Sims 3 SimBot Making Quest Guide

The Uber Cheat Method

Don't have endless patience and time for completing this quest? Why not use cheats!

  • ctrl shift c gets you into the cheats window
  • 'testingcheatsenabled true' enables your cheat mode and allows you to ctrl click away negative moodlets that stop your sim getting things done.
  • 'buydebug' after inserting this command, go to buy mode, click on the '?' and you can buy all the spawners (the things that produce gems and fruit) that your little heart desires. Life fruit can be 'auto planted' from the plants menu. Gems require spawners to be placed on your home lot. These can be placed overlapping one another. It may take some waiting after you place the spawner to produce what you're looking for. (Thanks to Flipflip for the buydebug tip.)

Building a simbot is the end game reward of persevering through the Inventor skill chain without electrocuting yourself to death. You can't build a simbot until you finish several quests, which require not only skill, but luck as well. Before you embark upon this quest, I must warn you that it is both perilous (largely to your mental health) and somewhat tedious. It is a time sink, which is not really typical of Sims 3 gameplay, so you may hate it at first, and you may hate it at last because: SPOILER ALERT. If you get 40,000 lifetime rewards points, you can have a simbot join your household without the need of spending a week mucking about collecting various rocks and gems and seeds (including two of the most rare materials in the game) and whatnot.

But, if you insist, here is a guide that will get you through this quest.

Step 1: Deliver Palladium To The Science Center

Finding Palladium on your own is a right royal PITA. So it is wise to invest in the collection helper. Even after you're invested in the collection helper, you should be prepared for long and tedious sim weeks of looking for palladium. Plutonium will probably show up at some point during your search and momentarily you'll be terribly excited only to have your hopes cruelly dashed as you realize that you have to keep looking. This part of the quest is a horrendous time sink and somebody should be punished for it. (Just a note, Palladium may show up as a special note on your Collection Helper, it did eventually do so on mine.) Palladium obviously has a pretty low spawn rate, so if you see it, grab it!

Note: Collect as many gems as you can during this stage, and have them cut. This will save you hassle later on.

Step 2: Deliver 10 Pieces of Life Fruit

Well. Aren't you just buggered now if you don't happen to have a life seed. Yes. Yes you are. It's time to level your gardening (sitting down and reading a bunch of gardening books works best) and use the collection helper to find seeds. If the first task took you sim days, this one has the potential to take sim weeks.

The best place to look for life seeds is around the Mausoleum, and the best way to get 10 is to plant the first few fruits that your Life Tree produces. However you do it, this is a tedious, tedious task.

Read on to the second part...

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Fliplip 6 years ago

Finding a life fruit doesn't require level 10 gardening but it does require cheating,

press ctrl, shift and C to open the cheat bar, firstly type in "testingcheatsenabled true"

then open the cheat bar again and type in "buydebug on". Now go into buy mode and click sort by function and you should see a new box with a ? for the picture, click it then click "gardening plants and seed spawners" and you should find life fruit in the list. I think this also works for gems and fish.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

I didn't say it required level 10 gardening, I said you needed to level gardening in order to plant life fruit and once you get a life fruit, the easiest way to get 10 of them is to plant the first few fruit your first bush produces. Of course, your method of getting items rather saves everyone a great deal of time all round :)

someone 6 years ago

so i accidentally denied the quest to send palladium to the scientist what do i have to do to get it again

... 6 years ago

or just you know, go to egypt

lolly 6 years ago

i did this quest in less than an hour i downloades a mod to buy all plants in grocery then it was easy

wth 6 years ago

looly u r a lier all the mods are false sims has made a bug to kill your game if u have a mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nobody try it!

joshua 6 years ago

god i still can't find it wont spawn please help

leptoon 6 years ago

wth, you're an idiot. Stop talking.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

The Sims has not made a bug to kill your game if you have mods. However, mods released before the expansion pack may interact negatively with your game once you install the expansion pack, resulting in glitches, bugs, and uncontrollable use of exclamation marks.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Joshua, it is a pain to find. Keep looking or use the cheats method to buy the spawner. (Pro Tip: When looking for help, try reading the article, I put all those words up there for a reason.) ;)

Rachel 6 years ago

So my sim reached level 10 of the inventing skill *forever* ago. At least 2 sim weeks. He still hasn't gotten the opportunity to build the ultimate invention. This really sucks because his lifetime wish is the Monster Maker (build 3 simbots). Is there any way I can speed this process up?

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Just keep waiting, and make sure your sim answers his phone. Put the game on fast forward and just wait, it will pop up eventually.

Ralo 6 years ago

My sim registered as inventor right away and proceeded on to master inventing. Been doing phone call quests for inventions and got the Hero medal but job experience hasn't done a darn thing. Still showing as if I just registered and have done nothing. Made a few thousand at consignment also.

Ralo 6 years ago

So I just figured out the consignment store sales aren't counting towards inventor monies earned. Promotions will jump right ahead now, kind of funny I guess! (drag and drop your inventions in inventory to the sell square)

Tianju 6 years ago

there is a non cheat way to access the entire spawner category,

first go to egypt once there buy a kenspa (presuming TS3 WA is installed)

secondly return home when the vacation is over and use the eyedropper tool to clone the kenspa this gives access to every spawner plus all the 'special items that cannot be purchased anywhere in the world' if you dont want to spend yor sims money clone the kenspa or any of the other items you purchased while on vacation then press esc to cancel but the spawners will still be there

hope this helps

thomas 6 years ago

also you can use buydebug. place a treasurechest and put a treasure in it.

katee 6 years ago

how do you get the lifetime wish as monster maker.? what traits do you need.? whenever i try to get that as my lifetime wish, it never shows help. help please.?

Lianne 6 years ago




Green thumb

That should do it :)

Crashfest 6 years ago

Already had the bot oportunity come up but unfrtunatly the game crashed when saving and a different one came up at the same time interval as the bot one before it crashed. been a lvl 10 inventor for about 3-6 sim weeks and its still not comming up.... have i lost the chance to get my bot invented... help...

kraftdinner 6 years ago

okay so i missed the call/opporunity, will it come up again ?

Codie 6 years ago




thanks a bunch!

isabelle 6 years ago

I did all the stuff i was supposed to do for this oportunity, but when i got to the last part and I am supposed to build my Bot on the workbench, I cant.

I've got this lifething in my inventory I am supposed to use, but I can't do anything with it. I can put it in a treasure-chest but not in my workbench.

I don't understand. This has happend twice. The last time i got so angry I deleted the oportuniy. I am one second away from doing that again and just buy this fucking robot for lifetimehappiness...

charlotte 5 years ago

I have all the required items to make one but when I try to make it on my workbench but it wont let me, I'am really confused.

:) 5 years ago

you dont have to use the thinggy u got from the science facility.... just go to ur workbench and click on it like u normally would. There should be an option to "Create ultimate invention" or something like that.. click that and ur sims should start to create the simbot p.s. it takes a long time to make!!!

Help 5 years ago


It stil doesn't show the create ultimate invention button

I already got the lifecore btw

Kane 5 years ago

Well its been 5 sim weeks i got the life time reward simbot and got 10 invtenting with both him and my charcter no oppurtuinty wtf

Liz 5 years ago

If you find any palladium, don't do what I did. I tried to clone it (after turning on testingcheats I shift+clicked on the lot the gem was on and clicked "buy on this lot". Then I ctrl+shift+clicked on the gem and clicked "clone". It disappeared!). It's been 2 sim days now and I haven't found another one :( oh well :P

Liz 5 years ago

Any time you need a specific collectible it will show up with it't own special Map Tag even if you don't have the Collection Helper. "(Just a note, Palladium may show up as a special note on your Collection Helper, it did eventually do so on mine.)"

UNKNOWN 3 years ago

Can a Ghost Sim get this phone call? Cause he died of dire during inventing the Time Machine and then evenrtaully one of the sims got the Oh My Ghost to revive him.

UNKNOWN 3 years ago

Can a Ghost Sim get this phone call? Cause he died of dire during inventing the Time Machine and then evenrtaully one of the sims got the Oh My Ghost to revive him.

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