EldPack, Old School RPG Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

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If you're an old school gamer, then you're probably not too bothered by Minecraft's default graphics, at least, not because they're not good enough. If anything, Minecraft's default texture pack is too newfangled and bright for you. You miss the days when 'brown' was a valid palette for developing a game. You miss the days when 'shading' meant chunky pixels placed just right.

Fans of an older, more genteel gaming style are going to fall in love with EldPack, a Minecraft texture pack that puts one firmly back in the 80's, when gaming was good and somebody else paid the rent. (Seriously, I don't know if we'd have all been so jazzed about the prospect of growing up if someone had mentioned that 'rent' thing a few times.)

In spite of being 'old' in style, EldPack has made some significant improvements on the base texture pack. The inventory screen in particular seems much more clear and streamlined, almost steampunk in its execution.

Environmental changes are fairly subtle with EldPack, mostly the graphics appear smoother, more friendly. The greatest difference in EldPack to my mind comes in the building blocks, where a great deal of work has made blocks like cobblestone and even sandstone more visually appealing.

Tools have been re-skinned, which might take a little bit of getting used to, especially as some of them have slightly different shapes than the ones in the default texture pack. It took me a moment or two to make sure that I wasn't hacking away at cobblestone with an axe, for instance.

The entire pack has a distinctly Mideval feel to it, and nowhere does this show more than in the armor skins. Gold armor will see you wearing a crown, as if you are a king, iron armor will have you dressed as a valiant knight and leather armor makes you look like a plucky peasant setting off on his or her journey of destiny. Diamond makes you some form of uber warrior, perhaps a villain, perhaps a supernatural beast. You decide.

EldPack isn't going to be your friend if you don't like a brown, earthy feel to your game, and it's not going to be your friend if you don't have a healthy nostalgic yearning for 80's games. However let's face it, most Minecrafters would be wearing hot pink legwarmers if they could get away with it. You're gunna love this pack.

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