Tales From Noah's Arcard - Issue 1

I ran a video game store called Noah's Arcade from 2012-2013. Here is the first of many stories to come from my experiences of operating my own business.

A younger kid, about 11 years old, came into the store with his 16 year old brother. The younger brother was looking to trade in his Gamecube and a few games. This was 2013 and I was selling Gamecubes for $15 and Gamecube games for $3-$15 depending on the titles. The most valuable game in his pile was Mario Golf. So I gave him $10 for his console and about $2-$5 per game.

He and is brother assured me that his parents were ok with him selling his console and games and so the transaction was completed.. Yet.. I felt uneasy about it, so I decided to hold onto everything for one week before I put it on my shelves. Three weeks later, I had already sold the Gamecube and 3 or 4 of the 7 games he had sold me. I see the kid ride his bike up to my store with a friend of his and they proped their bikes up against the display window of my store. (something that irritated me.... a lot.)

He comes into the store, leaving his friend outside. He says "Do you have my Gamecube?". I told him I had sold it about a week ago. "What? I want it back!" so I reminded him that him and his brother had agreed to the trade and I had held onto it for a week. He storms out of my store slamming the door behind him.Behind the thin glass of my store I hear... “He sold it! I should call the cops. It’s illegal to buy stuff and sell it for more money!”

I had deduced that he was looking to get his stuff back to sell to his friend for a couple dollars more. It’s too bad that selling stuff for more money is illegal in this completely un-capitalistic nation of ours. Luckily I was never arrested.

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