Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Expense

So the new update is out for this game which keeps our interest going a little further but have you ever stopped and wondered how the people at the top of the leader-board actually got there,for instance when i first start building my team and the game is relatively new i can trade on the market and make maybe 500,000 coins in the first 4-6 weeks which is usually enough to buy me a half sensible team but then there is always a market crash and buying and selling players becomes an increasingly hard thing to do,and if I'm going to struggle then so will you.Well most of us when we cant make any more profit will buy a couple of packs which helps but i was looking at the leader-board the other day and wondering how the people at the top ended up with 300,000,000 valued squads and it is this simple they do not get rid of any players,and if you think about it the average pack contains 3-4 players and to have a club worth that money they must have close to 2000 players which means they must have gone through at least 500 packs!!! How much money did that cost,because most people believe it or not would rather spend real cash on packs then use their coins.

How Much?

How Much Real Money Have You Spent On Packs

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Shocking Poll results

So as you can see from the quite shocking poll results above, 9 percent of the peoplle who voted have spent more than £500 on buying packs, This is nearly 35 people, that is a crazy amount of money, I myself have probably spent around £150 but over the course of the last three games, This just proves my packs are addictive theory!.

Whats Best To Buy

What pack do i buy that is the best value for money while giving me the best chance of getting a good player or two,well that's the million dollar question right there isn't it?From personal experience i would have to say that your best chance of getting a good player is from the player packs that come along every now and then,12 players with 3 rare.But they are priced at 280 Microsoft points or 25,000 coins which is a hell of a lot in my on reflection the best value for money would be the premium gold packs at 7500 coins or 120 Microsoft points,I have had good players in both but considering you have to pay 3 times the amount of coins and points to obtain it there is not 3 times the chance of getting a good player,i would say only 1 and a half times the chance,so Premium pack all the way.

Packs Are Addictive

Yes packs are addictive and yes they are great fun opening and there is nothing quite like opening up a pack and finding a 85 or 96 rated player in there but it doesn't happen often enough for my liking,if you are going to spend real money on packs you are better off going to eBay and buying 100,000 coins for like £5 then you are spending £8.50 on 1000 points only to waste them on like 7 packs,yes you might get Xavi but if you brought the coins you could buy Xavi and Milito.So try and think and slow down before you reach for the controller and purchase more points.

Fifa 12 Ultimate Team

With the new release probably not happening till November i have decided that i shall be saving up some money,just £10 a month or so until then so that when it is released i will have say £90-100 and i will blow the lot on packs and then after that I'm done,All the rest will have to come from trading no matter how bad the market gets.So what will you will be doing and have you gone the entire ultimate team series without spending a dime of your own money.

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bill123 profile image

bill123 5 years ago from UK

you need a "none" option on your vote, i haven't spent any money on it.

gesoweso profile image

gesoweso 5 years ago from Los Angeles

thats a good idea ima save up some money to use n be done with it for the rest of the game.

lukeyboy112233 5 years ago

u nailed it all on the head war child i love opening packs and getting points and my gr8 pack came from a premium gold player pack gr8 hub

DazzoMan 5 years ago

how do people actually sell you coins? and why are they all like paperclip + 105k coins or stamp + 105k?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 5 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@dazzoman,simple u pay via paypal and then put up a bronze player and they buy him for the amount of coins u just brought,as for the paperclip i have no idea,prob ebays rules state u actually have to sell physical stuff!!

lukeyboy112233 5 years ago

um the leaderboards should be updated for example club value still is confusing i had like 45 players in my club and yet my value was like 10mil ????

FUTAddict 5 years ago

I don't want to sound like a d*ck, and I could afford it... but £0

I think it's kinda sad and I would never spend any money on it, especially not £500+!

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 5 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@FUTaddict hey u dont sound like a dick,some people just like buying packs.i usually put aside say £50 to spend on packs when it is first released but to be honest that went out the window this year

dondaddym 5 years ago

@futaddict i know what your saying a few of my friends have spent nothing but then i know a few people who have spent over a few hundred i personally thought i would only spend £10 but its addictive i dont know your age group but when i was young we had pokemon cards its the same kinda feeling opening up a pack hoping you get this card.kinda like pogs to lol.

@lukeyboy i am confused how it works with the value as my team is att 89 mid 87 def 86 and my value is 4mill.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 5 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@dondaddym i do vaguely rememeber pokomon and pog cards but i was a rampaging teenager getting drunk at that point im afraid.If ur wondering how the value works it is your entire club,so with a value of 4 mil i would guess you discard everyone who isnt in ur first team,i keep everyone and have 146 players which is why my value is around 16million

dondaddym 5 years ago

i was a primary it was huge lol now i understand now on the top squad mine is 187 but i have no reserves and 2 bronze in the sub does the reserves affect how high tht goes. also i can get 6000 mp for around 5 quid

Cribbage 5 years ago

Thanks, for the idea.

ultimate team 5 years ago

@warchild75 on ultimate team i have a prem team and i dont know who to have upfornt alongside tevez :either TORRES or UPG SUAREZ im not bothered about the price just who will be the best.

WiiGoCrazy 5 years ago

Ive spent probbably £150 on packs, to no avail. My mate opens his first pack to an in form ronaldo and an in form ozil. I've never had an inform player and my cash has never hit over 150k.

I only want puyol and xavi and maybe messi :(

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 5 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

I have xavi and messi for ya you just need to give me a load of players or a big bag load of coins!!!lol

lukeyboy112233 5 years ago

yhhh got if adam man and sum duffus offred me kaka and casillas like thtas 90k and he like now worth 40k hahaha my best ever trade offer

Saph 5 years ago

On my first ultimate team pack that I bought on FIFA 10 I got 92 David villa then 2weeks later opened another few and got 89 torres the that same night at 12:20 i got kaka

CKKoletzki22 5 years ago

Really good hub warchild :) i read all your UT hubs and you give really good advice. keep the UT hubs coming! and from my experience opening packs is absolute rubbish! i have spent about £20 cash and 100,000 coins and the best player i have ever got is Essien(Chelsea) who i sold for 25,000

Chris 5 years ago

I've spent £20 and the best player i ever got was a 84 Ashley cole

JoelSoccer 5 years ago

I bought 1600 Microsoft points and used them all on packs. They were the packs with only players and that "have a greater chance of getting a inform player". I got crap players. I sold or discarded all of them and i got like 15K coins. I bought a IF Rakitic which is amazing. He has almost Xavi stats and only got him for 7K BIN. Also got a Aguero for 6K BIN. I am probably not going to sell them cause they are pretty good.

Mr Tandy 5 years ago

Not spent too much but it annoys me cos all my friends get sjneiders forlans in packs I get 0 gud players all subs plus anybody selling robben ribery panic(lb)only gud Bundesliga lb or any other bargain Bundesliga players

JoelSoccer 5 years ago

Hey Warchild, dont you think it would be a good idea to have negative creativity. I have been watching the Spanish classico and man do they hate each other.For example if you put a Barcelona player by a Real Madrid player your chemistry would go down. Also Tottenham and Arsenal and so on. Wouldnt this be a good idea for FUT 12/

Breonx 5 years ago

Ive bought 1 pack using microsoft points which was the like 25 cards 1 and got Anelka, the best ever from a pack I got was Julio Cesar. My club value is 18 million but my trade profit is 860k with 100k in match earnings :P

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 5 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@joelsoccer yes that is a good idea

@breonx my club value was around the 60 million mark but has plumetted as i sold my best players,also sold them for less than i paid as it was months later so my trading is in the minus figures :( i was top when the update came out with 2.4million trade profit!!! doh!!

JJT 5 years ago

Do you think that having a prem team but with some liga bbva players makes the team play worse or anything?

The 5 years ago

Where do you see your club value? I got som player that i have made CDM from but when i make a substitute it says that he is still CM, why?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 5 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

Club value is in the same place as trading profit and team rating and the rest of ur stats.

JoelSoccer 5 years ago

I really hope EA does something about injuries in Fifa 12 Ultimate Team. I get 1 or 2 players injured every game. I have to spend so much money on healing cards. Its not realistic that a player gets injured every game

Ghk 5 years ago

The game was a lot better when it came out. Now there is just those players how cost 100k and those who cost 1-10k . I just cant any more make profit ....

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 5 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@joelsoccer that sounds like you have just been unlucky m8

@Ghk profit is usually a thing of the past after 6 motnhs or so!!!

H119 5 years ago

Hi, nice hub! I think the internet app i awesome, but do you think it whoud work if they make a app for the iphones and ipads, like where you can trade and uppgrade your squad?

someone 5 years ago

is there coming out an other hub soon ?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 5 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@someone you are hte first person to mention it but im afraid until fifa 12 is verging the horizon there will not be another one, so maybe in around 2-3 months then yes!

Quackers 5 years ago

This is my team, took my a while to make as i made it when prices were still high, i haven't spent a penny on packs or coins.

JoelSoccer 5 years ago

This is my team

I sold all my teams and made this one. Waiting to see if a Inform Barrera comes out since he was amazing in the gold cup. Also wish Juarez(from Celtic) was in FUT since there aren't any good mexican RB's and he is the starter in the national team

andrew 5 years ago

how about an inform nani for a david villa and a xavi... lol i got it in a pack and i got offered a giggs and 10k for it

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