How to Join the Dark Brotherhood in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

The Dark Brotherhood returns in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim! The Dark Brotherhood was one of the most popular factions featured in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Joining the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim is a bit different, but is somewhat similar.

There are technically a few ways to start this quest, but the city of Windhelm is where you will ultimately need to travel to start. Asking about rumors inside Skyrim Inns or Taverns may give you information about a boy named Aventus Aretino. One of the closest places to ask about rumors near Helgen is the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. Riverwood is marked on your map.

People in the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften will tell you about Aventus Aretino (the escaped orphan). They point you to Windhelm (where he fled).

How to Join the Dark Brotherhood in Elder Scrolls Skyrim (Innocence Lost Quest)

Travel to Windhelm. Windhelm is marked on your map. It is in the right eastern portion of the map, in the snowy region. Your objective is to find Aventus Aretino. The guard will tell you about a ritual going on in a house in Windhelm.

Find the Aventus Aretino residence. It is located in the right portion of Windhelm. You will see two people named Grimvar Cruel Sea and Idesa Sadri having a conversation about the ritual going on in the house nearby. Speak to them and they will tell you about a boy who is reciting the Black Sacrament.

Enter the house by lock picking the (novice) lock. Speak to Aventus. He tells you that he wants the headmistress of Honorhall Orphanage dead because of her violence toward the other children in the Orphanage.

Go to Honorhall Orphanage and speak to to Grelod the kind. After speaking to her, kill her when she sleeps (recommended). You will get a bounty if you don't kill her quietly.

Once she is dead, travel back to Aventus and he will reward you. Quest Complete!

Joining the Dark Brotherhood in Elder Scrolls Skyrim (sleep to start Dark Brotherhood quests)

Next time you sleep, you will be awoken in a shack. The Dark Brotherhood have been keeping an eye on you. An assassin named Astrid thinks you could be a good member because of your "previous murderous actions."

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jcoop profile image

jcoop 5 years ago from Long Beach, California

The dark brotherhood quests were some of my favorite in Oblivion. Can't wait to join in Skyrim too. Thanks.

JohnGreasyGamer profile image

JohnGreasyGamer 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

jcoop, don't get too hyped up about it hehe. Don't get me wrong, they're decent but don't have as much of a thrill as they did in Oblivion. As for you David 470, nice guids - I'll be sure to give you my follow ^_^

Ramone 5 years ago

Lol i killed Grelod the Kind in front of the children and they all went happy :) And I didn't get a bounty, thanks for this it helped a lot :D

Garrett Mickley profile image

Garrett Mickley 5 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

I am going to do this right now, before Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks for the info. This is the greatest game I've ever played.

Promtheuscomplex 5 years ago

Completed LOST INNOCENCE, and no courier. Slept 10 days. Waited 10 days. Nothing. Returning game tomorrow.

Yeahuhhu 5 years ago

Prom, you need to venture to some towns (Fast Travel that kind of thing or walk etc.) and a courier will give you a note, THEN you sleep

Prometheusisawhiner 5 years ago

Wahhh... I don't know what I'm doing so I'll nerdrage and threaten to return the game...

Ohai 5 years ago

I got the letter from the courier after I allied with the bandits. Once I got out of that little cave/hideout in town, I received the letter.

The Beast 5 years ago

This morning I was in the wrong place I was trying to find where he was in the wrong place

dovakin 4 years ago

lol u don't know what ur doing do u

dovakin 4 years ago

lol i don't no howe 2 spel du i

Kyricus profile image

Kyricus 4 years ago from Ohio

I killed Grelod just last night. Shot her in the back in her little back room while she was sitting at table.

She screamed, the orphans ran in overjoyed, and her stupid housemaid was running around like I was gonna kill her.

No bounty, even though she died pretty noisily :)

SkYrImSeXpLoReRz 4 years ago

I thought she was going to get the guards after me, I was running around with my weapon out! I waited until she slept, she screamed and I thought the orphans would wake up or the maid try to kill me. But I was in the clear. I got to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary and a Flame Atronach killed me...

player 4 years ago

omg iv went to every inn in sykrim and asked-heard any rumors and they all guve my some reatarted quest that has nothing to do with aventus

Cassandra 4 years ago

I tried to sleep and i wasn't awakened in a shack i was in my bedroom. Does being a Werewolf have anything to do with it?

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 4 years ago

Cassandra being a werewolf has nothing to do with it. I am a werewolf and i joined the darkbrotherhood the first time i slept.

dude13213 4 years ago

any other ways for brotherhood?

dude13213 4 years ago

kill krelog or whatever her name is then go to the kid finish mission and like whoever it was that said the fast travel things earlyer in commets is right. i fast traveld to winterhold then dawnstar and ran into courier instantly went home slept 8 hrs. what up

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