How To Eat, Fly And Sprint In Minecraft

Eating in Minecraft
Eating in Minecraft

Much has changed in the Minecraft 1.8 Adventure update, though much has also stayed the same. If you are stuck with doing simple things like eating, sprinting and flying, these tips will get you through.

How To Eat In Minecraft (Help! I Can't Eat!)

Eating used to be a simple matter of right clicking the food you wanted to consume. It's now more difficult. You have to hold down the right click button and wait until you see yourself bring the item of food to your mouth and start munching on it.

But that's not all. You can no longer eat when you are not hungry. So what happens if you are ambushed in a dastardly creeper attack? Then what? Well. If your hunger bar is full (ie, if you are not hungry) then you will naturally recover from damage. This means that there is no need to eat when you are directly harmed by a hostile mob or your own lack of co-ordination, which I suppose is convenient, but you do have to wait a few seconds for your health to regenerate. There's no 'instant option' anymore. This is potentially disastrous for anyone under sustained attack from hostile mobs.

There are a bunch of new foods to enjoy, including raw chicken and raw beef which can be cooked in a furnace to produce cooked chicken and steak.

Sprinting in Minecraft
Sprinting in Minecraft

How To Sprint In Minecraft

You can sprint by double tapping the W key and then holding it down. You'll know you're sprinting because you'll get the fish-eye effect that comes with increased field of view. If you press F5, you'll see yourself leaving little pixel clouds of dust in your wake as you rush across the world. Sprinting costs food, or to put it another way, sprinting will increase your calorific requirement, meaning that you get hungrier quicker.

Flying in Minecraft
Flying in Minecraft

How To Fly In Minecraft

Flight can be achieved in Creative Mode by double pressing space bar (or whatever key you have bound to the jump function.) You'll know when you've done it right, because instead of jumping up and down as usual, you'll jump a wee way into the air and then stop. You can navigate using the W,A,S,D keys as usual, and pressing jump again will send you higher. The easiest way of getting down is simply by turning off flight, by double pressing the jump button again. You'll plummet like a rock, but have no fear, in creative mode you take no damage and have eternal life. If you don't want to fall all the way to the ground, the left shift or 'sneak' key will allow you to descend at a more controlled rate.

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jcracken 5 years ago

This article helped me a lot.

cw 5 years ago

thanks for the article. I was pretty lost

Krysalid 5 years ago

I can't seem to drop out of fly mode... I keep double tapping but the only thing that registers is going up and up and up!

pcgamer profile image

pcgamer 5 years ago Author

You have to hold your tongue just right with all the double tapping stuff. To be honest, I think it's somewhat of a flawed system because it requires more timing and co-ordination than it should (in my opinion.) Sometimes it takes me 3 -4 tries to get in or out of fly mode.

Dan 5 years ago

U know if u hold the sneak button whike flying u will go down to if u want to add tht u can

pcgamer profile image

pcgamer 5 years ago Author

Tested and added! Thanks!

mac 5 years ago

thx this was a big help

electrichuskyontoontown 5 years ago

i play minecraft also and the sprint was helpful, tanks so much!

Adam S 5 years ago

YOu can die if u go thru the bedrock

Mariea 5 years ago

Why can't we eat normaly any more?

jack 5 years ago

this is a big help...i was trying to figure it out and then i was about to die so thank you

pablou 5 years ago

Thank u so much dude man, u were a great help ga,yerueugfveurvhahvgdf.vikiguvae

Kevin 5 years ago

Thank you

bob 5 years ago

in creative you can die by digging to the center of the earth with a diamond pick axe :o

joe 5 years ago

i still can't eat

me 5 years ago

is there a way to fly in survival?

LOL 4 years ago

Thanks that was really useful :D

Emily 4 years ago

I tried doing what the article said several times but nothing happened! What do I do now!?!

Koronian 4 years ago


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