DOTA Soul Keeper guide (item strategy)

Short version

  • Try not to only buy DOTA items that are generally useful while you're in demon ranged form.
  • The same goes for melee effects like Vladimir's & Basher.
  • Something you can use to quickly kill off someone after using Sunder might be tempting, but it's not always a good idea. It's risky enough playing with low health like that, let alone creating your item build around it.

His story

Terrorblade is the twin brother of the Anti-Mage. Both of Night Elf descent, Terrorblade was drawn in by the powers of the Undead, plunging deeper into the abyss of no return, growing large, gargoyle-like wings to symbolize his breaking from the Night Elf community. Having mastered the art of image-creation and soul manipulation, the Soulkeeper has the ability to transform into a fearsome and terrifying demonic form. Large moonblades slashing, Terrorblade is one to fear meeting on the battlefield.

Illidan was the Soul Keeper inspiration
Illidan was the Soul Keeper inspiration

Soul Keeper's Backpack

First time playing this character and not sure what to do? Check out the DOTA Terrorblade guide here for a general idea.

Here's my thoughts on many of your possible item selections:

  • Dagon: A popular choice, but rarely a good one. Sure, the Soul Keeper could use a high damage nuke, but it's extremely expensive. Chances are you'll only find it useful (or be saving it in hopes ...) to last hit after sundering. This is never a problem if you use Terrorblade's skill carefully or during group fights instead with disablers.
  • Eye of Skadi: Adds a slowing effect. Useful? Sometimes, but generally only if you're playing in easy mode DOTA.
  • Maelstrom & Desolator: These are both decent orb effect choices, and useful no matter what form you're in. I personally prefer the maelstrom as a teammate usually buys deso.
  • Lifesteal in any form: You don't want this for the soul keeper! Not at all. You want to get hurt for your ultimate to be useful.
  • Shiva's Guard: I don't see this item on him often, but it works quite well. The frost nova effect is a wonderful followup to using Terrorblade's Sunder. You should be able to chase after any DOTA hero and get the kill during the next 4 seconds if you had low enough health.
  • Linken: You don't want to get disabled when you're running in to Sunder someone. Enough said. BKB is another possible choice if there are a lot of nukers, however... think about it and you'll understand the problem unless it's fixed in a later version of DOTA.
  • Monkey King Bar or Buriza: Solid DPS items. One of either is fantastic.
  • Butterfly: A fantastic item for most heroes, however the evasion is a bit tricky. Do you want to get hit as Terrorblade? If so, skip this one. But, if you're using him as the typical agility carry DOTA hero, might as well go all out.

What do you buy? 15 comments

Immortals !! 5 years ago

My Item's Are

- Power Threads

- Sange And Yasha

- Difusal Blade (Level 2)

- Manta Style

- Butterfly

- Heart Of tarrasque :D It Works ! :D

kim jan 5 years ago






this wont work!!!!!!!

killer1o1 5 years ago

. you think that a meta range soulkeeper will lifesteal from vladimirs ? . cant you read ? . vladimirs only lifesteal MELEE !!! .. you can only use lifesteal items like dominator of satanic later .. but not vladimimirs



san 5 years ago

all iron branch until the game will END

Vishal.devil 5 years ago

ultimate and dagon

perfect combo

thn butterfly


eye of skadi

Soppengboy 6 years ago

My Terror Blade items :

- Power Thread

- Sange & Yasha (core !!)

- The Butterfly

- Buriza Do Kyanon

- (depend on the game)

- (depend on the game)

Try this, I sure you won't be regret ^^

t-blade 6 years ago

mine is

power treads(agi)

3 wrwaith bands


if the game goes long i put skadi

lol 6 years ago

dagon is interesting

profile image

bluejalani 6 years ago

Good but no one impress a good one becauase THATS A SOCCCCCCCCRE

illidan stormrage 6 years ago

wraith brand

phase boot


lorthar edge

diffusal blade


Abdane 6 years ago

1. Vladmir

2. butterfly

3. buriza

4. linken(if ur enemy was a nuker or aa disabler, dont buy it against troll or syllabear for example)



charels 7 years ago

my own buil is great this is it:

-Treads/Phase Boots


-Double Butterfly


-Buriza de Kyunoon

hey this really works! shit

Terrorme 7 years ago

nawb, id get Skadi S&Y Butterfly BoT Basher and another butterfly, if u want imba dmg, and never die, get divine

cs 7 years ago

ya,it will help but need long time to buy it......manta-36mana burn one hit

emoz 7 years ago

good stuff but will manta style help?

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