How to stop Minecraft lagging on your PC

The full experience of minecraft is often ruined by annoying lag.
The full experience of minecraft is often ruined by annoying lag.


These methods may be extremely outdated, as Minecraft has gone through many updates since I published this post. In fact, I made these when Minecraft was in its beta phase- a practical lifetime ago now. There are, however, helpful alternative methods that may be more up-to-date in the comments section.

Regardless, I'd still give these methods a shot. They may still help a little.

How to stop Minecraft lagging

So you've just spent around £12 (or $12, euros, whatever) on this awesome looking game called Minecraft, only to find that when you load it up it lags like hell. There are some cures for this that have been proven to work, yet, please remember, that they may not work in some cases.

Ways to stop Minecraft lagging:

  • Turn down the Fog distance (also known as render distance).You can turn down the fog distance on Minecraft by pressing 'F' a few times, or pressing the escape key, then options, then render distance to 'tiny'. This will turn down how far you can see, which can be annoying, but unfortunately this is the best way to get rid of lag.
  • Shut down other programs running. Other programs or web pages open can make Minecraft run slower. Your best bet is too shutdown all other programs (Yes, even Facebook) and hope that Minecraft works then.
  • Set Java.exe to high priority. This one's a bit more technical. Bring up your task manager (Ctrl, alt and del) and go onto 'Processes'. Then find the one that says 'Java.exe' and right click. Then click 'Set Priority' to 'High'. Note: Don't set it to 'Real-time'. This could make your computer freeze up or shut down.
  • Set your power plan to High Performance. If you're on Windows Vista, right click on the little battery icon in the bottom right of the screen and click 'Power Options', then set your power options to High Performance. This will make your battery drain down on your laptop way more quickly, but it'll help. Change it back to default after you have finished playing Minecraft if you wish.

Still not working for ya'?

Well, that's it really. If its not working then I don't know what to say. If any of your computer experts out there have any more solutions, drop 'em in the comments below. Oh, and remember, just because you can't run Minecraft, doesn't mean you have a bad computer. Some computers, for some reason, just can't run it properly. My cousin can play Crysis 2, a really graphically demanding game, on his computer, yet can't play Minecraft unless his fog distance is the shortest.

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toywarrior64 5 years ago

I do this stuff all the time it works but I want it at normal

ypoora1 5 years ago

ProTip: There is a Mod for Minecraft called "Optifine".

It can easily double your FPS!

DrewCaveney profile image

DrewCaveney 5 years ago from United Kingdom Author

@ypoora1 I've heard of this :) Try it out @toywarrior64, however, since the full version of mine craft has been released, with many new features, the likeliness of lagging is increased. But don't give up hope! :)

Help!please 5 years ago

I cant set my Java.exe to high to says "Access denied"

guest 4 years ago

try using gamebooster

Guest 4 years ago

I set the minecraft to realtime priority now i can't play minecraft because it was crash and my minecraft have a black screen.. I don't know what to do..

Can somebody help me?

Steve 4 years ago

Because your supposed to set it to high, not realtime dummy

cocklovr 4 years ago

just set the settings to wat u think is appropriate, that's wat i did and it barely ever lags.(even with a crappy graphics card)

sveiners 4 years ago

could almost not run with default settings on a Acer Aspire 5720 zg , the game started major lag after approxomatly 5 min. followed this guide and now it works ok.. not very good

Saveeworld 4 years ago

I can't find "Java.exe" on my "Proccesses" what do I do now?

MinecraftKid708 4 years ago

Hey, If you want mods but ur minecraft crashes its cuz you did it wrong! First, go download Modloader. Once you've done that, download ModloaderMP! Once you have done THAT, download AudioMod, next dowload GuiAPI. Then just drag your files from all of those to misc in %appdata%/.minecraft/bin folder. Then whatever mod you want drag the files to misc and enjoy! ;D

Joel 4 years ago

OK, so, I wanted to say that going to java.exe isn't the best solution. I set it to high, but still some lag. I said to my self "I'll get use to it". And kept lagging. It got to the point where it lags so much you wanna throw your laptop out the window. I used to have it on Render Distance to Tiny, but i couldn't tell where the Ghast was in the Nethers. So, I got annoyed and now I'm here trying to find out what I can do to stop lag in Minecraft.

kilo 4 years ago


Gamebooster is a virus!!! If you have used it before, shut it off immediately and take it to Staples or someplace they fix viruses and ask them if you have a virus!! I was lucky enough to delete it before it infected my computer! And, it removes buildcraft and stuff like that.

kilo 4 years ago

Hey, MinecraftKid. Modloader and ModloaderMP are mostly obsolete because of recent updates to Minecraft Forge.

Seif 4 years ago

@kilo are you stupid? You just downloaded it from the wrong place. Try the official website

DrewCaveney profile image

DrewCaveney 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

This hub is outdated, since this many updates have been applied to Minecraft, including the full version (this was made in the beta phase). The methods will still work to some extent, but there are newer ways to make it lag less. Good luck nonetheless, I'll perhaps make an updated hub on the same topic soon.

jason 4 years ago

optifine really helps me but other thing i've tried is to run everything from ramdisk

Epicalspec 4 years ago

I'm thinking of getting minecraft, but when I play the demo/outdated version, it lags like hell. Is it just because it's the demo/outdated version that makes it slow?

thefuckedupcomputer 4 years ago

i have a acer aspire one and i can play minecraft, but with 2-19 fps. Help?

MicroMan 4 years ago

Here is a fix working good

spids 4 years ago

i have this specs: core i7 2670QM ( quad core 2.2-3.1 ghz) gt640m gpu 8gb ram and a 126 gb ssd with minecraft on it, laggs like shit after 2-3 minutes and that sucks, help me anyone?

Computer Expert 4 years ago

Another way to fix this is to remove the mods you have downloaded or go on super flat

Zoso 4 years ago

You are a lifesaver! Setting java.exe to high did it for me :) thanks!

KebabKill 4 years ago

How do you do the java.exe thing?!?!?

Jamesn1 4 years ago

by runing minecraft open the porsseces and right click then set it to high

luketheduke30 4 years ago

i have a sleekbook 14 pc and I only have a 32 bit java update does anyone know if you need a 64 bit java update

Mr.Awesome 4 years ago

You need to awesomly download at it can fix all of your not awesome minecraft lag (five star and trusted)

TheNoob 4 years ago

I have A really decent laptop which has 8 gb ram, Intel i7 2.0 ghz, 2 gb dedicated graphics ati and yet I struggle to get 30 fps on render Distance far. I easily get 100 fps on other games

Bridgit 4 years ago

I just started playing minecraft and my person won't move, the screen is glitching, and everything is just shaking. I don't know what to do! Someone help, please!

anomonous 4 years ago

im sure i spelled anomonous wrong, but anyway to whoever wrote this ur cousin cant play bc his computer switches graphics for minecraft, he needs to go to his graphics control panel and change this so he can run minecraft with his dedicated graphics card not his intergrated graphics card

please don't hate on the horrible grammer and spelling

donot 3 years ago

I have tried everything D: and its still lagging like hell even on single player.

Thomas 3 years ago

I Play minecraft on my passive-cooled AMD-E2-1800 1.7GHz pc with integrated graphics, and 4Gig's of RAM. Minecraft runs brilliant, absolutely no lag. I'm running windows 8 and I'm playing on my own Ubuntu server.

You should try playing singleplayer. If it doesn't lag anymore, the problem is at your server's end.

liam 3 years ago

my computer works perfectly but then all of the sudden the frames go from 60 to 2-3 and I can only play it normally for about 10mins. this is a problem on single and multiplayer. help?

Rasmus 3 years ago

rohan dhunna 3 years ago

Have opti fine its great it does stop lagging a bit and makes minecraft look a lot cooler I don't know seeds if u know some email me at

NO NAME XD 3 years ago

IT REDUCED MY LAG :D thank you dude :)

[ADMIN] Minecrafter44 2 years ago

My computer is very old, is from 2004 and it runs minecraft like a new espensive pc! Listen to me: You don't allways need a new pc to run minecraft without lag :)

guest 20 months ago

i just did it and its kinda slow but its working. THX!!!!

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