Dead Island Orange Skull Location: Developers no.1 Craft

Dead Island has secret colored skulls hidden throughout the game. By finding these skulls and taking them to their individual drop off points will grant you special weapon mods. The developers mods are the best in the game, but are quite expensive to create.

Dead Island Orange Skull Location

The orange skull is located underneath one of the stair cases in the supermarket. You will get to the supermarket by doing the main quest missions in the "city of moresby." This mission is Act 2 of the game. You will need to complete the beach resort missions (act 1) first.

( The orange skull should be in a shopping cart. )


Now that you have the orange skull, you will need to drop it off to get the developers no.1 craft weapon mod. The drop off point is located in a large room in the sewers. There will be a floater zombie and regular zombies laying in the water.

On the side, is a ladder that you will need to climb. Once at the top, look for a door nearby. Enter that room and look for an arrow that is pointing down to a pile of skulls. Place the orange skull on top of the pile of skulls. You will be rewarded with the Developers no.1 craft weapons mod.

The mod creates a special electrified knife. It costs 10,000 dollars, 5 diamonds, and 1 battery to create.

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Wayne 5 years ago

So I went all that trouble to get me that blade and it prowed to be total waste of time and money. Dont make this weapon. Its crap. And on top of that its wickedly expensive to repair

Sam 5 years ago

Its true, complete waste of time and money. the knife degrades very quickly and it is very crap. big let down.

Jebediah 5 years ago

Ever try throwing the knife? It criticals a lot, and every critical will keep shocking the zombie until it's dead, even if it's a thug or ram

Jebediah_is_right 5 years ago

Its a throwing knife for sure. Threw it at a ram once from above, killed him with shocks.

Jaha 5 years ago

Logan is the best with the developer knives

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