Gears of War 3: How To Get The Weapon Onyx Medals Faster & Easier

Many of the onyx medals in Gears of War 3 take a very long time to obtain. There are a total of 65 onyx medals. An onyx medal is the highest awarded medal. You must first get the bronze, silver, and gold first. Obtaining all the onyx medals is required to get the seriously 3.0 achievement. You must also reach level 100, which is actually easier than obtaining all 65 onyx medals in Gears of War 3.

There is an easy method of obtaining all the weapon onyx medals. You do not have to play public versus multiplayer to get them. Private matches that include AI computer enemies count towards the weapon onyx medals in Gears of War 3! Sadly, kills in campain and horde mode does not contribute to the weapon onyx medals.

Here are the requirements for the weapon onyx medals in Gears of War 3:

Bronze/Silver/Gold/Onyx medal
Retro Lancer = 100/500/2000/6000
Lancer = Same
Hammerburst = Same
Gnasher Shotgun = Same
Sawed off shotgun = Same

Note that there is an onyx medal called called '"rifleman" if you get all the onyx medals for each starting rifle. There is also an onyx medal in Gears of War 3 for getting all the onyx medals for every single starting weapon called "master-at-arms."

How To Get The Weapon Onyx Medals Faster and Easier in Gears of War 3

Set up a private match with bots. Set the game type at team deathmatch with 35 respawns and make the computer bot difficulty on casual. You may also want to host a small map that makes it easier to get kills faster.

The bots on casual are very unintelligent, are less accurate, and actually walk slower. It should be very easy to get a ton of kills using the retro lancer, lancer, hammerburst, gnasher, and sawed off.

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to get the weapon onyx medals. It will still take a while, but not nearly as long compared to playing public versus matches in Gears of War 3 multiplayer.

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5 years ago

Haha don't do team deathmatch do king of the hill infinite kills less spawn protection

comments 5 years ago

good idea and try not to capture anything

Zain 5 years ago

Hey I jus browsed to c how yall is doing it cuz I got all the weapon onyx medals.. yes I agree the best way is KOTH. If yu don't get bored of killing set everything on max evn the rounds on 15... I rank up 600 kill for that duration... N. The easiest was lancer followed by the gnasher I jus got real bord of tapping that trigger button for the hammer burst LoL

Gears Feen 5 years ago

you tap the trigger button for the hammerburst ? cus i don't

Gears Feen 5 years ago

& the best map to do this on is the trashball field cus that's where ive been doing most of my onyx medals

Shadow 5 years ago

do drydock KOTH, some hills hill cause all the bots to spawn at the other end of one of the roads and walk in single file right at you, this is an easy Quin, also drydock has large weapon diversity for lots of different kills...

D.Carmine 5 years ago

u could just do it on checkout its a small place and put all the weapon spawns as the weapon ur getting onyx so u don't have 2 die 2 get ammo easy way XD

MrSleepyhead32 5 years ago


soccermanz 5 years ago

I don't got any onyx medals

Raam 5 years ago

i said CTL there is no time, kill the other team and friendly fire on so if one of your teammates get a leader kill them

xdeserterx 5 years ago

Using this method on KOTH, how long do you think it would take just to get the Onyx Lancer? Like how many hours overall?

eng_ 5 years ago


It depends how many kills you already have. From 0 though, with the Lancer, around 12 hours

Desyn 5 years ago

@Raam CTL is good and all but as you play it the cap time decreases and the match will end for sure eventually

Bandersnatch 5 years ago

The quickest way to get kills for the Hammerburst is to get 2 people together, each with 2 joypads. This way you can play private games without bots and take it in turns to do 1 vs 3 games for the Hammerburst. Play Team Deathmatch on Thrashball, set every weapon spawn to the Hammerburst with 35 respawns and as many rounds as you can handle (it's very boring) and run over the start killing. If you stand about half way between the top of the ramp and the red or blue "post" (depending on which side of the map) the other team will always respawn in the same place on the map. A 15 round game of this with 35 respawns will take about 1 hour 45 minutes and will net you 570 kills a game.

Vividreaper 4 years ago

yeah i done koth on checkout that is the easiest because the enemy only spawn about 20 to 30 meters away

Jesse 4 years ago

Yea Raven down would be the best match to do it on i would probable get 450 with hammer-burst every 1 and a half and gnasher 570 and sawd off 500 and lancer 520 and retro lancer 500 this is on team death match casual

JoshuaSquash 4 years ago

Do koth on checkout it is on of the smallest maps and koth has unlimited respawns

King shlong 4 years ago


Raymund 3 years ago

The weapon onyx medals are pain in the ass to get 6000 kills with each starter weapon oh god.

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