How To Breed Minecraft Animals

A plethora of pigs following a piece of wheat.
A plethora of pigs following a piece of wheat.

The latest Minecraft release, 1.9.2 pre-release has an exciting new dynamic to its gameplay - animal breeding! You can now farm animals in Minecraft by pairing them up and convincing them to bear live young.Here's how to make animals breed in Minecraft.

Items Needed For Minecraft Animal Breeding

Wheat is the key to successfully breeding Minecraft chickens, sheep, pigs and cows. Holding wheat in your hand will convince mobs to follow you. That's right, just one sheaf of the golden grain and you'll become the pied piper of your Minecraft world. You can feed the animals the wheat if you want to breed them, or you can lead them off a tall cliff if their population numbers are so high that they justify culling or if you're looking to simulate a stampede - and let's face it, in today's world, who isn't?

Floating love hearts tell you when an animal has eaten the wheat.
Floating love hearts tell you when an animal has eaten the wheat.

How To Feed Minecraft Animals Wheat

You can feed a chicken cow, pig or sheep wheat by holding wheat in your hand and right clicking on the animal in question. You'll know when they've eaten and are ready for breeding because they'll stop following you like a zombie chasing a truck of fresh brains and instead moon about the place with red love hearts bubbling up around them. Get two animals in such a state, and you have a recipe for reproduction. 

Minecraft pigs in a tender embrace.
Minecraft pigs in a tender embrace.

How Minecraft Animals Breed (Where Are The Baby Animals?)

Once you have fed two animals of the same species a nice snack of wheat, they will approach one another and sort of bump against one another awkwardly for a few seconds. At the end of the process, another animal of the same species will spring, fully formed from their union. There are no baby animals, you just get another adult of the same species. With enough wheat in your inventory (or infinite wheat as you'll soon find you have in creative mode) things can get out of hand very quickly.

Minecraft Breeding Genetics

At this stage of the minecraft breeding program, you'll find that there isn't any scope for genetic inheritance. Sheep are the only real potential candidate for genetic experimentation because they occasionally have colored wool naturally, however it would appear that mixing various colors of sheep in your breeding program has no real effect. This could change in later versions.

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john 5 years ago

it wont work they wont even walk tords me

pcgamer profile image

pcgamer 5 years ago Author

It will only work if you have Minecraft Pre-Release version 2 installed.

dingledorf57 5 years ago

There are a few different places where you can find the pre release version. This is the site that I used, it seems to work fine. Click the download link towards the bottom of the page before the facebook comments.

The link is:

Assuming you know how to install the newer version, have fun breeding your animals!

roboto 5 years ago

so it's not possible in beta 1.8.1 correct?

minecraftloader profile image

minecraftloader 5 years ago

and now you can use this for Minecraft Release Candidate 2

thegamer32 5 years ago

don't forget to get too many items from here

It helps.

John 5 years ago

I had breeded 20 times and it didn't work

angel 5 years ago

its different now the animals have small bodies and the pigs have normal sized heads,they look kinda weird but eafter 2 or 3 days (minecraft days)and they become adults.

jadens 5 years ago

New tutorial out for Minecraft, today featuring breeding farms. Ever wanted to have baby animals running around your house. Well, now you can with breeding, Enjoy the tutorial

this will help you lot

Nummy Nummy Cheeseburger 5 years ago

I breeded like 20,000,000,000,000,000 times cuz i think dat they are adorable with their huge heads... and small bodies... ADORABLNESS!

EchoSong12 5 years ago

So It ISN'TY possible to breed wolves in minecraft, am I right? If so I just wasted about 20 of my wheat... XD oh well,i have single player commands. Very helpful when it comes to switching from creative mode and back, lol

Lonthe 5 years ago

just try to this website for latest too many items

John 5 years ago

Cool. BUT...they WONT have a baby!!! Weird...just weird...

i am doing it the right way...BUT IT DOSENT WORK!!!!

WarSword007 4 years ago

To breed wolves use raw beef.

The one 4 years ago

Uv just got it on xbox but I can't find any wheat! Please help

bennett 4 years ago

none of my animals breed but my cows and I know I'm doing it right because I have previous expeiance and I dn't get it ever since the last update it hasn't worked.

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