Tekken 6 for 20 dollars off!

One of the top fighting games of the year is on sale for 34.98. Why wait in line or have to deal with the messy winter weather when you can order this online for much cheaper than the going 59.99 in your normal retail stores? Amazon is serving as helm to make Christmas shopping not only easier but cheaper. In this economy, it is hard to find a good quality next gen for such a reasonable price. With the saver shipping you can still get your item for free before Christmas is over.

For a limited time, you can get Tekken 6 for up to 25 dollars off. Don’t be the one to miss your opportunity to get this game for cheap and not have to worry about the endless lines at this time of the year. Purchase one of the top 3D fighting games of the year now.

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kiefer 6 years ago

how much does TEKKEN 6 for XBOX LIVE costs? Thanks.

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    Tekken 6 trailer

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