Minecraft Seasons Mod

Nandonalt is back at it again with a seasons mod for Minecraft that shoves the tyranny of the usual biomes aside and makes the whole Minecraft world prone to the changing of the seasons. Real summer. Real Fall. Real Winter. Real Spring. Good news for the impatient however, each 'season' lasts just seven minecraft days, so you won't be sitting around for too long waiting for the seasons to change if you're eager about that sort of thing.

Each season comes with its own quirks of course, here's a quick summary of the seasons and their powers.


Spring is the time of new growth, which means your grassy plains will be plentiful with grasses and flowers and whatnot. The creator Nandonalt describes this as the most overpowered season, which sounds rather exciting.


Summer is the hottest season, as one might reasonably expect. However as the hottest season, any ill weather is dramatically enhanced. Any rain will fall as thunderstorms upon thy fields, and though wheat will grow 1.5 times faster than usual (usual being as slowly as an ancient glacier) it will rain upon snowy biomes. As a negative consequence of the heat, any grasses and flowers not harvested in spring start to die off in summer as the sun beats down on them.


It gets a bit orange everywhere and harvesting wheat gives you more wheat than usual. Bit of a buzz kill really.


Snow, snow everywhere! Remember back in alpha or early beta or whenever it was, when there were no such things as biomes and you either generated a sunny grassy world or a snowy one? Well Winter is just like that in the Seasons mod. It snows all the time in winter, which is guaranteed to please veteran minecrafters to no end.

But wait, there's more!

This mod also adds two new items, a thermometer, so you can tell what the temperature is outside, and a calendar, craftily called a 'Seasons Watch' because it uses the default watch skin to tell the seasons.

This is an exciting mod that will probably pique the interest of even the most vanilla purist because it doesn't change the balance of the game in any significant way, rather it adds depth to the Minecraft experience. It's not realistic, after all, to have part of one's world exist perpetually in sunshine whilst other parts are always blanketed in snow. Unless your equator and poles are really, really close to one another or something, and even then, there are still seasons.

It is with this mod as it is with the sands of time, ever changing, ever cycling.

Download Nandonalt's Minecraft Seasons Mod

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