside Whiterun at the stables and there it stayed for a few days. will it return to the city I bought it in you think?

Tom 5 years ago

My follower had died, I knew where but when I try to get a new one she/he says I need to dismiss him? Any ideas on how to get a new one thanks!!

bruce 5 years ago

Before I did the goldenglow estate quest for the quest for the thieves

guild I dismissed fae

bruce 5 years ago

Sorry, anyway I dissmissed faendal from the golden glow estate for the thieves guild quest. And when I went back to rivereood to find him he wasn't there. Please help me I r the sadz without Fanny (faendal)

Y u no read this 5 years ago

release your follower then press the ~ below escape then click on your follower and type disable then enable and they should be up to your level and stats. All u have to do is rehire them :D

bruce 5 years ago

I have it for a console :

Finally 5 years ago

Recently found out that the reason it didn't let my companion follow my orders was because I changed the default controls.. Once I put them to where they was originally it worked ..

Lizard King 5 years ago

My dog Vigilance was at my house. I went back after a long quest and I saw Vigilance walking out of the city. When I pressed "talk" he ignored me. Now, I can't find him. What do I do?

kaki 5 years ago

i told my folower to wait at a empire camp for the reunification of skyrim quest but when i finished taking the fort the camp was not on map how can i find him

Kathy 5 years ago

How do I get Lydia to drop the inventory she is carring?


Fz 5 years ago

Take all of their weapons but their bow

Suggestion 5 years ago

I think if you have the ability to own more than one horse in Skyrim they should create an order that will allow your follower to use that extra horse and therfore keep up with you once you're mounted.

Rebecca 5 years ago

i was heading somewhere with delphine and on the way were attacked by a dragon and i lost her :\.. she didn't get killed because she wasn't near the dragon nd i killed it, ive Looked for her around the area she was, waited , went back to where mission started but shes not anywhere :\ .. any ideas?

sadface ): 5 years ago

Lydia died can i get her back

wondering? 5 years ago

can you teach ur followers magic or have your follower read spell tomes?

bruce 5 years ago


beast 5 years ago

i gave lydia a bunch of stuff like staff of sparks . i got a brother shield thing with the companions quest and lydia went to dragons reach how to i get my staff back

she says "i already someone with me"

Austin 5 years ago

Ok here's my question if you dismiss illia can you get her back if so were...... Also if I denied j'zargos initial request to help him will I be able to do it later I really want him as a follower

Austin 5 years ago

Ok here's my question if you dismiss illia can you get her back if so were...... Also if I denied j'zargos initial request to help him will I be able to do it later I really want him as a follower

vixx 5 years ago

Has anyone else experienced a lock on the controller to command state (PS3) I can't change it, opened a new file, quit and reloaded, changed controllers, it's stuck. I can't even pick up stuff or loot bandits without it asking Lydia to, (and she wont! :( ) ...anyone else get this? I want my crosshairs back, and my independance!

Kahleesi 5 years ago

Does anyone else feel bad for their followers? Or horses for that matter...I get my followers all kinds of killed and they just keep on following me, come hell or high-water. I tried to buy poor Lydia a horse cause that chick beasts some mages for me but poor thing can't even ride it :( And my poor horses :(( Why do they have to be so brave!? NO you can't take on that Frost Troll by urself-silly horse...why can't you just run away like in real life!? I'll come find you-I promise :)

Kathy 5 years ago

New to Elder Scrolls.

What keys do you use to see your followers inventory and have them drop it. I am having no luck in finding the answer to this.


cookiemonster456 5 years ago

if you told your follower to wait and u forget where told to will they ever leave the spot

bigdogerik 5 years ago

im having the same problem i think i told my follower to stay and i don't know where i toold her to stay

Z-Moo-cow 5 years ago

I did the Eldergleam quest where you have to get sap from a tree using a weapon called 'Nettlebane'. On that quest, you can get an NPC called Maurice to follow you to Eldergleam from the same place you receive the quest (though you don't have to take him).

During the quest I passed a bandit hideout, 'Valheilm towers', and in my efforts to wipe them out Maurice, of his own accord, went ahead of me and was killed by one of them (I never hit him, he just died). Initially, I didn't mind that much because he was useless, annoying and made condemning comments on me 'cause I was a girl. -_-

But since then I tried to get other people to follow me and they say "looks like you've already got someone following you". Maurice is dead! I know this because I stood over his corpse for 5 minutes hacking at him with my sword 'cause I was bored and didn't like him.

How can I dismiss him from my service when he's dead? I've waited 3 days real-time. D:

TL:DR - follower died in bandit attack (not by me), is still said to be following me (as no others will join me), help?

spcballs 5 years ago

ok i went to whiterun to pay a fine for a stolen horse after i paid the fine i can't find my follwer i have waited 4 days in the same spot and no follower

Tank 5 years ago

Hey iwas doing the quest for gallus journal and I told Lydia to wait outside one of the doors in the laboratory but when I went back to get her she was gone not dead just missing went back to whiterun and waited no Lydia and I don't have a house any thoughts

guest 5 years ago

i have a quick question if you command your follower/companion to read the "oghma infinium" book does your follower/companions skills increase? like if u were to read it?

i hate followers 5 years ago

I fast traveled to the mage college and then went into town. Lydia just disapeared. I've waited 6 days in dragonreach but shes won't come. help please.

TME 5 years ago

I was going to meet up with Delphine and when I got there she started to attack me. I've tried to go back a bunch of times, but she really hates me or something.

Does anyone know how to get her to stop killing me?

BTW: This is outside Solitude on the Diplomatic Immunity quest.

Pride134 5 years ago

It was me and my dog an I went to steel armor from the spell school the wizard killed but I got them back I was a werewolf it was blood everywhere I was sooo mad I spent 500 gold for it an Thayer just just going to kill it I killed everybody in the school and the valley now I'm the king my name is pride124 an get at me

Bill 5 years ago

Can someone help me i tried the glitch where you get two followers and it ended up with one following me and on that acted as if he was following me but he was walking back to where he came from now if i try to hire him again he says what do you need and gets his weapon out if i get mine out like a usual follower how do i hire him???

Balgruff The Greater 5 years ago

As some people are saying followers level with you, your wrong. my level 36 breton has Farkas with him, and he kneels from damage after two hits... wtf? He is wearing entire ebony armor with a glass warhammer...

Robstar 5 years ago

Hi all.

I had J'zargo follow me, he died.

Now when I try to get a new follower they say

'seems like you already have someone'.

If they opened their eyes they could see that wasn't the case because Jzargo body is at the same place i left him.

Has anyone experienced this and/or found a solution?

cheezitscrust69 5 years ago


i have the same problem, only i accidentally killed arthis in a quest in labyrinthian and he wont respawn. No one will become my follower because apparently i have "someone" with me. I can't finish one of the daedric quests because of this and it is irritating, can some one help me and many others out?

Truston 5 years ago

It's a fact that only you as the player can kill your follower, in game characters can not kill your follower no matter how powerful they are

 5 years ago


For everybody who lost there companion or never even got one and when they tried to get 1 it said that sombody was already with them, i know why! I haven't figured out how to stop it maby by killing it i just figured it out seconds ago, if u got on a horce without a saddle, every time i fast travle it will go with u! I am pretty sure that it is what they mean by companion!!!!!!!! I hope this helped!!! Ya i just killed my horce and it worked!!!:)):):):)

Richardblade 5 years ago

Cast the ice form shout on your follower, if it doesn't want to follow you down a cliff, they will turn into an icecube and gravity will do the rest, and volia your follower thaws out at the bottom of the cliff, ready to journey onwards.

cheezitscrust69 5 years ago

anyone know about a patch being released or does bestheda even release patches? sometimes this game has SO many bugs I wonder if they even tested it before they sold it to us... its an amazing game but the bugs are so annoying! you should be able to replace your current follower without telling him to "part ways" and now there is no cure to this problem. why bestheda why?

jharm002 5 years ago

I have the same question as the original post on this forum...I had Janessa and I completed a companion quest that automatically put Aela with me for the mission (Werewolf mission), but I finished all that and Janessa is gone. I don't specifically need her but she has a lot of my stuff...any thoughts? I already checked back at Drunken Huntsman

lenny 5 years ago

can i tell my folower to git on my hourse

fisherman2010 5 years ago

I was using Farkas always did but i have a HUGE problem im way to far into the game to restart and am past the mission i was doing a dark brotherhood quest and forgot Farkas was with me and i killed the goermet in cold blood and after Farkas started to attack me so I talked to him to make him stop and he did but now hes fallowing me and keeps pulling up the dialog and I tried to leave and it said the gaurds where after me please help Farkas is the only person i will use btw im on a PS3

Austin 5 years ago

How do I get my follower to use the "pillar of sacrifice" for the quest "boethiahs calling"

Alicia 5 years ago

Does Lydia always go to the hall of dead in Whiterun when she dies, cause i lost her and iv tried EVERYTHING, house, Companions quest, looking in the last place, dungeons in every place i went to, hall of dead in the last place i was with her, drangonsearch. please help me i left stuff with her that i believe i needed in quests, and TONS of expensive stuff. Thank You for any help

Chauncy77 5 years ago

First of all companions can and do die by enemy's, at least n Xbox version, get over it. Get another, if u can't by glitch, then I do feel for you. Skrim is so advanced it's full of bugs, and yes Bethesda knows, and is working on patch's, and multiple DLC's

Gabe 5 years ago

So, If this thread is still open, I had a Dark Bortherhood Iniate as a follower, And I gave her some really important items to carry, And she had some pretty valuable armor and the like, And one minute she has it, And the next she doesn't, And there is NOTHING in her inventory. What happened?

Brunac 5 years ago

hey if anyone could please help. i have a dark broterhood initiate as a follower and i gave her my ancient shrouded armour and later on when i wanted to take it back it wasn't there. is there some kind of command that can force her to give it back or something?

Matthew 5 years ago

So, I need a follower to do this mission, but when I go to hire someone, the person says I already have someone following me. But I never hired a follower. Any solutions?

Angel 4 years ago

My follower is lost somewhere she/he is not dead just missing I don't know where they are but if I don't find them Im going to lose it I need help PLEASE. :/

Brunnun 4 years ago

I asked lydia to wait and forgot where she was. Now I can't find her and can't get another companion. What do I do?

zoocrue 4 years ago

hi i had marcuio and i noticed he was not fallowing me. i can hire another one too fallow me. so does that mean hes dead? and if he is where does the items i gave him go? are they lost? and has anyone found a way around "the pursuit" quest glitch... i want to advance on it but the thief's guild is on alert..??

JoeBarbaro 4 years ago

Followers travel the whole way home after you dismiss correct? Because I recently recruited Darkeethus into the blades, and unlike others he returns home instead of staying there. I quick traveled to his original point and haven't seen him yet.

ecosimon profile image

ecosimon 4 years ago from United Kingdom

I like creating armor and weapons for my followers, and watch them wear it into battle. Makes them more valuable when they can last longer in the more tougher battles.

Robbie 4 years ago

I have a serious problem its nothing about followers. I may have done a stupid thing and hit someone on a mission and it autosaved. Now every time i die or reload a page hes there attacking me and i can't go further because i need him to finish the mission. What should i do?

Dovver99 4 years ago

Hey i have a question i gave a dragon preist mask to lydia then signed her up for the blades and when i checked her inventory it was gone

Dovver99 4 years ago

Oh and for anyone who wants to know a really easy way to level up smithing is just buy all the iron and leather strips from a blacksmith and make them into iron daggers it got me tons of expiriance

Theinnocentderp 4 years ago

If you go to jail does your follower abandon you?, or go to your house or something?

Leslie 4 years ago

I have a companion (Erandur) and I started a quest that forces someone else to come with me. I decided to take both of them into a few caves to get some points, if for nothing else to act as extra targets and it worked out great for a while. Now I'm doing the Glory of the Dead quest and so I've got three followers because Aela is here. But recently they started turning on each other and trying to kill each other. Any idea why? I feel like a parent trying to separate them all the time and I keep having to reload.

Leslie 4 years ago

I think I figured it out. Conjuring a Flame Atronach when they're in melee range causes them to catch on fire and then they get all disagreeable-like. Frikking ugh.

Leslie 4 years ago

OHMYGOD. Doing a mass shout will hurt them too and they turn. Basically I can't do anything. Having multiple followers = such a headache.

Leslie 4 years ago

Sorry, last post. So basically you can do what you want but when they turn on each other you have to run like hell. Either get far enough away they forget they were fighting or go through a door that gives you the load screen. Essentially, I'm running outside the cave after every room, but at least they're getting along (sorta).

daz 4 years ago

i got the follower disapears with all ur gear after companions quest -_-

james 4 years ago

the game wont let me get a follower because it says i already have one even though i have not had a follower in about 2 weeks where is the guy

Nicole 4 years ago

Can a follower ride a horse or ride with you?

Rafae 4 years ago

I started a new game the other day, and I can't recruit a follower. Even disabling all my mods, I cannot get a follower to join me. On this save I've never had one. The dialog options ('Follow me, I need your help' and 'Consider yourself hired') do not appear in conversation with ANY potential followers. Can someone help?

Mantronnix 4 years ago

I have the same problem as you do Rafae. It's driving me crazy. can't get any follower dialog to work. I can marry them but none have the follow me option.

Rafae 4 years ago

I've even tried reinstalling. Starting yet another new save to see if that sorts it.

Rafae 4 years ago

A new save did not fix the problem, and now my shield textures are gone. Great.

Blade 4 years ago

I tried to get my companion to mount it said mount under i need u to do something he pulled his hammer out and killed it then srated at the dark bro hood horce then was killed by gaurds for hiting thestable master

guy 4 years ago

my follower (lydia) died, and now when i try to get a new follower, it says i already have one... why is this?

me 4 years ago

I've got the same problem as Rafae and Mant. Got mods - got no followers. Anyone know what mod to get rid of - or need to restart.

Joel 4 years ago

I have Illia as a follower and in the beginning she was great using here frost spells and killing the enemy really fast and funny :P But now from nowhere she has started to use a bad fucking bow and a bad dagger instead of using here magic who was really good? Why has she started doing this and how do i make here start using magic again? Is it because i only use bow and dual wield weapons and she has started to copying me instead of using hear spells as before? Would be really glad to get an answer!

dudethatlikespie 4 years ago

"I Lost my follower! and now I can't get a new one because they keep saying i have another person with me!"...this is why i travel ALONE and fight ALONE in the game, well since im high leveled

GeCCo 4 years ago

I really need help. If I want to talk to my follower she attacks me. There is no reason for it , I'm not in battle or took a shot at her. She just attacks me , then I need to kill her , obviously , but when I get back to Whiteburn the guards attacks me.

I just want to talk to her...

coy 4 years ago

I went to get lydia and she says you already have someone with you but i haven't someone..any solutions?..badly needed please :(

Jay 4 years ago

Just so everyone knows, followers can die. Fairly easily, when their health drops low, they tebow but they will usually not do that twice. If the enemy keeps attacking them they will die. Unless you have a follower from the assasins guild after you become the leader. The two available followers will not die even if you try and kill them.

Noor-elena 4 years ago

It seems that i'm having the same problem as many others- no one will follow me and i am desperate for help. It all happened when i was sent on a mission to cure varkas of his werewolfness (this is after that big mission to cure that old guy of it with the witch heads) so i accepted the mission and varkas became my follower and i left the companions hq and if wasn't with me. So i went back inside to retrieve him and he wouldn't come. And then i tried going to the cave where the ritual takes place and he still wasn't there. So i reloaded the game and tried again and still he was no where to be seen and then the mission for some crazy season became inactive - and it didn't say it was completed. Since then i can't have a follower. I've tried to get varkas to do it since all this trouble started with him! And no he won't follow me and neither will anyone else. It's just me and my really cool horse shadow-something now but i miss having a human follower. Someone please help! I'm to far into to game to do it again. Thanks!

Simon 4 years ago

I have a problem that when i meat lydia and i never had her she says i already have follower and i never had one any ideas. and i also asked other ones and they said the same. plz help:)

tommy 4 years ago

I accidentally killed one of my followers in battle while swinging at a creature it grabbed my follower and cut his head off so i just left him and went on. Now he is following me around and he is headless and I can't interact with him so i can not dismiss him. Now I have a level 46 character that I can not use because I can't get rid of him to get the vampire girl to follow me in the new Dawnguard. Is there anything I can do other than just stat another character I have reloaded killed him again and he still shows up, I have tried everything can anyone help?

David 470 profile image

David 470 4 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author


Are you saying that the vampire girl (serana) from the dawnguard DLC will not follow you because it says u already have a follower?

Because in my game she followed me even though I already had a follower. That's strange to hear. Not sure if my game was glitched or your game was.

Once I stopped talking to her in that Dimhallow crypt she followed me (disregarding my current follower) and I took her to the castle.

krynn 4 years ago

Lots of good posts but my lydia got killed by enemies not me

TY 3 years ago

Not a single one of my followers will listen to a command. I press the circle button on the desired target and the command reticule disappears, without anything else happening. The entire "commanding followers" aspect of my game is missing, preventing me from completing several quests, including Boethiahs calling. Did Bethesda forget to write a fee Megs of code? I'm furious.

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