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Mafia Farm is a newly released Simulation game on the platform of Iphone designed by Mindstorm. I like their cartoon characters and the introduction seems very interesting, so I downloaded it from App Store.

At first, we will have a small map where we can build the farm, plant the corns to earn money. And with the money we can hire mobsters to work for us. With the weapons and the mobsters, we can let them to do the jobs in different areas. And we can level up by doing the jobs.

Each level up can give us 3 points to use on the different aspects, such as the mobster's attack and defend, amount of energy can be used to do the job, stamination and our health. I suggest we upgrade the energy first, since it will give us more chance to do the jobs, and can level up more quickly.

Now let's begin the Game. It is a game combines with different simulation games together, if you have friends to play together with, it will be fun. But if you are all alone, then you will lost a lot of fun.

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