"Escape The Speeding Car" Walkthrough and Game

The following is a walkthrough for "Escape the Speeding Car", the new online escape game from addicting games.

Escape the Speeding Car is a new escape point and click adventure from addicting games.com. The link to which can be found at the bottom of this page. Addicting games has thousands of online games to choose from. From escape games, to puzzle games, and even some action adventure online games. Addicting games is definitely a good spot to play some of your favorite online games.

--Point and Click Games--

In Point and Click style action games, your goal is to find different objects and buttons hidden in the environment. You must use all objects you find in the correct manner to accomplish your mission.


In this online game, you are basically someone who is stuck in a car moving at a very high rate of speed. You must use all of your surroundings and know-how to figure out how to escape from this speeding deathtrap.

This game begins in the middle of the action. Your car won't stop accelerating, your on a busy highway, and your freaking out. What do you DO???? Point and click your way to safety.


There are two meters to be concerned with:

The Speed/Crash meter and the Fire/Not Gonna' Crash meter

Speed/Crash Meter: Green meter in bottom left corner.Tells you how fast you're going compared to the maximum speed you can go before crashing to your doom. Try not to let this speed get very high.

Fire/Not Gonna' Crash: Red meter in bottom right corner. Lets you know how long you have before your brakes get so hot that they catch on fire. Also results in crashing to your doom.

--Objects and Buttons--

Like all point and click games, you must find the objects and buttons. And this can sometimes get aggrivating.

Horn: The horn in the middle of the steering wheel doesn't nothing short of the obvious

Buttons Under GPS: The buttons under the GPS are used to change the radio station. If you would like to listen to music to calm yourself during this horrific event, they have four different stations to choose from.

CD player: If you are more of a, keep calm under pressure, person you can press the green part of the CD player to turn the music off.

Steering wheel:The actual steering wheel however has a few functions. You can press the radio volume up and volume down buttons to the left of the horn(which is pointless). And you can turn to the left and right by clicking the appropriate side of the wheel. The steering wheel is used to avoid cars and other things that may obstruct your path.

Gear Shift: Press the gear shift to put the car in neural. You must do it at the right time though or you will blow up your engine.

Car Power Switch: The car is used to cut the car off after you have reached the proper speed. Push this too early and you will be front page news.

Brakes: These are located in the normal position of a regular vehicles brakes. Middle pedal on the floor for those of you who do not drive. This device will, as suspected, prove critical in completing this game.

Emergency Brakes: Your emergency brake is located to the left of the normal brakes. If you engage this right away, your car will definitely wreck.

Glove Compartment: You are able to open the glove compartment inside of which you will find a hammer and a car manual. Ignore the manual, as you have made it this far, and save the hammer for later.

--Game Walkthrough--

#1) The first thing you want to doin this point and click adventrue game is press the horn, just kidding, engage the regular brake pedal. Keep an eye on your speed/crash meter and fire/not gunna' crash meter. A car comes up in the road pretty early on, swerve left or right to dodge it.

#2) When your speed meter drops to just above the dark green zone at the bottom of the meter, press the gear shift to place your car in neutral.

#3) Continue to avoid oncoming traffic and keep applying your breaks for another few seconds. Now, you should be ready to press the emergency brake.

#4) After pressing it keep your eyes open because a cow comes up fast. Use the steering wheel to swerve past him. You may need to swerve back and forth to get around the cow.

#5) Your car should now come to a stop but may, or may not be, starting to catch on fire. You need to disengage the engine by pressing the engine off switch.

#6)This is where the hammer comes into play. With the car at a complete stop, open the glove box and drag the hammer to the windshield to smash it.

#7) There should now be a large enough hole in your windshied to climb to safety. Click the windshield to finish the game.

For this point and click adventure and other great, simple flash and java online games check out the hub below!

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how do you beat lol cat escape?

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get the canopener and open the tuna

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