Star Wars The Old Republic Beta Test Weekend

I Got Lucky

Ok last Monday I'm checking my e-mail and boom I get an e-mail from with an invitation to a beta test weekend for Star Wars The Old Republic. Now for some people that would seem pretty cool, but to me this was awesome! I was 23 years old when Star Wars originally premiered, thought the movie was fantastic. Introduced my son to the movies when he was still very young, his first halloween costume that he picked out was Darth Vader. So to me this was a really big deal so I immediately submitted for my confimation number and then completed the online forms to include the nondisclosure forms. Speaking of which, I am not violating that form, as Sony lifted the gag order on Saturday. I wait all week for Friday at 11am when the servers open up so that the downloads can complete. OH! The interminiable wait for the downloads will the the little green bar ever get to the other end please, please move faster. Then the doubt begins to grow, what if after all of this waiting the game isn't that good, what if it's not as good as KOTOR was? But no, it has to be, all of these years of waiting, all of this money that Sony and EA and BioWare have poured into this project it has to be good. Ok, downloads have finished, it's installed now, sign in screen is up, nice graphics! Signed in, got to create character. Let me see, I've played Jedi and Sith before, guess I'll just have to start with a Smuggler. To be continued....

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Morrow66 profile image

Morrow66 5 years ago

I played this weekend and loved it. Played a Jedi Knight and think Im going to stick with that on release :D

Abzolution profile image

Abzolution 5 years ago from United Kingdom

I signed up ages ago to be a tester, didn't hear anything back :( Oh well, I know what Santa is bringing me now anyway. My first character would definatley be a Bounty Hunter. Voted Up.

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