How to attach a swing to a tree?

How to attach a swing to a tree?

I have written an article below on how to attach a swing to a tree using the right attachments.

Firstly choose a tree in garden where there is a lot of room around for the swing to move freely with no obstacles in the way. Then find a branch which is as horizontal as possible and as thick as possible.

You want to aim to choose a branch which is about 3 to 4 meters off the ground.

You will then need an extension rope, for example one designed specifically for swings.

Please see the images below.

This tree swing conversion ropes will turn any standard swing into a tree swing meaning you can use any attachment providing it has a metal clip at the end which will connect to the karabiner clip.

These ropes are at a length of 1.5 meters and the average of a swing seat is 1.5 meters this is why you must choose a branch which is at least 3 meters off the ground.


Thomas Staton - An expert in Climbing Frames and Climbing Frame Accessories.


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Sandpits shop 5 years ago

we used to have a swing in a tree back in Africa by a river, man we had hours of fun there. talk about a blast from the past. kids have to much now days, this is what children need today.

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