Free Webkinz Guide - Find Charms in the Charm Forest

Now that you know your way around the Magical Charm Forest, and you know the rewards just waiting to be claimed, the only thing left to know is where to find those virtual charms you've been seeking! Opposite to the methods of gem hunting at the Curio Shop, the trick in the Charm Forest is to know where not to look. Increase your chances of finding the charms you need to complete your collection by following this guide!

What You're Looking For

First, let's take a look at what we're working with.

There are four paths in the Charm Forest:

~*~The Blinking Eye Path~*~

~*~The Rainbow Arch Path~*~

~* ~The Fairy Fountain Path~*~

~* ~The Glinting Pink Path~*~

There are eight sets (or rows) of virtual charms:

Cosmic Charms (Row 1)

  • moon, sun, star, comet, planet

Sea Life Charms (Row 2)

  • shell, seahorse, octopus, crab, jellyfish

Fruity Charms (Row 3)

  • strawberry, lemon, grapes, watermelon, cherries

Music Charms (Row 4)

  • treble clef, horn, double note, single note, drum

Sailing Charms (Row 5)

  • crossed paddles, sailboat, lighthouse, anchor, buoy

Sweet Charms (Row 6)

  • cupcake, sundae, frozen treat, gingerbread, ice cream

Magic Charms (Row 7)

  • wizard hat, genie lamp, crystal ball, top hat, wand

Weather Charms (Row 8)

  • weather vane, tornado, lightening cloud, snowflake, umbrella

Where to Look

Now, it's time to go charm hunting!

Look on any path EXCEPT:

  • The Fairy Fountain Path
  • The Rainbow Arch Path
  • The Rainbow Arch Path
  • The Blinking Eye Path
  • The Glinting Pink Path
  • The Fairy Fountain Path
  • The Glinting Pink Path
  • The Blinking Eye Path

If you're looking for:

  • Cosmic Charms (Row 1)
  • Sea Life Charms (Row 2)
  • Fruity Charms (Row 3)
  • Music Charms (Row 4)
  • Sailing Charms (Row 5)
  • Sweet Charms (Row 6)
  • Magic Charms (Row 7)
  • Weather Charms (Row 8)

What You Get

The prizes for unlocking a complete row of forest charms can be found here. Once you unlock all 40, you will earn the super exclusive Charm Forest Tiara!

But you don't need to wait until your collection is complete to enjoy the magic of the Charm Forest! No matter how large or small your collection is, your pet can wear up to 3 virtual charms at a time. So start your collection today! You only need one charm code to begin your search. Eight charm codes, and the entire forest is yours! Every 6 hours, the paths are open to you. As Arte (the owner of the Curio Shop) always says, happy hunting!

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hesa 4 years ago

THis is da best

bob 5 years ago

hi i like webkinz its osum

kalliecool123 5 years ago

please some one send me charm tiara on webkinz my user name in kalliechristina add me as a frind and send me charm tiara or anything else that is very good please:)

lolhehelol 6 years ago

here everyone i own every charm,rare bed, and exclusive items and have almost every webkinz, My user name is kityloverhatesyou and my password is mylittlepony i have a code and will check up on my account regurally but take what you whant dont be greedy

budgie202 6 years ago


budgie202 ( i want the tiara soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!! ;( 6 years ago

Please... Will someone super nice PLEASE send me the beautiful charm tiara you get when you find 40 charms??? Please... Send it to me!!!! I want it soooo bad its so beautiful!!!! Send it to budgie202 my webkinz username!! Please please!!! thanks:)

webkinzlovah... 6 years ago

Hi, I need some codes that work

56451 6 years ago

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ggdgshsjhfh 8 years ago


liza 8 years ago

Your advice really helped. Tanks. :-]

haenc profile image

haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

ok who are u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u were being stupid on the other posts now ur here uuhhhhh. o and the jonas brothers arent gay. i think u mixed them up with urself. i have to bowling alley! but srry i wont give it away good luck finding one

None of you bisness 8 years ago

The Jonas brothers are GAY but chris brown is HOT and FINE

momofandipie 8 years ago

I would really love to have a bowling alley. Help me please!

haenc profile image

haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

y do ppl try to pretend 2 be other ppl its annoying

miley 8 years ago

i love nick jonas hes awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i everybody

8 years ago

kok woow da

Desi 8 years ago

all alone, all alone.......... :-) oh well

Desi 8 years ago

wow hello no one goes on here anymore

someone special 8 years ago

hey i am tay502 and i dont have any charms but i have webkinz whenever i want one my mom or dad says no.................... you can get one youll lose it and i says no ill put it on my key chain but no............... i cant get one i try to get one and my mom or dad says no helpp mee plezz i want one so bad but i cant get one i think im s.o.l right

webkinz123 8 years ago

can someone give me a webkinz charm forest code

agentbillee 8 years ago

My again I mean Helpful, LOL thanks

agentbillee 8 years ago

Hi Hey kimmis if you know where to find each charm you should post it on this site for all to share??? thanks, is site is very happyful keep it up dated Maddie, Thanks

zoey101 8 years ago

i neeb a webkinz cheat someone help me please

kimmie 8 years ago

hey guys... i know where to find each individual charm :-)

Lily 8 years ago

i have 1 charm too and all i have is one more charm and then i will have to get another one and this site is awesome for webkinz charm helping bye

Lauren 8 years ago


beagley2 8 years ago

Any tips on which faeries actually have charms?

Mar7000(my webkinz username add it and tell me yours too though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 years ago

Yea can you tell me where EACH INDIVIDUAL charm is ??????? plz??????????!!!!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

slven 8 years ago

i want a charm! can i have a code?!

heartlydarkly(my webkinz username add it) 9 years ago

sweet ill try it right away

peanuts226 9 years ago

i am soooooooooo far i have found.......10 charms and own 8....but....YAY

webkinz123 9 years ago

i have one charm.... and 4 virtual charms.. only one left!

vannessa hudgens 9 years ago

Hi everyone!

KINZLOVER 9 years ago


spark man262 9 years ago

webkinz charms rock

anita 9 years ago

i just found all my gems. i am sooooooooo excited. YAY!!!!!!

bamagal95 9 years ago

can you tell me where to find which charms where?

DanceKid13 9 years ago

I dont have any charms, I want some though! Send me a Present Ill sent you one.

ali 9 years ago

i love the forest

melissa 9 years ago

Does anyone know if , as you enter a charm, it lights up the purple present? I have entered 3 charms, but only 2 presents have lighted up.

Toni Reck 9 years ago

This is not just for kids!! It certainly helps the empty next syndrom!!!

puddles47 9 years ago

i love charms

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