Modern Warfare 2: How to beat Juggernauts on Echo Level: Armor Piercing on Veteran Difficulty

Armor Piercing: Veteran Difficulty

The Recommended Spot To Shoot Juggernauts From
The Recommended Spot To Shoot Juggernauts From

Modern Warfare 2: How to Defeat Juggernauts in Armor Piercing Tutorial

This is a Strategy Guide for Echo Level: I hope you find it helpful. simply by confirming your email address on the website. When you first start the mission Armor Piercing on Veteran, you will be holding an M240. I do not recommend using the M240 in this tutorial because I have tried to use it and took a beating. The M240 is a very powerful gun and it has lots of ammo in its clip, however as you shoot the juggernaut with it, it will only slow him down a little bit, and he will continue to shoot at you and charge you. What ends up happening is you get shot a lot during the time that you are trying to take him out with the M240. The reason why this happens is because the juggernaut will continue to rush you and shoot you. When I tried using the M240 on the first juggernaut, I did kill him, but by the time I did kill him he was 10 feet in front of me, and my entire screen was red from getting shot. There are definitely more effective weapons to use in this level. This tutorial advises that you use the Thumper and Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle. If you do use the M240 make sure you always aim for the head!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Echo: Armor Piercing Strategy Guide Walkthrough Tutorial- Veteran Difficulty

As I recommended above, you will start this mission at the lowest level of the map. You will have an array of weapons available to you when you first start. I highly recommend that you use the .50 caliber sniper rifle and the thumper because they both work very well at slowing down and killing juggernauts.

After you pick up the 50 Caliber Rifle and the thumper, you can begin to work your way up the stairs. For the purpose of making it to the desired sniper spot, its very important that you pick up your weapons fast and run up the stairs as fast as possible before the first juggernaut spawns. If you can, it would also be smart to lay a claymore mine or 2 along the corners of the stairs incase you need to run away from a juggernaut to buy some time. However, it is much more important that you get to the sniper spot that I mention below because if you reach that sniper spot, its highly unlikely that you will need to desperately flee for cover when the juggernauts charge you.

Once you get to the top of the stairs, continue to sprint to the top of the first room, where you will go up another set of stairs. Again, it's a good idea to lay a claymore at the top of the stairs (about 2 steps below the top so that your claymore is concealed). Once you quickly make your way up the 3rd set of stairs that takes you up to 2 smaller rooms, there is chance that you will have a juggernaut spawn so be sure you have a thumper ready and you can quickly shoot him at close range before you run to take cover. Again: if you rush to this point as fast as you can, it is less likely that the juggernaut will spawn in the smaller rooms. If he does spawn, he will continue to charge you and will end up running into your claymore that you set on the stairs. This will injure him, slow him down and give you enough time to take cover near the tanks that sit at the top of the 3 level staircase near the beginning of the level. This is a great area to snipe from as the tanks provide cover, and you'll have the opportunity to shoot the juggernaut as he walks along the loft and down the stairs.

Assuming that you killed the first juggernaut, or that you were quick enough to make it up the last set of stairs. You are now ready to go outside, this is the area that you want to reach as quickly as possible. As you walk outside, you will notice scaffolding that you can climb up. If you find extra time, you can lay claymores around the corner that lead to the first room, but again your #1 priority is to make it to the scaffolding and camp out.  

As you wait on the scaffolding, you will have between 13 and 15 juggernauts left, depending on how many of them ambushed you on your way to the scaffold.  Lay down for maximum accuracy, this will also make it harder for the juggernauts to hit you. Be careful not to hold down the x button when you reload because you will accidentally pick up the Dragunov rifle, I did this once and I couldn't find my barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle after. Otherwise you can avoid this problem by reloading to the left of where the Dragunov sniper rifle sits. 

From here, you are set to aim your .50 caliber sniper rifle straight ahead, feel free to shoot a few grenades out of the thumper as it may trigger the spawning of a new juggernaut. Sometimes the game will try to trick you and make you wait a minute or so before another juggernaut spawns.  Don't worry, they will eventually spawn, they always do.  Wait on the Scaffolding and get ready to aim for the head.  They will appear near the fence approximately 100 feet ahead of you.

After you kill the first 4 juggernauts or so, there is a point in the mission where you will have 2 juggernauts charging you at once, this can be a bit tricky but your .50 caliber sniper rifle should take care of it along with a few flashbang grenades, you can also use your thumper to slow them down, but be sure its already loaded before they spawn.  Also, remember that there is an ammo box directly behind you, if you hold the x button next to the ammo box it will replenish your ammo inventory. Be sure you stay up on the scaffolding, otherwise run to the first room that I mentioned and snipe from there.  If you stay on the scaffolding, and a juggernaut starts to climb the ladder, shoot him with the 50 cal as he climbs and aim for his head.  If you run to the previous room to avoid being overwhelmed, be sure you stay down there, because they will spawn at very unexpected times and you will easily die in the mission because you are playing Veteran difficulty on the Echo Special Ops Mission: Armor Piercing.  

For more information, you can check out the video below. It will show you exactly what I did to beat Armor Piercing on Veteran difficulty, and it should give you a good idea of what you can expect. 

MW2: Special Ops Echo: Armor Piercing Veteran Difficulty

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Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA Author

Please feel free to comment or leave your own tips to beat Armor Piercing on Veteran. Thanks

Michael Lee 6 years ago

thanks, this helped a lot...

Michael Lee 6 years ago

one sure to set a lot of claymores by the ladder and by the room to the front-right of the scaffolding...or else juggernauts will try to get to the scaffolding and climb up.

Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA Author

Great Tip Michael, I guess I neglected to mention that but that is definitely a great idea. However if you watch the video on youtube that I posted you will see what happened when the Juggernaut climbed the ladder. I shot him with a 50 cal and he flew across the level. I will post the video soon

Eddy2106 profile image

Eddy2106 6 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

i've never really played special ops, but this gameplay looks cool enough to play. Great hub i'll see if this works.

Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA Author

Thanks for the support Eddy. Yea I highly recommend using the 50 caliber sniper rifle on the juggernauts. Its absolutely devastating, flashbang grenades and the grenade launcher are also good things to use to slow down the juggernaut when he is attacking.

supermankelly 6 years ago

Completed this level on Veteran without getting shot or the juggernaut and all 15 laying dead within body length of each other. Fun level but not to hard. Now High Explosive on Veteran is not only hard but scary, I jump and scream like a little girl every time I turn and one is there. Haha.

supermankelly 6 years ago

Didn't read page as done it prior, but watched video. Plant claymores at the top of the ladder, so if one gets down to you it will set them off then just turn and take a couple shots to finish him. So don't even have to move from spot whole time. Also I am looking down the scope the whole time through the fence so first shot drops him before he even passed the gate. Most my kills didn't even get pass that gate/pillar. I just wish they turned up more frequent so could have brought my time down.

mrshadow 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Cheers

avi 6 years ago

hey so far i have figured out that just before a juggernaut appears there is the sound of a beat. i have payed close attention to it and its 100% accurate..jus listen for a Tum Dum sound and keep your eyes open..

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