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Pirates Heart Daisies is one of the prettiest and visually appealing free tower defense games available online. Its premise is simple. Pirates freakin' love daisies and they must defend their daisy patch from marauders that come from the sea. Octopi, seagulls, rats and more all want the chance to steal your precious daisies and take them down to Davy Joneses locker.

If you've ever played a tower defense game before, you'll know how to play this game. Choose a defense 'tower' (in this case a defense pirate) and place it on the map wherever there is an anchor to place it. Why the game designers decided to put anchors all over the map where towers are placeable is sort of a mystery seeing as its quite obvious in its own way, but I suppose a little additional help never really goes all that far astray.

Placing a new unit appears to trigger the next wave. (I'm playing this as I review the game so bear with me, it's like a live event happening after the event.) Not terribly cool. Alternatively, it may just be that new waves are triggered with the passing of time. Yeah its definitely a time triggered event. Never mind. If you get tired of waiting for the next wave, you can trigger the next wave with the handy dandy 'next wave button'.

A great twist in the game is the fact that instead of stealing your daises and disappearing into the tower defense ether as happens in so many Tower Defense games, the mobs actually have to make it all the way back the same way they came, giving you two chances to kill them. An additional twist on the twist is that if you do let a mob steal a daisy and they manage to get it halfway back through the level before you end them and cause them to drop the flower, then the next wave of mobs can simply pick the daisies from where their fallen comrades left them.

So there you go. A fun tower defense game that you may or may not find wildly enchanting. Obviously this will be a great game for children and adults who like pirates and will only do things that are pirate themed (including piratical dinners held on a table in the middle of a paddling pool.) The serious tower defense gamer may find it somewhat lacking in grit and edge, but then again, the serious tower defense gamer probably finds that most of life lacks grit and edge.

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