Vertical Redstone Minecraft Mod

This mod by DJoslin allows you to place redstone wiring vertically up walls. In the default game you can only run redstone wiring upwards if you use a stepping pattern, basically running the redstone up a series of stairs. Or alternatively, you can send a redstone signal up and down in a straight column by using a series of redstone torches. Obviously this is wildly impractical for most purposes. The vertical redstone mod allows you to place redstone wiring on vertical surfaces if the following conditions are met:

  • The redstone wiring needs to be placed on a flat wall. If there are blocks next to it, it won't work. This means you can't create 'channels' for your redstone wiring to run up.

  • Redstone wiring can only run vertically. It will not go horizontally.

  • There can be only one, only one redstone wire running vertically that is. If you want to place other redstone wires vertically, there needs to be significant space between them and the other redstone wiring.

Uses For Vertical Redstone

The first, and most obvious use for vertical redstone is in making more compact redstone circuits. If you had to run redstone say, five blocks uphill in the past, you also had to run it five blocks long to provide the necessary steps. (Or fashion a series of torches with a built in delay.) Now you can just run the redstone right up where it stands. Redstone can be used to power doors, set off traps for other players, open secret areas, retract bridges and so much more. Now you can starting thinking vertically with your Minecraft creations in a way you never could before.

How To Install The Vertical Redstone Mod

Vertical redstone is a minecraft mod that requires Mod Loader. Mod Loader is an API that helps different mods work together and controls the way mods interact with the game. If you intend on modding at all, you'll need to become familiar with Mod Loader.

Installation is fairly simple. Just download Mod Loader and the Vertical Redstone mod, then access your minecraft.jar, which can be found by pressing Windows + R, opening the .minecraft folder you find there, then opening the bin file and finally using WinZip or WinRAR or a similar program to open your minecraft.jar. Place the files from Mod Loader and the Vertical Redstone mod into the minecraft.jar and close it.

If all that seemed like gibberish to you, check out this guide for newbie minecraft modders.

Download DJoslin's Vertical Redstone Minecraft Mod

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