Minecraft Bacteria Mod (Download + Review)

Minecraft bacteria mod in action.
Minecraft bacteria mod in action.

This minecraft bacteria mod adds dangerous world destroying bacteria to your world, bacteria that will attack and consume other block types until the end of the world itself. If that doesn't sound like fun, then maybe you need to recalibrate your fun meter to accommodate destructive bacterial infections that act, inexplicably, only on inanimate objects.

How To Craft Bacteria

You can make bacterial cultures by either harvesting sponges, or crafting them using five pieces of wool, three yellow flowers and a bucket of water. Bacterial cultures are created by crafting a sponge with two pieces of bread and a bucket of water. You'll know when your sponge is nice and bacteria ridden, because it will be green instead of bright yellow. These new bacteria blocks are called 'Must'.

You then make a sort of petrie dish with glass blocks, by creating a 2x2 water filled container. The dish can be very tall indeed, because the 'Must' will grow to fill it, so the more Must you want, the taller your 'dish' can be.

When your Must has grown, you can destroy it. This seems pointless at first, but it's not because when you destroy blocks of Must, bacteria drop. You can then craft those bacteria into blocks of bacteria, using redstone torches. A block of bacteria is purple and swirly and oh so pretty, but if you put another block above it, it will 'learn' to destroy that block. So say you're standing in your cobblestone castle, and you place a block of bacteria and put a piece of cobblestone above it. The next thing you know, the bacteria will start racing through the place and in very short order you'll have nothing but a theoretical castle left. Oh, there will be a brief period where you have a sort of purple castle, but that won't last long because like real world bacteria, minecraft bacteria die off once the block they are consuming is gone. They just haven't got the hang of sustainable living yet, no regulation on industry, you see.

There are practical uses for this bacteria. Place a block underneath leaves in a dense forest and you'll soon be able to see the wood for the trees, because the wood is the only thing that's left. Or place some bacteria in a mine and put a stone brick above it and watch all the annoying pointless stone be eaten away, leaving only vast amounts of space and precious ores.

How To Keep Things Safe From Bacteria

In the new verion of the mod, you can safeguard certain areas by putting a brick boundary around them. Bacteria don't like mortar apparently, so even if they're chewing away at all the grass, if you surround some in bric, you'll get to keep a lawn.

Whether you're simply bored with existing Minecraft mechanics, want to fight a bacterial invasion or simply love mods that push the boundaries of possibility, the bacteria mod is a must download.

Download Minecraft Bacteria Mod

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