The Three Wise Men Riddle

Once upon a time there lived a king who wanted to find an advisor who would help him with all the major decisions and solve difficult problems in the kingdom.

'Advisor to the King' was a very prestigious and lucrative position, and many people put themselves forward to apply for the role.

Finally the king (who was a bit of chauvinist, as kings were in those days) chose the three men he considered to be the wisest in the kingdom. To these men, he set a task to decide on which man would become his advisor.

He had the men put in a bare room furnished with just three wooden chairs, and blindfolded them. He then had a hat placed on each of the three men's heads.

The men, still blindfolded, were told the following:

"The hat that has been placed upon your head is either black or white. The one clue I will give you is that the hats are not all black. The three of you will now be left alone. When you know what color hat you are wearing, bang on the door and tell the guard. The first person to work out the color of his hat will be my new advisor."

Then the blindfolds were removed.

One of the men saw immediately that both the other men were wearing white hats, and that they both looked just as baffled and confused as he felt.

For three minutes, no-one spoke. Then, he rose and banged on the door. The guard answered.

The man said in a confident voice, "Please tell the King that the color of my hat is ... "

He was right. What color did he say?

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fridayonmymind profile image

fridayonmymind 6 years ago Author

Trsmd, you got the right answer! Congratulations, but I'm not going give away the answer here in case someone accidentally sees it and wants to work it out for herself :)

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