Gears of War 3 Horde Mode: Defensive Items Cost

Gears of War 3's horde mode 2.0 features the ability to purchase defensive items to increase chance of survival against the enemy locust horde (And Lambent). Horde mode has a total of 50 waves, like Gears of War 2, however, there are now boss battles every 10 waves. The bosses you face will be random.

In between rounds, you will have 30 seconds to prepare for the next wave by creating defenses around the map. Making defenses, repairing existing ones, and upgrading is key to survive the locust horde and enemy lambent.

Here is a list of Gears of War 3 defenses and how much they cost to upgrade etc.



  • Level 1 Spike Strip Barrier - These are the weakest barriers, but still provide a decent defense during the lower levels. ($1000)
  • Level 2 Barbed Wire - More reinforced than the level one barrier and can take more damage. ($2500)
  • Level 3 Electrical Wire - Significantly stronger and is much better in the higher horde levels. ($4000)
  • Level 4 Laser Wire - This barrier can resist the most damage. These are very good to have on boss waves. ($5000)



  • Level 1 Cardboard cutout of Cole Train advertising a brand of cereal. ($500)
  • Level 2 No longer Cole Train, but a damaged mannequin. ($1000)
  • Level 3 A stronger red mannequin. ($1500)
  • Level 4 A boom box with scrap metal. ($2000)
  • Level 5 An Onyx solider that will fight for you ($????) ***only can upgrade if you have horde command pack***


Sentry Turret

  • Level 1 ($1500)
  • Level 2 ($3000)
  • Level 3 Sentry turret is effective for killing those berserkers . ($????) ***Only with horde command pack***

Sentry turrets are great to use in horde mode because you do not need a player to use them. They will automatically shoot the locust horde.



  • Level 1 Dual Turret using Retro Lancers. Not very effective for long range, but quite powerful. ($1500)
  • Level 2 Dual Turret using Lancers. More range than the level 1 turret and better accuracy. ($2500)
  • Level 3 Now a powerful Troika Turret. ($4000)
  • Level 4 An Upgraded Troika Turret ($5000)

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Comments 46 comments

Brad 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure there's a level 3 sentry turret upgrade. Haven't reached it yet, but after playing beast mode there seems to be a "stun" sentry.

peter 5 years ago

level 3 sentry turret allows sentry to fire stun bolts as well as fire its like a troika with built in tazer :)

peter 5 years ago

also is there an upgrade to the silverback?

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author

Yes there is an upgrade to the silverback, I believe it fires rockets

dst 5 years ago

no silverback upgrade.

Aku 5 years ago

The Silverback's max level is 2, at which the repair costs are reduced by 33%.

faiz 5 years ago

i saw some boomshot turrets in the campaign on the Gas Barges, is that available? if not then maybe it should in the DLCs.

mike 5 years ago

but how do place the objects. what buttons do u ht?

jjvs 5 years ago

i have turret on level 4,dummies level 4 spikes on level 7

and the sentry turret on level 2 AND I DONT HAVE THE TROIKA!! do inedd to level up something that is not the turret in order to get the troika!? respond me there to the email

victorp803 5 years ago

jjvs u need to lvl up ur turret to unlock the troika its not every lvl u unlock a turret torkia is lvl 5 turret i believe.

Jcash 5 years ago

How do you get the snetry turrets ?

Ben 5 years ago


You can aquire sentry turrets once you have level 3 decoys. From then on you can upgrade it 3 times (I belive), however it mabye 2 times according to numerous sources.

A.Griffin 5 years ago

There obviously is an upgrade for the silver back considering it has a "experience" bar under it.

JJS Ghost 5 years ago

baricades LV1=spike lv2=reduced repair LV3= claptrops lv4=reduced repair lv5 electric fence lv6= cost reduced lv7=laser wires lv8= cost reduced and final lvl

decoys lv1=cole train cut out lv2=repair cost reduced lv3=maniquin lv4=upgraded maiquin lv5=reduced repair lv6=scrap metal bomblv7=repair reduced. final lvl

sentries lv1=sentery weak lv2= repair reduced lv3=sentry strong lv4=reduced repair lv5=shock turret lv6=cost reduced final lvl

turrets lv1=retro lancer turret lv2=repair reduced lv3=lacer turret lv4=repair reduced lv5=troika lv6=repair reduced lv7=sheilded troika lv8=repair reduced final lvl

silverback lv1=rocketless silverback lv2=repair reduced (still rocketless)final lvl

Euan Gill 5 years ago

The Last guy is spot on with the levels...

lonestarbeast 5 years ago

I saw a guy firing rockets with a silverback last night...

this game is awesome 5 years ago

i got every thing max

Jason 5 years ago

Do you get XP & the kill if your sentry gun kills an enemy?

GearGamer 5 years ago

Jason-Yes I believe so

ChainGun Dragon 5 years ago

There was just a DLC which must have unlocked more levels for the Silverback seeming as how it says rockets are now available (at some level)

Hayden 5 years ago

The space next to the silverback... Who can tell me what that is...? It looks like a tv set (of course that's not what it is...) it appeared after I downloaded the DLC. Any help?

Hayden 5 years ago

Wait..... I did some gears-research.... I think it's an upgrade for the command post. But feel free to correct me if im wrong but that's my guess

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States Author


That is what I am trying t figure out. I think it's the hammer of dawn support strike or something.

I have no idea how to unlock it, wish I knew.

I'm trying to upgrade the decoys & sentry turrets to use the new ones

Yorgi Mashenkakov 5 years ago

How do I obtain the active reload? I was told to, and I quote, "Go to the 'Marketplace' to purchase the active reload." However, I cannot find this. I will never get this!

kyle 5 years ago

the new sentry is a fire bullet sentry it sets a berzerker on fire. just thought i'd let you know

Jkinnison 5 years ago

You get the rockets at level 3 for the silverback. It has an upgrade that cost $10,000. Once you upgrade it, you press A to mount the silverback and then fire with the RT button. You have 4 rockets in a clip that reloads right after.

mike 5 years ago

Anyone know how to level the turrett? It says I need 16k to next level. I put in over 40k and it only went down to 12. What part of repair moves that bar?

Yorgi Mashenkakov 5 years ago

How do you get active reload!?

sn4k3 5 years ago

has anyone beaten horde?

come on man 5 years ago

Are you that dependent on others? Active reload is pushing Ry bumper during reloading. The bullets will blink if done correctly. It will not count towards onyx medal unless you are in vs. Public private or ranked. Next time try reading ur instruction manual.

seriously guys? 5 years ago

u need to upgrade your manned turret levels in order to get the command post after purchasing dlc.

TacoMuncher24/7 5 years ago

how do you kill amouerd kantusas quicker (kant spell)

TacoMuncher24/7 5 years ago

the mutherfucking flamethorwer

Ghost 5 years ago

Headshot with a torque bow works well

skipper 5 years ago

@Tacomuncher... turrent and unload! Or flameer you pick...if yew have oneshot that works for me

STRELOK 5 years ago

i have beaten horde already on insane with my friends.It's easier if you have 4 players at least.

killz jst 4fun 5 years ago

alright ill clear a few things up.. sentry lvl1 is 1000 lvl2 1500 lvl3 is 3000 these kills do NOT count as a kill for u nor do you get points it comes up at the bottom as sentry killed it as if a suicide not a player kill!!!!

i personaly have been thru horde to 50 a few times hav max bariers sentry and nearly decoy

this is quite fun i love it. im like lvl 40 earned nearly every level thru horde [except hat i dot thru casual campaign]

if anyone rly wants to play on xbl and usses a mic hit me up [name above]

ano 5 years ago

armored kantus , frag , tag , instant kill.

the guy who knows 5 years ago

the silverback can fire rockets if you get the horde command pack dlc

you guyes are all 5 years ago


Dboy 4 years ago

Wires Max Sentry Max+1 Decoys Max+1 Turrents Level 7

Silver back Level 1 and it has level 1 repair 33% off level 3 more armor level 4 rockets Command Center level 0

Dmaster 4 years ago

Barrier lvl Max Sentrys lvl Max(Fire) Decoys lvl Max(Guards) Turrent lvl 7 Silverback level 1(lvl 2 repair less,lvl 3 Skin Armor,lvl 4 Rockets) Command Center lvl 1

jammin 4 years ago

how do i unlock the silverback gorilla?

scottie 4 years ago

my horde mode is like stuck in some mode where i cant buy any defenses and theres no time inbetween rounds?? how do i switch it back does anybody know?

ha! 4 years ago

There is a sb upgrade w rockets. Look at the achievements.

legit 4 years ago

The silver back can fire rockets i played with someone and it was firing rockets

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