Storm8 iMobsters – Mob members, size isn’t everything

When play iMobsters on the iPhone, Andriod, or on Facebook, there is frequently a lot of confusion from new players about how many mob members you can have, what benefit they provide, and what is the optimal number to have. We will hopefully clear those questions up.

What are mob members and where do you get them

Mob members are other players you add to your ‘mob’. Whenever you attack or defend against another player in iMobsters, your available mob members join the fight also. There are advantages and disadvantages to having too many or too few mob members and we will discuss those later in this article. To find mob members, you can do a search on google for sites that allow users to either add their mob code or to review the list of mob codes other users have entered. One example site is: Aygabtu’s iMobsters mob codes. Please note, that finding other users to join your mob is not instantaneous. Make sure you allow a few hours to start seeing your mob size increase because other players have to either accept your request or enter your code from the list.

How do you benefit from mob members

In every attack your mob members fight with you, which most peoples thought process means the more you have, the better. The catch though is you have to equip your mob members. Even though you may be level 10 and add a level 200 mob member, they don’t use the equipment available from that player. They are just a number to you, so each piece of equipment (weapon, protection, and vehicle) they will use in an attack must be purchased by you and the upkeep costs are paid by you. This can be a very expensive proposition, especially if you want them to use the top equipment for your level or you want to have the max mob size for your level. So the trick is to have the right number of mob members, which is addressed next.

How many mob members is just right

Before we answer that, we have to explain a term called brackets. In iMobsters, players are put into brackets based on their level, but more importantly the number of mob members they currently have. Brackets are normally groups of 5 levels that are available to be attacked and that can attack you. Brackets follow a pattern similar to these 1-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, etc. Optimally you want to be at the mob size at the top of a bracket, so in the case above 9 would be much better than 5 or 10 because those are at the low end of adjacent brackets.

What this means is when you go to attack someone and you have a mob size of 9, you see players with mob size between 5 and 9. Being able to attack players with only 5 mob members gives you a big advantage. The same is true on defense. Typically players with 10 or more mob players cannot see or attack you. Typically the largest mob size that can target you is 9, which is the same as yours.

On caveat though is the brackets break down as you level up. This means if you have a mob size of 9 at level 100, people with mob sizes of 10 or greater will probably be able to attack you. So as you level is it important to increase your mob size, as long as you can support the cost to equip them.

One other note, you can only use up to 5 times your level in mob members. So having 100 mob members at level 10 isn’t going to benefit you because the maximum you can use is 50.

We hope this has been helpful. Feel free to comment below and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

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