The March blueprint for Warcraft Formula

The March blueprint for Warcraft Formula is out,and is jam packed with juicy details about Cataclysm, Patch 3.3.5, a Special Auction House.Also a Sourcing guide and more time sensitive gold tips.

Last month, we finally got our shot at the Lich King, and now that many guilds have recorded first kills and are working on Heroic modes, we have one question. What's next?
Blizzard is on it with their 3.3.3 content and the announcement of 3.3.5 raiding additions, and Warcraft Formula is right on top of it all with coverage.

With detailed discussions of both new patches and recent Cataclysm news, along with the final boss fights from ICC and a much requested Auction House outsourcing guide, Warcraft Formula is back and better than ever.

Check it out now:


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