Fire Proof Fences Minecraft Mod

Stone Fire Proof Fences Minecraft Mod

Now that wood fences catch on fire, a great many Minecraft homes are going up in smoke (or partially going up in smoke now that fire has been nerfed so that it doesn't spread infinitely.) Never fear however, a mod is here to provide you with all the fire proof fences you'll ever need. Ever.

The gist of this mod is a simple one, you can craft fences from cobblestone, giving you something to do with all that excess cobblestone you've been mining. It only takes five pieces of cobblestone to create two fences, so stone fences are more economical to create than wooden fences, providing yet another reason for their existence.

This is one of those mods that will probably become outdated in future versions of minecraft because, let's face it, only having wooden fences and wooden ladders is silly. It seems likely that iron fences and ladders will be introduced at some point, but in the meantime, we have this simple mod that allows us to block off fires from puppies that seem to enjoy playing in them, not to mention other mobs who will cheerfully push you into your own fire place then placidly sit there, watching as you tear around, looking for a water source and setting your home alight. Minecraft mobs are a menace.

Installation and Compatibility

The stone fences mod is compatible with SMP (multiplayer, for those of us not fluent in acronym). There's no offical word on whether or not it is compatible with Mod Loader, but when I tried installing it on a Minecraft install already running Mod Loader, it didn't work. If you're keen to get this mod working with Mod Loader, I suggest you visit the download link and give the creator some encouragement to make it compatible.

To install the mod, you need to access your .bin file, which can be found inside the .minecraft directory. If you're not familiar with this directory, which you very well might not be as it is a hidden file, you can find it inside %appdata%. To find %appdata% simply press the Windows key and the R key and type '%appdata%' into the field without quotes. Hit run and you'll open your appdata file, where the .minecraft should be sitting at the top. Open the .minecraft folder, then the bin file. There you'll find the mysterious minecraft.jar. This can be opened with WinZip or Win RAR. Once you have that open you can unzip the mod and drop the files into the .jar. Make sure you delete the META-INF file before closing the window.

Download Stone Fences Minecraft Mod

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