HM Armed Forces Character Building Figures

Following the success of the HM Armed Forces 10" action figures, UK Toy company Character, announced the launch in 2011 of a new line of related toys in their Character Building range. They already had the licence to produce micro figures for the popular UK TV Series "Dr Who" and in conjunction with the HM Armed Forces brand, they have launched a new range of Micro Figures and Playsets. These sets are fully compatible with other leading brands of construction toy (i.e Lego!) and are targeted at ages 5+.

The first wave of figures on release are , RAF Tornado Fast Jet Pilot,Royal Marine Commando, RAF Technician, RAF Regiment Gunner, RAF Helicopter Pilot, Royal Marine Commando, Royal Naval Rating and Royal Navy Helicopter Pilot. The figures each come with a display and retail individually (similar to Lego Minifigures) and retail online or at most UK larger Supermarkets at around £1.99 each. Character Options also sell Multi Packs via their website consisting of 5 identical figures and currently have packs for Royal Marine Commando's and RAF Regiment Gunners available (retailing at £10.00 per pack).

The construction sets available in the first wave, as viewed above are the Royal Navy Assault RIB mini set, which includes a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), Royal Marine figure and loading dock. The Army Quad Bike set, also above, includes a storage trailer Army figure (although appears to be same as the Marine figure in helmet) and ruined desert style building.

In June 2011, Character released the RAF Merlin Helicopter, a 191 piece set with rotating blades, opening cockpit, opening cargo bay and RAF pilot figure. The set typically retails are around £20-£30 depending on which retailer.

In July 2011 Character have released further playsets above including the Army Challenger Tank with a rotating turret, opening engine bay with removable engine and two Army figures. Also released is the the Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer, above, which includes five Royal Navy rating figures, helicopter and helicopter hanger.

Character are believed to be soon releasing a new wave of minifigures (possibly including Army Paratrooper, RN Diver, Naval Officer) and also new play sets including an Assault Course.

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